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									                                  All About Video Production

Do you want to produce a video? Well, it's easy, and you can do it! There are some easy steps to know
before you get started.

Before you start making your video, you need to have a plan
or a script on what you're going to film. This stage is the pre-
production. Make sure this stage is planned well before
moving on to the next stage of video production, which is this
actual production. Make sure you know which camera you are
using, how you will record the audio, how you will transfer the
footage from the camera to your computer, and how you will
edit it. If you have the answers to these questions, you are
ready to move on.

While producing the video, you might need certain
equipment. Apart from the camera, it would help to have a
tripod, headphones, and spare batteries. While shooting a
video, there are different kinds of shots: the A-Roll, the B-Roll, the Medium Shot, and the Close-up. If
someone is talking to your camera, it is called an A-Roll. Then there's the B-Roll, which is usually the best
way to start a video. If you want to show a kitchen in which the first scene takes place, it is best to use
the B-Roll. The most frequently used shot while recording people is the Medium Shot. To convey more
information, you can use the Close-up of a person or an object in your video production sydney.

Another thing to be aware of while shooting is the lighting. Choose one light source type and eliminate
the rest, so as to simplify your work.

The third thing to keep in mind during your corporate video production is the audio. Make sure the
video is audible and the sounds can be heard. Studies show that people will tolerate a bad video if the
audio is good, but aren't likely to sit through a good video with terrible audio.

The last stage of your online video production is the post-production stage. At this stage, you must
review your video and decide which sections of your video you might not like to keep. You can discard
these sections while editing. After that, you need to arrange the footage in the sequence you wish it to
be in, and make sure it plays perfectly. If you want to add advanced sounds, you might want to
download a video editing software. The last step is to convert the video into the proper format that you
need. It's as simple as that!

You don't have to be a professional to make awesome videos for your family, work, or friends who
might enjoy them! Make sure you have your script sorted out in the pre-production stage, and that you
don't leave out any important factors during the video production. It helps to have all the required
equipment, especially a proper camera. Keep in mind the audio and lighting play a big role in the quality
of your video. Take your first step in video producing today!

Vanessa Grace, the author is the senior videographer of 1 Minute Media. With a degree in Fine Arts,
(majoring in Film and Photography). Click here to contact him, or follow him on google+

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