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Introducing Ofqual Office of Qualifications and


									                       Introducing Ofqual

Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation

John Skipworth
Recognition and Accreditation Adviser – December 2011
Introducing Ofqual

n Ofqual is a non-ministerial government department, accountable
to Parliament and the Northern Ireland Assembly

n It was established on a statutory basis on 1 April 2010

n It was previously operating on an interim basis as an independent
part of the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority (QCA)
Ofqual regulates:

n Qualifications   (‘General’ and ‘Vocational’) in England

n Vocational Qualifications only in Northern Ireland

n National Curriculum and Early Years Foundation
Stage Assessments in England

Ofqual does not regulate degrees
Regulation of qualifications, examinations
and assessment matters because of:

n Investment by learners (of all ages), providers
(including schools and colleges), employers and

n Reliance by higher education, employers, parents and
learners (as evidence of their knowledge and skills)
Ofqual must work:

n To secure the standards of qualifications

n To secure the standards of national curriculum and early years
foundation stage assessment

n To promote public confidence in qualifications and assessments

n To promote awareness about and understanding of regulated

n To secure the efficiency of the qualification market

These are set out in its 5 statutory objectives
Ofqual Board:

n Ultimately responsible for the regulation of
qualifications, examinations and assessments

n Provides leadership and direction, setting strategic
aims, values and standards of the organisation
How we regulate

n Recognising   Awarding Organisations
  Must meet Criteria
  Must comply with General Conditions of Recognition

  Accepting Qualifications
  Must have an objective
  Must have support from users
  Must have a specification
  Must be fit for purpose
The organisation

n Based in Coventry

nC 170 staff includes help and advice from the ‘Exams
Doctor’, information on qualifications and assessments, reports
and research
Contact details

Coventry telephone 024 7667 1826
Mobile 07970 650634

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