Youth Ministry Illustrations - Telling the Easter Story by sappken


    Youth Ministry
     Illustrations -
   Telling the Easter

      A hollowed egg
  contains messages that
    tell the Easter story.

  Egg (Hollowed out)

  •   Carefully poke 2 holes in
      an egg, one at each end,
      and blow out the
  •   After it has dried inside,
      take a lot of 1/4 inch
      wide slips of paper, write
      on them such phrases as
      ,”Jesus loves you,” “Jesus
      died for you,” ‘Jesus
      lives” and so on.

  •    Thread the slips of paper
       into the egg. You can get
       many inside.
  •    Ask children what they
       think of at Easter. Many
       will say, Chocolate, Eggs,
       Candies, Bunnies etc.

  • (some will make the right
    connection) Hold the egg
    and talk about how the
    egg was an Easter symbol
    – portent of new life and
    that Jesus’s rising from the
    dead meant that we too
    could have new life.
  • I then said, “If ever I heard
    somebody give me the
    right answer right away, I
    would clap my hands ….”
    clapping my hands and
    squashing the egg.

   • The children’s faces will
     be a mixture of horror
     and glee as they
     imagined your hands
     covered with goo.
   • Instead, imagine their
     surprise when the egg
     contains, not yolk and
     stuff, but messages that
     tell the Easter story.

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