Youth Ministry Illustrations - Roses and Thorns by sappken


   Youth Ministry
    Illustrations -
  Roses and Thorns

     A rose serves as a
      reminder of the
        Easter story.

   • A rose

  1. Pass around a beautiful
     rose, with the thorns
     still intact, to the youth.
     Talk about how fragrant
     and pleasing it is.

    2. Next bruise some of
       the rose petals and
       point out the thorns.
       Jesus Body was
       bruised for our
       iniquities and a
       crown of thorns was
       placed on his head.

    3. Now Enlist someone to
       be a timekeeper and
       someone to take the
       rose and see how fast
       he/she can pull all the
       petals off the rose.
       (Make this into a fun
       contest). At the end of
       the “race” announce
       the time it took

  4. Ask for another
     volunteer. Get the
     timekeeper ready and
     then announce – “Ok,
     let’s see if you can beat
     that time. Are you
     ready? Ok, get set….put
     it back together.”
  5. This is an interesting

  Sometimes things may seem
  hopeless. Christ was
  crucified, his body bruised,
  his blood shed and he was
  dead. While only God can
  make a rose, we can destroy
  it. In the same way, Christ’s
  was God in flesh, flesh
  created by God and then
  crucified by men.

   It seemed impossible to
   bring him back to life. But
   with God all things are
   possible. No matter how
   hard one tries, you cannot
   rebuild a rose. It’s ruined.
   But God can restore life
   through Jesus Christ. Give
   each person a rose to
   remind them of the Easter

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