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Youth Ministry Illustrations - Perfect Fit


    Youth Ministry
     Illustrations -
       Perfect Fit
 Our goal in life is not to try to
   fit ourselves into another
  person's mold, but discover
         our own place.

  •   For each group you will
      need forks, knives,
      spoons, and a silverware
      tray with compartments
      molded to the shape of
      each utensil.
  •   Add extra miscellaneous
      tools that don’t fit in the
      silverware tray.
  •   Alternatively, you can use
      a tool box that has plastic
      molds conforming to the
      shapes of the tools.

   •     Let the groups or
         individuals compete to
         be the first to place all
         the items in the correct
   •     You might choose to
         have more than one
         attempt to see if they
         can speed up their
   •     Award the group with
         the fastest time.

  Linking ideas
  1. Ecclesiastes 2:1-24; The
  silverware fits right into the
  spaces provided in this tray,
  but if we try to put a hammer
  or screwdriver in the
  compartments they don’t fit.
  Discuss how King Solomon
  also tried to fill in the holes in
  his life with pieces that didn’t
  fit. That’s because only God
  can fill the voids in our lives.

  2. Blaise Pascal said that
  inside every man there is a
  god shaped vacuum that only
  God can fill. We can try to fill
  that void in our lives with
  many things, but only God
  will bring us contentment and
  happiness. Only those things
  of God will truly fit and make
  us complete.

  3. We are each created with
  different tools and spiritual
  gifts. Our goal in life is not to
  try to fit ourselves into
  another person’s mold, but
  discover our own place.

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