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									Prasad Nettem: Professional
Prasad Nettem has twenty years of experience in the field of information technology. After
graduating with a master's degree from New Mexico State University in 1994, Prasad Nettem
began using his intelligence and education immediately at work. Prasad Nettem never limits
himself to just his degree in industrial engineering, though, and always goes for the job that
uses his many talents.
Prasad Nettem is a Master's Degree Program Graduate
 Prasad Nettem graduated from New Mexico State University twenty years ago. With his
 degree in industrial engineering, Prasad Nettem can be trusted to be up to date on all the
 latest technology. When Prasad Nettem has not been spending his time advancing his
 career, he learns more about his field. Thanks to his advanced degree, Prasad Nettem has
 been afforded wonderful career opportunities.
Upon receiving his degree, Prasad Nettem knew that working with businesses and their
software systems was the best career path. Now, two decades later, Prasad Nettem has been
able to see that dream realized. Prasad Nettem has recently switched from working for the Cook
County government to acting as the Senior Practice Director for AST. With AST, Prasad Nettem is
able to use his extensive knowledge to help businesses succeed.
Prasad Nettem a Pioneer for Chicago Public Schools
As the third largest school district in the United States, the Chicago Public School Board was
lucky to have Prasad Nettem in their corner. He helped outlay plans to standardize on the
Oracle Business Intelligence platform. Prasad Nettem saw the need for new applications to
achieve goals and get critical insight into operations. In every job he has taken on, Prasad
Nettem has given one hundred percent and excelled.

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