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					  Starting the Call Center Operations: What
               You Should Know
Call Center Solution for your business. This rugged solution can assist any organization
maximize its Return on Investment (ROI) within a very short time.

Wilmington, DE, April 05, 2014 - Call Centre- Components- Call center companies
normally employ VOIP as the technology solution to support large scale operations. Call
center provides seamless integration of all customer touch points aiming to improve
access to information with reduced delay in accessing information. Latest call center
business enables speech recognition; speech enabled intelligent routing/menu-
driven/queue based routing with screen pop-ups with caller information and subject

1. Equipment

Call center operations require a telecommunication network to be set up which
necessitates connection of a caller with an employee in a contact center. Components are
as follows.

Key definitions:

a. Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) - PSTN forms the global network of
circuit-switched telephones. PSTN supports circuit switched voice communication.
b. Router-Router is equipment used to transfer data packets over networks.
c. Long Distance Carrier (LDC) connection- It involves using service of a telecom
company which provides connections between local exchanges which are located in
different geographic areas.
d. Ethernet Switch- Ethernet switch is employed to build a network which allows
seamless exchange between computers on a network
e. Modem- Modem enables a computer to send/receive data over leased telephone/cable
f. Server- Server handles computing requests across a computer network and works on
client-server architecture.

2. Software
You may also need a call center software to work along with hardware components:

a. An organization intending to start the call center kind or business or wants to upgrade
to a more rugged solution which provides advanced auto/predictive dialer, conferencing
solution, advanced PBX functions and features, and dialer for inbound and outbound
traffic. Some solutions come with its own advanced dialers for agents to make and
receive calls; transfer calls; keep clients on hold and majority of other functions without
necessarily getting a third party dialer. It is always cost effective to get a call center
solution that has its own built-in dialer so that you may not have to deal with many
unsecured third party dialers on the market.

3. Hardware for hosting a call center operation:

a. Local Area Network(LAN):
b. Server to host the operation. One can get this from a colocation company scattered
around the world.

Some selected features of a good call center software/operation you may look out for:

Agents features
- Agent authentication
- Agent service based on multiple skills
- Screen popup
- Call answer call hold, call transfer
- Notify hold time in queue
- Mini dashboard
- Talk to agent/supervisor
- Notify caller priority
- Notify caller language
- Call recording
- Answering machine detection
- CRM integration with fully customizable GUI and scripts

Administrative features
- Manage agent account
- View reports
- Manage trunk
- Monitor running calls, queue and agent
- Real time statistics
- Create/Edit IVR menu
- Manage supervisor account
- Perform backup
Supervisory features
- Monitor skills, running calls and agents
- Access CDR
- Live call monitoring and listening
- Talk to agent
- View reports
- Access on interactive dashboard
- Whisper to agent
- Multiple supervisors
- Access into voice log
- Queue Calls with custom Music On Hold or Pre-recorded messages.
- Single Extension or Batch of Extensions creation.
- Forward to agent on answer without playing IVR OR forward to agent with IVR on key

Business Scenarios that potential/existing call center owners may target:

- Automated Telemarketing
- Enterprise-grade Message Broadcasting
- Business to Business (B2B) lead generations
- Interactive Voice Broadcasting/Press 1 Campaign type etc.
- Customer Phone Surveys or Collections
- Polling Auto Dialer
- Mass Communications or Notifications
- Political Voice Broadcast
- Phone Reminders
- Community and Emergency Alerts
- Many More

Call center businesses should aim to improve customer service, maximize productivity,
flexibility and low operational costs. This can be achieved by contacting an
organization with a lot experience in this industry that have clients interest as topmost

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Description: Call Center Solution for your business. This rugged solution can assist any organization maximize its Return on Investment (ROI) within a very short time.