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Merchant Solutions offers a total payment processing solution for any company that wants to accept Credit Cards payments and reach a much larger customer base. Our full line of products allows you to begin accepting Credit Cards , and if you already accept Credit Cards we can help you lower your rates. We offer all the products and services you need to set up a reliable system for accepting Credit Cards , including credit and debit card processing, EBT, Check Guarantee and Conversion, a Custom Gift Card Program, and a Merchant Cash Advance program. Whether you’re looking for solutions that allow you to accept Credit Cards by phone or to take care of online Credit Cards processing, Merchant Solutions has the answer for you. We are dedicated to helping retailers find the ideal business solutions for all their Credit Cards needs. Accepting Credit Cards doesn’t have to be complicated. Merchant Solutions makes it quick and easy to use these tools whether your business is large or small, mobile or home-based, or brick and mortar or online. Our Credit Cards processing services include: retail merchant accounts, Internet or PC processing, home based processing, wireless Credit Cards processing, and mail order and telephone order processing. We also offer a range of services such as a merchant cash advance, Credit Cards terminals, pin pads, PC software, and more. We have the products and services to help you accept Credit Cards for lower fees and without the headache of other systems. Merchant Solutions is the affordable way to accept Credit Cards payments from your customers. We can help you find the right plan to take care of your needs and provide you with all the equipment and resources you need to continue accepting Credit Cards . We believe in maintaining long term, productive relationships with our clients, and providing you with the Credit Cards processing solutions you need.

Need Merchant Services? Don’t Look at the Bank
It can be tempting for a business owner to consider keeping all their financial resources in one place – usually their bank. The bank has their

checking account, may have provided a loan to get the business going and has probably offered a great deal of sound financial advice. However, when that business makes the leap to the Internet they are going to want to make sure they offer online credit card processing. The savvy business person knows that more and more consumers are embracing online shopping, not to mention that that those same shoppers expect to be able to pay by using their credit cards. They are also acutely aware of the benefits that come with being able to accept payments online. Online retailing studies have shown that credit card acceptance spurs site traffic, increases sales and profits and drives repeat business. What business owner wouldn’t want that? But when they go to their bank some business owners may be told their business isn’t big enough to rate merchant services. Or they may look at what the bank charges for card processing and run for the hills. Much of this stems from the fact that banks have several revenue streams – savings, checking, CD’s, mortgages, insurance, financial planning, etc. It’s like the old cliché that they are like a “jack of all trades and a master of none.” As such there are some things, like online card processing, where it is hard for them to be the optimum provider. So what’s the answer? A smart business person should seek the offerings from a merchant services company. There are several reasons for doing so. The chief reason is that credit card processing companies do not have any other professional disciplines under their umbrella. As such they can concentrate on that particular business and make better and more strategic offerings. Plus, they have the ability to offering merchant services to companies of various sizes, which is a great asset to the small business that wants online card acceptance as a means of building their business to the next level. And because they only do one thing, and do not have to service multiple profits centers – as does a bank – their rates are bound to be competitive. It has almost become a fact of life for online business owners that having credit card processing it going to make their financial picture better – so why not maximize what card processing will bring to the table by making sure one gets the best possible merchant account package?

And by the way – the point of this article was not to demonize the banking business. As stated at the beginning a great relationship with a bank is important for a business person, no matter what size their business is. So when your online store sees sale and profits increase, take that extra money to your favorite banker and put it to work for you. Trust me, the bank will be happy to see you walking in the door week after week with larger and larger deposits.

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