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									David Cipollitti: Soccer Goalie

Being a competitive and accomplished soccer goalie takes a high level of concentration and skill.
David Cipollitti is a highly skilled soccer goalie who has the capability to stop any shot put on
                           David Cipollitti: Passionate About Soccer

Soccer is game that requires a commitment to practice and an extensive athletic ability. David
Cipollitti continues to display his talent and lover for the game as an experienced goalie. Playing
soccer since he was a small child, David Cipollitti has shown an extraordinary passion and talent
for the game. He has strong legs, an acute awareness of the field and an expertise of the game
of soccer.
    Music is Passion for David Cipollitti

David Cipollitti has spent many years studying music. As a prized pupil at the Conservatory of
Music in Caracas, Venezuela, David Cipollitti has shown an unwavering commitment to his
studies. He is a well-trained pianist and a highly skilled saxophonist who has entertained many
with his musical renditions. David Cipollitti has enjoyed the chance to play saxophone for a
number of local bands.
David Cipollitti: Pianist

David Cipollitti is a classically trained pianist who has received expert instruction at the
Caracas Conservatory of Music. He is committed to the piano, and was a dedicated pupil for
over six years. David Cipollitti enjoys performing for other people, and has an extensive
repertory that covers the works of many classical composers. The composers David Cipollitti
admires include Bach, Chopin, Beethoven and Mozart.

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