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									3 ways you can grow

You have easier ways of building your small business than you probably think you do. You've got
a stable base of customers and this means that things are much easier for you than they would
be if you didn't have that. You will be able to spend more money and time finding new customers.

It is true that you ought to always be working on your marketing so that you can have a steady
and reliable stream of new customers but this isn't all that you should be doing. Have you thought
about expanding product or service offerings to previous customers? Or, you can create a plan
that includes online marketing funnels and getting existing customers to visit you online. There
are so many ways that you can integrate your offline company with your online presence so that
you can convert more sales and expand your business.

Feedback is a fantastic method to get a lot of profitable insight into your business, particularly
when it comes from people who have worked with you or purchased from you. You are going to
find that the very best feedback comes straight from asking the important questions. Don't just
give people a card or something asking a general question. If nothing else, refrain from asking the
now cliched question of "how am I doing?" Actually think about your feedback request--you are
trying to find out some very specific information. Devise a list of questions, five to ten will do, that
people can answer briefly and succinctly. One way you can get more responses is to explain why
you're doing it and ask people to help out. This is an approach that will play on their senses of
empathy and sympathy and can be quite effective.

Boosting your website's business performance means taking stock of how well your website is
actually converting. Every site needs higher conversions and the path for this is usability. Check
out your bounce rate to see how well you are doing. From here you need to see how much time
visitors are spending on your site and whether or not they look at anything beyond the page on
which they land. Every page needs to be easy for your customers and readers to use.

A good illustration of this is the contact page on your site: it's important that you put your phone
number there. And you can even optimize calling by using a link that will call with a single click.
More people will call you when you employ this "click to call" smart phone feature on your site.

You'll get far more ideas for your marketing than you are ever going to actually be able to put to
work. A comprehensive search using Google will yield tons of ideas many of which are effective.
From here, you can move to the paid-for content that trustworthy and reliable sources offer to you.

If you have failed to use specific methods before now, go back and try to figure out what you did
wrong. Perhaps you need to do some testing because that is how you make things work. Testing
is should be one of the pillars of all of the things you do to market and advertise your business. It's
important to list out each of the methods that are applicable to your business and get to work
taking action right now.

Determination is the key to expanding your business, no matter how tough the economy is. If you
are attuned to finding the solution, you will because there's always a way when it comes to
business. It's no wonder the business community is so negative considering all the negativity in
the news. Your creativity and confidence will nose-dive, which will lead to you ending up in the
same situation as the rest of them and that's something you really don't want.
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