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									Darren SidellAwst 2012
Dydd Iau, 30
Swyddog Datblygu System AD   HR Systems Development Officer
Thursday, Dynol
Adnoddau 30 August 2012      Human Resources

       What is e-Recruitment (1)?

• An online service for potential candidates to:
   –   Search for jobs
   –   View job details
   –   Apply for jobs
   –   Monitor progress of their application
   –   Arrange interviews
   –   Receive & accept offer
   –   On-boarding
   –   Give feedback
       What is e-Recruitment (2)?

• An online service for recruiters to:
   – Build a vacancy
   – Approve a vacancy
   – Advertise a vacancy
        • Links with Job Boards
        • Facebook / Twitter etc
   -   Monitor applications
   -   Shortlisting
   -   Arranging interviews
   -   Making appointments
   -   On-boarding
- And so much more…..
What e-Recruitment is NOT…!!

• A direct replacement for e-Work
   – Although it will replace the Post Authorisation process for all
     advertised posts (at first)
Why do we need e-Recruitment?

Post request
                     HR                          HR Arrange     Appointment      New staff
   e-Work           Email                        Interviews        made           member
   Auths         application
                                record created
                                                  by email /                    commences
                  received                         phone           e-Work       employment

                 Downloads                       Shortlisting    HR Contract    Agresso HR
   e-Work                        Application
                  form & FP                       Agresso          issued         Record
   Advert                       forms printed
                or Packs sent                     Updated         (e-Work)       Created

                                 Equal Opps                                        Signed
Advert Agency     Agresso          section                                      Contract and
                                                 Shortlisting   Contract Pack
     and          Vacancy        numbered,                                      Personal Info
                                                    packs        printed and
 Bangor Job       Record         removed &                                         Sheet
                                                  produced         posted
   Website        Created         entered in                                    Returned (e-
                                   Agresso                                         Work)
    Why do we need e-Recruitment?

•   Between 250-300 advertised posts a year
•   ~5000 applications
•   ~1000 application packs sent out
•   ~£250k advertising costs
Why did we need e-Recruitment?


                                     New staff
 Identify Vacancy
                        ?             member
                     All steps in
            Summary of objectives

•   Eliminate inefficiencies in our current processes and systems
•   Automate parts of the process to reduce administrative burden on staff
•   Create a positive candidate experience.
•   Shorten time-to-hire and time to offer acceptance to ensure highest quality hires
•   Reduce our advertising spend
•    Reduce reliance on agencies for both permanent and temporary hire through
    the use of talent pools.
•   Future proof our recruitment processes against technical / social developments
•   Improve recruitment metrics and HR data quality.
•   Automate reporting processes and collect detailed management information.
•   Offer the potential for collaboration or shared services with other HE institutions
    or even organisations outside the sector.
•   Widen the candidate pool to ensure top quality appointments
          Lumesse TalentLink

• Software as a service
   – Cloud computing
   – Configured service to our requirements
• Multilingual
• Configurable post-implementation
       How can TalentLink help?

• Standardise
    – Templates for Job Descriptions / Person Specifications
    – Templates for Adverts
    – Templates for Application Forms
•   Remove duplication
•   Automation
•   Real-time applications monitoring
•   Equality monitoring
•   Fully Bi-lingual Service
•   Filter questions / Auto scoring
•   Talent pools
 What about Paper applications?

• Continue to accept paper applications for all types of
  posts for accessibility reasons.
• Applications will be scanned and uploaded
            Demo 1:
A quick look at jobs.bangor.ac.uk
   Approval Process Workshops

• Focus on
  Job Approval Process
• Not driven by failures
      Process Transformation

• Moved from sequential to
  parallel approvals
• Multiple Processes


• College / School / Department Recruiter approves by
  submitting the job requisition

• Exec Approval first

• HR / Planning / Finance process in parallel
   – NB: Rejected does not mean Rejected!!

• Once fully approved, Contract details are locked but
  other information can be edited if necessary.
                Types of Users

• Standard Roles:
   –   College / School / Department Recruiters
   –   Exec Approvers
   –   HR / Planning / Finance Approvers
   –   HR Officers
   –   HR Recruiters
   –   Panel Members

• Other Roles (for special cases):
   – College / School / Department Job Creator
   – College / School / Department View only
    College / School / Department
          Recruiter Actions
•   Create Job Requisitions
•   Submit Job Requisitions for approval
•   Edit Job Requisitions
•   Approving advert costs – Via internal messaging system
•   Requesting Panel members to be set up
•   Liaise with HR Recruiters
•   Monitor applications
•   Communicating with Panel members
•   Action the shortlist in the system
•   Completing the appointment form for the successful
                First steps…

• Identify vacancy / new post
• Think about Job Title, Role Profile / Grade, Contract
  dates, Reporting Lines, Funding etc
• Use templates to build Job Description and Advert text
• Login to TalentLink
• Create new Job requisition
• Begin filling out form
• Either
   – Complete all and submit for approval or
   – Save to complete/amend and submit at a later date
         Demo 2:
Creating a Job Requisition
   Important things to remember

• The one field you MUST get right, is the Request Type
  field as this drives the whole approval process.
   – If in doubt, always go for the max. number of funding options.

• You are responsible for selecting the approvers for each
  job by name.

• By submitting a job for approval, you are giving approval
  for the job at the College/School/Department level.
      From e-Work to TalentLink

•   Post request  Job Requistion
•   Folder Ref  Job Number (BU00000)
•   Job Ref  Job Number (BU00000)
•   Department  Organisational data / Department

• Advert text needed at beginning of the process (but not
  needed at all for internal only adverts!)

• Candidates receive automated email communications
  including an electronic offer email.
         What happens next?

• Your user accounts will be created in the next few days
  and you will receive an activation email as follows:
              From:                   hr-systems@bangor.ac.uk
              Subject:                e-Recruitment : Cyfrif Actifiant / Account Activation

              This is a bilingual message, please scroll down for English

              Annwyl Jo Bloggs,

              Gallwch rwan ddefnyddio eich cyfrif TalentLink ar gyfer Prifysgol Bangor.

              Dilynwch y linc i gwblhau y broses gofrestru.

              Diolch yn fawr
              Systemau AD (Darren Sidell & Jade Luke)
              Adnoddau Dynol
              Prifysgol Bangor


              Dear Jo Bloggs,

              You can now activate your TalentLink account for Bangor University.

              Follow the link to complete the registration process.

              Many Thanks,
              HR Systems (Darren Sidell & Jade Luke)
              Human Resources
              Bangor University

• Training will be given on a 1-to-1 basis as and when
  each area has identified their first job.

• Comprehensive User guides are available here:
   – www.bangor.ac.uk/humanresources/systems

• REMEMBER: All Advertised jobs to go through e-
  Recruitment by the end of September 2012!
     Which System should I use?

                                                               Not Advertised
Request Type                         (External or Internal)
New Post                                 e-Recruitment             e-Work
Fill a vacant existing Post              e-Recruitment             e-Work
Bucket post (e.g. Domestics / PTL)            N/A                  e-Work
Fixed Term Contract Extension                 N/A                  e-Work

               This is likely to be enforced from 1 October 2012
                Future plans

•   Talent Pools
•   Part-time Lecturers
•   Domestic / Catering Staff
•   Short-term contracts (< 3 months)
• Time permitting!

                  Demo 3:
       A quick look at the live system
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