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									Admission Outpatient Surgery               Policy #


                                           Reviewed Date:

                                           Revised Date:

1.    POLICY:

Patients will be admitted to the facility via established procedure in the
Registration Department.

2.    PURPOSE:

2.1   The purpose of the facility is to provide efficient and professional care
      to all patients and family members.

      2.1.1      A quiet, supportive atmosphere will be maintained.

      2.1.2      Family members or significant others may remain with the patient
                 while in the unit (both pre and post-operatively, whenever

      2.1.3      The unit is to be kept organized and free of clutter at all

2.2   Care of the Patient Belongings:

      2.2.1      Policy and Procedure pre-operative nursing care.

      2.2.2      Upon discharge of the patient, return all belonging and document
                 to this effect in the patient’s record.


3.1   Preadmission phone call.

      3.1.1      After the patient has been scheduled for surgery, a nurse will
                 contact the patient via the phone 1 day prior to the
                 surgery/procedure date.

3.2   The scheduling physician’s office will send over the pre-operative
      Paper work:

      3.2.1      History and Physical.

      3.2.2      Pre-operative orders.

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