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									Case Study:

Client –   Rippll
Industry – Marketing               Company Profile
Service – SHARP

” The StratoGen          Rippll is a location based marketing company which enables brands to target consumers through
  Hosting platform       their mobile devices. Rippll’s solutions serve rich and relevant advertising based on the location of
  has already helped     the viewer to increase brand engagement and response. Rippll aims to become the first name in
                         location based advertising solutions.
  Rippll win business.
  Apps are loading up    By incorporating advances in mobile handset with the latest GPS technologies into their platform,
  to 5 times faster      Rippll ensures that consumers get the most enjoyable mobile experience from their apps and
  than our previous      advertising.
  dedicated hosting
                         Rippll empowers marketeers by delivering the most engaging, targeted and relevant mobile
  solution ”             solutions helping them to finally realise the huge untapped potential of the mobile market.
 Doug Chisholm
 Managing Director
 Rippll             Business Challenges

                         Rippll location based apps rely on high speed exchange of data between the mobile handset and
                         the Rippll back end systems. Users are notoriously fickle and app usage is similar to typical a web
                         site visitor – if the app doesn’t load and work swiftly, first time, the user will leave and choose a
                         different app.

                         To ensure that client ads and apps are successful, app development has to be supported by a high
                         specification back end system that can deliver content to very demanding response times.

                         The nature of the Rippll business is that it will always be tied to marketing activity and campaigns.
                         At times of peak demand, multiple ad campaigns will be delivered and this will have a huge impact
                         on the back end systems that are delivering the ad content. Rippll therefore need to be able to
                         cope with large peaks in demand that may only last for days or weeks.

                         This presents a challenge as typical hardware based hosting platforms cannot scale up and down to
                         meet demand. Hardware solutions have to be designed either to meet the upper end of
                         expectations, leaving the large amounts of resource unused for the majority of the time or for the
                         average usage amount meaning slowdowns due to lack of resources will occur at peak demand.

                         StratoGen is a leading Internet company providing enterprise VMware Cloud hosting, dedicated
                         servers, colocation and connectivity products all backed by a 100% uptime SLA.

                                                         0845 544 0465      W
                                StratoGen Solution

                               High performance Hosting solution that can quickly deliver Ad content to users
                               Ability to increase and decrease resources in response to level of demand
                               Fully managed solution to remove server management overhead on Rippll

                                Zero set up costs for access to enterprise grade hosting environment
                                Short term contracts for resources allowing Rippll to scale the solution based on marketing
                                High performance platform delivering the fastest server response times for the best user
                                 experience possible
                                Increased resilience through deployment in VMware resource pool on N+1 infrastructure
                                Fully managed and supported allowing Rippll to focus on marketing and development

                         On consultation with StratoGen, Rippll selected the StratoGen Hosting Advance Resource Pool
” We’re delighted that   (SHARP) solution. The SHARP solution is based on StratoGen’s enterprise grade VMware hosting
  the StratoGen          platform. Built from the ground up to deliver high performance hosted applications it is an ideal
  Platform is            environment from which to serve database driven, rich content applications to a distributed user
  delivering             The StratoGen VMware hosting platform is based on high specification HP Blades with the latest
  measureable            Nehalem 5650 XEON processors and Fast DDR3 RAM. Data Storage is provided by a scalable
  results to our         SAN utilising multiple controllers and 15k RPM SAS hard disks for the fastest disk performance
  customer base ”        A technical design was agreed based on the deployment of a multi tired solution including web and
                         database servers. These servers would be created as VMware Server machines within a private
 Karl Robinson           resource pool with guaranteed resources.
 Managing Director
 StratoGen               From a technology perspective, this solution offered far more than would have been commercially
                         viable in a dedicated hardware environment. The inherent resilience provided by Virtualisation
                         technology ensures that Rippll’s apps and ads are always available. No revenue is lost because of
                         unavailability of data.

                         Additional resources can be added to the pool whenever Rippll require in order to maintain App
                         performance and removed when demand is lower.

                         On a commercial level, the SHARP solution is a perfect fit for this type of requirement. SHARP
                         allows clients to choose the Processor, Memory, Storage and Network resources they require and
                         then utilise these to deploy as many Virtual machines as required. Servers will not use all of their
                         resources all of the time so the full financial benefit of VMware resource pool oversubscription is

                         The solution designed for Rippll is fully managed and supported which allows Rippll to focus on their
                         core business whilst infrastructure management is left to StratoGen.

                                   Customer Comment

                         Doug Chisholm, MD of Rippll said “The StratoGen hosting platform has already helped RIppll win
                         business. Apps are loading data up to 5 times faster than our previous dedicated hosting solution,
                         and ads are being served up well within the strict SLAs required by some of our major mobile
                         operator clients’.

                         Karl Robinson, MD of StratoGen commented “We’re delighted that the StratoGen platform is
                         delivering measurable results to our customer base – this is precisely what it is designed for”

                         StratoGen is a leading Internet company providing enterprise VMware Cloud hosting, dedicated
                         servers, colocation and connectivity products all backed by a 100% uptime SLA.

                                                         0845 544 0465      W

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