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									 On the Move
              Cem                              Christina
              Basceri,                         Richards,
              Bridgelux                        AOptix
              The Liver-                      The Camp-
              more                            bell technol-
              developer                       ogy compa-
              and manu-                       ny appointed
              facturer of                     Christina
LED lighting technologies       Richards vice president of
named Cem Basceri chief         marketing. She is former
technology officer. Previ-      president and chief ex-
ously, he served at Micron      ecutive officer at Richards
Technology.                     Morgan Enterprises.

              Josh Brewer,                     Thomas
              Clinkle                          Seifert,
              The San                          Symantec
              Francisco                       The Moun-
              payment                         tain View
              platform                        security
              startup                         and storage
              named Josh                      manage-
Brewer as vice president        ment tools provider
of design. Recently, he         appointed Thomas Seifert
served as principal de-         as chief financial officer.
signer at Twitter.              Previously, he served as
                                executive vice president
              Rosa              and chief financial officer
              Compean,          at BrightStar.
               The San                      Tara
               Francisco                    Spencer,
               beverage                     Milestone
               provider ap-                 Technolo-
               pointed Rosa                 gies
Compean vice president of                   The Fremont
marketing. Recently, she                    provider of
served as a brand director customized IT services
at Clif Bar & Co.           named Tara Spencer vice
                            president of corporate
               Jonathan     operations. Before her
               Foster,      recent appointment, she
               Nexant       served as director of cor-
               The San      porate operations at the
               Francisco    company.
               software                     Adam
               and services                 Spiegel,
company appointed Jona-                     Glassdoor
than Foster chief financial                 The Sau-
officer. Previously, he                     salito jobs
served as CFO at LS9.                       listings
                            Adam Spiegel chief finan-
                            cial officer. Previously, he
                            served as CFO at RPX.

 Bay Area News Group reports promotions of executives
 at the vice president level or higher. Send notices to With each announce-
 ment, we require a photograph in JPEG format. Please
 upload the image, which should be a head shot about
 1 megabyte in size, to http://mediafm.mercurynews.
 com. If this is your first time uploading the images, you’ll
 need to contact the newspaper at 408-920-5088 to
 obtain a pass code.

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