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									Turn-About Ranch
                                         Excellence in Education

During its 24 year history, Turn-About Ranch has been recognized for its
excellence in educational services on multiple occasions. Turn-About
Ranch is committed to providing top quality services that not only
educate students, but also integrate therapeutic principles.In 2005 and
2006, Turn-About Ranch received the Excellence in Education Award
from Woodbury Reports. Turn-About Ranch was also recognized in
2006 with the Aspen Family Tree Award.
Turn-About Ranch
                                        Professional Accreditations

As a unique alternative education school for troubled teenagers, Turn-About
Ranch provides a range of educational and therapeutic services and holds
several professional accreditations. For excellence in education, Turn-About
Ranch has been accredited by AdvancED. For therapeutic services, Turn-
About Ranch holds accreditation with the Commission on Accreditation of
Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) and the National Association of Therapeutic
Schools and Programs (NATSAP).
Turn-About Ranch
                                              Puts Students First

Turn-About Ranch is proud to provide a supportive and nurturing
environment for teenagers struggling to meet life’s many demands.
Turn-About Ranch is unique from other high schools in that it truly puts
its students first. This means Turn-About Ranch is committed to helping
each student overcome their emotional and behavioral issues while
receiving a quality education from people who care.
Turn-About Ranch
                                          Teaches Important Values

In addition to its impressive academics, Turn-About Ranch imparts
important life lessons to its students. Turn-About Ranch emphasizes the
value of hard work it its programs with the goal of inspiring long term
change. To accomplish this, Turn-About Ranch teaches students about
the importance of applying values such as teamwork, responsibility,
accountability, and leadership to their everyday lives.

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