Tonight I Can Write the Saddest Lines - Reaction Paper.docx by DayanneLei


									LEONARDO, DAYANNE LEI A.                                                             ENG 11 - WFQ

                                 Readaction Paper:
                                   Pablo Neruda

        I think I could fairly say that this poem was the easiest read that I have had in the class. It
was the first time that I was able to understand what it was about even after just reading it once. It
was pretty straightforward; it lets a reader know that the writer is heartbroken and indeed, writing
‘the saddest lines’ with the use of simple, but very heartfelt words. Those effortless words gave way
to raw emotions and put the attention, instead, on the feelings of loneliness and longing for a love

        I specifically liked how the writer was able to put emphasis on the solitude he was feeling at
that present moment by remembering the things that he and the woman he loved used to do during
nights as beautiful as the one he was describing. The only difference is that, they are not together
anymore. He was experiencing the same night all over again, but without her by his side to share it
with. Because of this, I liked the imagery and the repetition that the writer made of certain lines. It
made me feel as though I know of the certain feelings he was trying to invoke even though I have
not experienced them ever in my life. The writer’s technique of repeating and switching certain parts
of some lines made the poem powerful in the sense that, the readers are drawn to those parts that
he, as a brokenhearted person, feels the need to make other people understand; that he wasn’t just
writing some lines, he was trying to analyze how much he loved that woman and the doubts and
fears he was beginning to have now that he couldn’t call her his.

        One of the best lines from the poem, “Love is short, forgetting is so long,” summarizes how the
writer couldn’t really let go of the idea of ‘her’ even though he knows in himself that he might not
actually love her anymore. Also, one of my favorite lines from the poem was the last line,
                             “Though this be the last pain that she makes me suffer
                                 and these the last verses that I write for her.”
It recognizes how moving on from the love they had would not be easy, but he had to just let her go
and endure the pain that comes with losing her completely for him to be able to find someone else
who would make him happier and feel loved than he ever had before. I think he was actually using
the poem to represent his attempt at setting them both free and how it would be the last time that
she could ever hurt him.

         I don’t really have complaints about the poem and how it was written. It was never difficult
for me to understand what the poem and its writer was trying to say because, I think, it was as direct
as it could ever be. Its simplicity led me to believe that the best and the most meaningful works of
literature are actually those that come from real human emotions conveyed through regular speech
and not brought about by colorful and highfaluting words.

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