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									                                        Press Release

        SASAC - HEC EMBA Program launches 2008 class
                      Highly successful program now in its third year.

In October 2008, HEC Paris will open its third EMBA class in Beijing. The program,
customized to meet the needs of Chinese state-owned enterprises, is also open to private-
sector companies, and will help increase the competitiveness of both in the global economy.

Within an environment of continued economic reform and dynamic growth, the SASAC,
created in April 2003, is empowered by the State Council to carry out, on its behalf, its
responsibilities as investor and to supervise and administer State-owned assets. Currently,
more than 150 enterprises are directly supervised, accounting for close to 40 percent of
China’s GDP.

In order to increase the competitiveness of SOEs in the global economy, the Education and
Training Center for Officials and Entrepreneurs of the SASAC has selected HEC Paris to
deliver a world-class EMBA Program in Beijing. The objective of this program is to expand the
technical expertise and leadership skills of Chinese executives in order to prepare them for
competition within the global economy. This unique EMBA is offered under the auspices of the
Training Center of the SASAC and has been recognized by the French Ministry of Education
and is accredited internationally. HEC Paris has the honor of being the first foreign business
school to deliver its own EMBA in China, independently of a local university.

Bernard Ramanantsoa, Dean of HEC Paris, believes “this program is a clear sign of HEC’s
position of global leadership, and is a strategic addition to HEC’s international portfolio, which
also includes such prestigious programs as the TRIUM Global EMBA (in alliance with NYU
Stern and the London School of Economics) and Consulting and Coaching for Change (in
alliance with Oxford University). The success of this program clearly demonstrates the force of
HEC worldwide.”

Taught by top HEC faculty, the EMBA program is an intensive, custom-designed course of
study for select senior managers with focus on market-oriented themes. As with all HEC MBA
programs, participants contribute actively to the learning process by applying their personal
and professional experience to the course. There are 52 days of class time required, in
addition to a required study trip to France. The language of instruction is English, with
interpretation into Chinese provided.

                        Press Contact, HEC School of Management, Paris
                                       Elisabeth de Réals
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