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									When to Make a Home Insurance Claim
When you own a home, you probably also have a homeowner’s insurance policy. It is very important
that you understand what your homeowners insurance entails so you can make a claim at the
appropriate time. There are many people that do not take time to read the details of their insurance
policy, and end up missing out on opportunities to file a claim. The premium that you are paying on a
monthly basis is to ensure you are able to make claims when something should happen to your home.
Understanding how you are going to file these claims appropriately will ensure that the premium you
are paying on a monthly basis is worth it.

Know Your Policy
To understand your policy, it is important that you are striving to understand the fine print when you
first start shopping. You want to make sure that you know what coverage is absolutely necessary for you
and your home. While you are shopping, you should make sure that you get the coverage that you know
is necessary. After you know what is and what is not covered with your home insurance policy, you will
then want to take time to figure out how the claims process works. The claims process can be very
different depending on the insurance agency that you are working with.

No matter what agency you are working with, documenting the damage the best that you can is always
advisable. If someone was hurt on your property it is important that you call a police officer and have an
official report filed. You will
want official documentation of
what has happened. If
something of a lesser degree has
happened, make sure that you
take pictures of any damage and
write down exactly what
happened. Writing down what
happened when it is fresh in
your mind, will ensure you can
remember as many details as

Shop Locally
If you are frustrated with your
homeowner insurance, or if you
have had your policy for many years, you may want to start shopping around. When you shop around,
you can start to understand if your premiums and your deductible are comparable to other companies.
If you find that other companies are charging much less than your company, start by talking with your
company. If you are happy with the service that you are getting, you may be able to get them to lower
your insurance rates. This way, you can stick with the service that you love and still pay a reasonable

If you live in Reno, look for your homeowner insurance in Reno Nevada. By looking for your homeowner
insurance in Reno Nevada, you can be sure that you are working with an insurance company that knows
the area well. Getting personalized service with your insurance is a great way to feel comfortable
making any claim that you feel is necessary. Utilize your homeowner insurance, and you can be sure that
the premiums that you are paying on a monthly basis are actually worth it.

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