Top Foods to Stockpile

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					Top Foods to Stockpile
People who are interested in storing food for the future are usually quite proactive about doing so, but
every so often the question arises regarding which foods are the best to store. There are actually a lot
of different characteristics that are involved in making this decision, for instance, some foods stay
fresher than others, while certain types of foods have a higher nutritional content. If you’ve ever
wondered which foods you should be storing and why, read through our top recommendations.

Rice is the staple food of many cultures already, since it is a great source of much needed complex
carbohydrates. It also is a great substitute for foods that are high in saturated fat, like red meat. Both
white and brown rice are great options to
store, but it should be said that white rice
stores a little better while brown rice is
better for you, so choose which one best
suits your needs.

Most people assume that they will have
access to water in an emergency, and the
truth is that this is often not the case. An
earthquake or any other seismically-relevant
event can easily break water mains, while a
severe storm or flood can contaminate
existing water supplies. Ensure that you have
around 25 gallons of bottled water on hand at any given time.

Beans are not only a reliable source of protein and fiber, but they also store extremely well. Usually a
can of beans is good for a number of years. Not to mention the fact that beans work as a great
complement for other foods.

Peanut Butter
Jars of peanut butter usually have a shelf life of two years or more, and while it’s not the healthiest food
to eat every day, it does have a high number of calories, which is a valuable asset if you need to limit
your food intake. It’s also important to recognize that peanut butter requires absolutely no preparation
whatsoever, making it one of the best foods to store and use when needed.

Canned Meats and Vegetables
Unless you are able to store frozen meats and vegetables in foodsaver bags, canned is the way to go.
While not as nutritious as frozen, canning offers long-term access to meats and vegetables which
otherwise would not last long. Make sure to pick canned foods that you are familiar and comfortable

After you have ensured that you have all the food items you would need, take the time to stock up on
things like sugar, salt, flour, and olive oil. Buying these staples in 5-10 pound packages can make your
existing food situation a little bit better.

It’s a great idea to store food for a rainy day, but only if the foods you choose store well and are good
for you. Pay attention to these suggestions in order to create the perfect food storage.

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