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									Selling Your Home Without a Realtor
Though the housing market has been on pretty good incline in recent months,
many people who are trying to sell their homes are still having a hard time
making a profit. One thing to consider, that has the potential to save you
thousands of dollars when you sell your home is to forego using a real estate
agent and selling the home yourself. Though this process may seem like an
intimidating process and perhaps more work than it’s worth, it’s easier than you
may think to sell your home on your own. Here are a few tips to consider on how
to sell your home without using a real estate agent.


The first and most important step to selling your home without a realtor is to do a
lot of research. Read through the purchase and sale agreement from contract
when you bought your home, review local listings online and in real estate
publications and try reading blogs and books about selling by owner. Your
research can help you understand the language and processes of the real estate
business and most importantly can
help you know what your home is
worth, and therefore how much you
might be able to list it for.


This is where a lot of hard work
comes in. You need to focus on
getting your home ready to be
shown. Paying attention to things
like paint, carpet and landscaping are important. Also, de-cluttering your house
so people can actually envision themselves living there is a key. The best way to
go about this is to put yourself in the shoes of the potential buyers. What would
you be looking for? What would impress you? What would detract from the
appeal of the house? Since you won’t be using a realtor, it is important for you to
be the salesperson. Understand the key selling points of your home. What
makes is different or better than others in the area? What things do you want to
highlight to potential buyers.


The key to selling a home is to price it effectively. If you end up pricing your
home too high, then it will scare buyers off. Plus, if it stays on the market for too
long because of the price being high, potential buyers will assume that there is
something wrong with the house and might pass it over in their search. The lower
the price, the faster it will sell, presumably…but you need to make sure that you
are making a profit as well.


This has become a lot easier in recent years. Take advantage of the Internet
and local websites. In a lot of these cases, for a small fee, you can place your
listing on the Multiple Listing Service that real estate agents use, which means
more potential buyers will be exposed to your home. You can also consider
placing a listing in the local newspaper to attract buyers that want to stay in the

Be prepared to be flexible and negotiate with potential buyers, and you should be
able to pull off a sale without a realtor.

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