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2012 Tribute Bag Order Form


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									   Light a candle in Hope, Light a
         candle in Memory
The Candlelight ceremony is one of the most poignant and
moving parts of the Cancer Society’s Relay For Life. As the glow
from hundreds of candle bags fills the stadium the whole
community comes together as one.

“This year I will have three candle bags at Relay. Two bags to
honour family lost to cancer, and one bag in hope and thanks for
my mother who has had cancer and is still here. For me the
Candlelight ceremony is the most magical part of Relay, a time for
memories, for thanks, and for hope.”

“I challenge anyone to read the Candle bags at Relay For Life and
keep a dry eye.”

        The candle bags will be placed around the track prior to the
         Candlelight Ceremony, which will begin around 8.45pm on the
         Saturday night.
        The candle bags may be in memory of more than one person
         and can be inscribed with any message. The messages on the
         candle tribute bags can also be for people living with cancer.
        Suggested Inscriptions: A picture, poem or story, a message to the loved one, photographs
        If you wish to personally place the candle tribute bag at the track edge, please do so as near as possible to
         your tent site.
        If you wish to keep your own inscribed candle tribute bag it may be uplifted from the track from 7.30am on
         the Sunday morning, or from the information tent before 10am.

You can order your candle bags below or they are available on the Saturday of Relay from 3pm at the
Merchandise tent for a minimum donation of $5. All money raised from Relay For Life goes to fund the Cancer
Society’s cancer research, support services and health promotion activities.

                 Please detach and return to: Relay For Life, PO Box 1724, Shortland Street, Auckland 1140

First name:                                       Last name:
(please print)


Phone:                                            Email

Please send me           Candle Tribute Bag/s     VENUE:       Mt Smart     /   North Shore   / Kumeu
Team Name (if applicable):___________________________________________________________________________

Donation: $ _____________
Bag/s will be mailed to you for inscription - minimum donation $5 per candle tribute bag
Please make cheques payable to: Relay For Life, Cancer Society Auckland

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