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					Car Accident Claim Form- A Small Form Of Relief If you have ever been involved in a car accident caused by some one else’s negligence, then you may consider filling out a car accident claim form. Billions of people face car accidents worldwide each year resulting in both mild or severe injuries and damages. And the major factor for such accidents is the driver himself. Distraction while driving, drunken driving, driver fatigue, speeding, aggressive driving, bad weather, negligence of the safety norms, car failure and bad roads are the causes of car accidents. If one finds the accident worth to pursue a compensation claim, he may proceed by filling out a claim form. Car accident claim forms ask for a brief statement about the accident and act as a legal instrument used for claims that are made under the motor accidents compensation act 1999. The details covered by a typical car accident claim form are personal details of the claimant, their first, middle and last names, address, phone numbers, email address, date of birth and their title, accident details including date and location of the accident, the other person’s details, the number of the license plate, identification number, year, make, colour and model of the vehicles involved in the accident, details of any vehicle damages, the insurance company’s name and policy number, medical details including description of injuries and type of medical treatment received if any, employment details, relating to loss of income, details of witnesses and a narrative report or summary of the accident. Along with these details, answers for questions such as ‘were police notified?’, if yes, the officer’s name and report number, ‘were pictures taken?’ and ‘was the person injured wearing a seat belt?’ need to be filled. Original invoices and accounts are also required to be attached along with the compensation claim form. And a copy of the completed documents, certificates, accounts and invoices may be kept for personal reference.

The fully filled car accident compensation claim form must be sent to the insurer of the vehicle that caused the car accident. As far as possible it must be sent within six months from the date of accident. However it is possible to claim after six months period provided explanation of valid reasons for the delay are attached. In some cases, the insurers may reject it if satisfactory reason for the delay could not be made. The information in the car accident compensation claim form is required by laws covering motor accidents compensation. Provision of the information is required by law and failure to provide it may result in delays in processing or rejection of the car crash compensation claim. After the car accident claim form is processed the compensation amount is paid to the claimant if his case wins. But the amount of compensation depends on various factors such as the severity of the accident, its consequences, and the various necessary reports maintained and attached with the claim request form. Having no standard calculation or formula, the car accident settlement is made on the basis of that particular claim and it varies with every claim made. The compensation includes payment for the value of car or cost of repairs, loss of earnings, medical and travelling expenses related to the crash and award for the injuries suffered. The claim request can take anything from few weeks to many months so it is always better to be quick in making decision about claiming for accidents. More Accident Claim Info at

Description: A car accident claim form is not just a document; it is a legal document and must be filled and filed with complete information. Whether you qualify for a claim or not will depend on the way you fill your claim form and all the documents you attach as evidence to prove the mistake was your opponents.