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									Restaurant Refrigerator
Temperature Log
This Restaurant Refrigerator Temperature Log should be used by restaurants, cafes,
bars, ice cream shops, frozen yogurt shops, and any other establishment that offers
food to consumers. Refrigerator temperature logs serve the important role of ensuring
that a refrigerator is kept at the proper temperature to ensure the safety of food for
consumer consumption. This temperature log should be used by small businesses or
other entities that offer food to consumers and want to ensure the safety of such food.
                          REFRIGERATOR TEMPERATURE LOG

We at __________________ [Instructions: Insert the Company’s name] require that this
Refrigerator Temperature Log be maintained to ensure that the refrigerator is kept at the proper
temperature to ensure the safety of our food for customer consumption. In accordance with our
health and safety policies, employees must make an entry no less than once every __
[Instructions: Insert the number of hours] hours.

In the event that the refrigerator temperature is less than __° F [Instructions: Insert amount] or
more than __° F, [Instructions: Insert amount] employee should take immediate corrective
action, including, without limitation, alerting the manager, adjusting the temperature and/or
calling maintenance. Note of the applicable corrective action should be made in the log.

Date             Time             Temperature         Employee Name       Corrective Action Taken (if any)

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