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									 Mines Monitoring
Systems - Lifeline for
• Mine monitoring has a lot of benefits which include the
  following –

• Rock mass behavior study - With the help of mine
  monitoring systems the engineers get all the required
  information on the state as well as stress conditions
  locally of the rock mass.
• As the information received by the engineers in the
  mine is real time, it helps them locate the seismic
  events and can determine the potential changes due
  to the same over a period of time. The study of rock
  mass behavior helps them to know which mining
  activities are affecting the structure overall.
• Mine        design,
  scheduling      and
  operations optimization
  - Monitoring systems
  are highly useful and
  hence it is advisable to
  have      a mines
  monitoring system
  right from the early age
  of the mines. For mine
  scheduling this is very
• Also, due availability of the
  information on changing
  ground conditions as well
  as the rock mass, the data
  received could be used as
  a parameter for validating
  pre-existing            geo-
  mechanical mining models
  and also for increasing
  confidence in decision
  making. The mining
  methodology as well as the
  operations could be
  adjusted as per modeled
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