The Amazing Slim Jim Electric Boiler

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					The Amazing Slim Jim Electric Boiler

According to studies, modern British homes are
barely half the size when compared to houses in the
1920s and, on top of this, the smallest houses in
Europe. With living space at such a premium, it is
harder than ever to furnish your home and still find
room to move around freely. And it’s not just
furniture that’s a problem; home heating is too.
How are you supposed to find room for a standard
boiler when there is barely enough room for a
double bed? Thankfully, the Electric Heating
Company has the solution and its name is Slim Jim.

Maximising Space
Designed specifically for homes and dwellings where living space is tight, the Slim Jim is able to
provide you with a boiler solution, even when you do not have room for one.

This electric boiler is able to maximise space in a couple of ways. First, as the name suggests, it
features a slim, low profile design that can be installed discreetly in a cupboard and still leave
enough room for your laundry and ironing board. Secondly, the temperature control setting
(featuring a 30-80°C range) and on/off switch are featured on the front of the machine and the heat
exchanger is contained within it, meaning no need for an additional water tank.

Installed Where You Need It
The Slim Jim is not only versatile due to its size – the fact that it is an electric boiler means it can be
used in a wide variety of applications. For properties with no access to natural gas, but in need of a
traditional ‘wet’ central heating system, this boiler is essential and can be installed complete with
radiators, thermostatic valves, programmer, and room thermostat, providing you with a gas-like
system without the pipe work or expense of a gas installation and without the harmful carbon
dioxide emissions. Since its launch, the product has also been used to replace outdated storage
heating systems and expensive oil and LPG systems.

This level of versatility further extends to its range of outputs: 4, 7, 10, 12, and 14.4kW and in the
fact that it can be installed as an open vented or conventional sealed system with heat only or heat
and hot water options.

            Address: The Electric Heating Company Block 5, Unit 40, Third Road, Blantyre Industrial Estate,
            Blantyre, G72 0UP. Website:
Outstanding Safety
Besides being one of the most versatile and energy efficient boilers on the market, the Slim Jim
offers a state-of-the-art safety features and is one of the only boilers in the UK (along with other
electric boilers in the EHC range) to offer a secondary high current overheat safety cut-out.

Home living in the UK might be the most cramped in Europe, but, thanks to the amazing Slim Jim
electric boiler, it is also the warmest!

           Address: The Electric Heating Company Block 5, Unit 40, Third Road, Blantyre Industrial Estate,
           Blantyre, G72 0UP. Website:

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