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					                         Travis High School Course Selection
                            Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many credits do I need to graduate?
      A student needs 26 credits to graduate on the Recommended Plan. Please see the
      Course Guide for further details/course requirements.

2. How many Math and Science credits do I need to graduate?
      All students must complete 4 years of Math and Science for graduation.

3. Are all of the courses listed in the program guide available at THS?
       No. Also, please be aware that there are many courses that students cannot take
       as freshman. Please use the course selection sheet that was given out to determine
       what courses are available. Use the course guide to help with descriptions of the
       classes and to determine if there is a prerequisite.

4. Do all students have to take PE?
       All students must satisfy 1 credit of physical education. Please see the course
       guide for P.E. substitutions. Students can earn up to 4 credits for P.E.

5. Can I take one year of French, then one year of Spanish to satisfy my foreign
language credit?
      No. You must take 2 years of the same language.

6. Should I take a foreign language in 9th grade?
      It is not recommended unless you have a solid B or higher in your English class.
      Further, it is not recommended that you continue to level 2 of your language
      unless you have made a solid B throughout the year in your level 1 course. Many
      students will wait until their 10/11th grade year to enroll in a foreign language.
      This will not put you behind in gaining the credits you need for graduation.

7. What if I would like to take a class in summer school, what is available?
     As of last year, the courses that incoming freshman could enroll in were Health,
     Speech, P.E. and Art. These offerings are subject to change. Summer School
     forms will not be available until May. Forms will be available in your middle
     school counselor’s office.

8. What if I was not recommended for Honors level courses?
     Please understand the course load for high school and middle school is very
     different. Your middle school teachers have recommended you for the level in
     which they believe you will be most successful. Students can apply for level
     changes after the third week of school their freshman year.
9. Will I have a chance to make corrections after I have completed my course
selection sheet?
        Yes. Students will verify their course selection choices online February 3rd
        through March 9th, and course changes can be made at that time. Please note that
        change requests cannot be accommodated after March 9th, as the master schedule
        is set based on the choices made up to that time, teachers hired and books ordered.

10. What happens if I sign up for a sport and do not make the team?
     If you do not make the team, you will be placed in a P.E. course.

                       ***Review of Requirements for Graduation***

                                 ½ credit = 1 semester or ½ year
                                 1 credit = 2 semester or 1 year

                                       English: 4 Credits
                                        Math: 4 Credits
                                       Science: 4 Credits
                                    Social Studies: 4 Credits
                                  Foreign Language: 2 Credits
                                        Health: ½ Credit
                                       Speech: ½ Credit
                                          PE: 1 Credit
                                      Fine Arts: 1 Credit
                                      Electives: 5 Credits
                                      ***TOTAL: 26***

Final Notes:
*All classes are either regular or Honors/GT/Pre-AP level

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