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What is a Digital Radiator by henryjohn34


									What is a Digital Radiator ?

                                                  With carbon dioxide (CO2) contributing greatly to
                                                  global warming, there is a collective global effort to
                                                  cut carbon emissions, so governments are urging
                                                  people to look at their own individual carbon
                                                  footprint and consider ways in which they can help
                                                  the environment. For eco-conscious homeowners,
                                                  one of best ways to slash emissions is to ditch gas
                                                  boiler systems and switch to sustainable energy
                                                  sources, namely electricity. Digital radiators are
                                                  making this possible.

Digital radiators are similar in size and shape to traditional ‘wet’ system convector radiators, but
offer many more benefits.

Fuss-Free Installation
Electric digital radiators are revolutionising home heating, being a win-win for homeowners,
allowing them to do their bit for the environment, while at the same time saving money on energy

Like standard convector radiators, these electric heating panels are typically wall mounted; however,
installation is done without the cost and without the fuss. No pipe work required in the installation
process, which means no expensive per-hour plumbing labour charges. In fact, with a little bit of DIY
knowledge, you can have one of these radiators up and running in minutes.

However, while easy installation is a great benefit and a significant selling point, it is in the
performance stakes where they really offer value for money.

The Right Heat at the Right Time
Digital radiators are fitted with a built-in control panel and thermostat that gives you full control
over its operation. In situations where different environments are required at different times (which
is pretty much every day in the unpredictable British climate!) these radiators really come into their
own, making them suitable not just to daily home living but for rooms such as loft and conservatory

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The digital programmable thermostat allows you to control room temperature and operating times
at the touch of a button. It can be manually controlled or fully programmable 24/7 with a range of
heating options.

Standard digital electric radiators include comfort, economy, and anti-frost modes to ensure you are
provided with the right heat at the right time, and an LED screen will display the current
temperature at all times. To ensure safety in use, panels also feature a ‘blocking’ feature so that
settings cannot be tampered with.

Home heating is steadily gravitating towards sustainable energy sources and digital radiators are at
the forefront. If you are a homeowner, now is the time to say goodbye to traditional heating and
hello to modern digital living.

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