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									                                          U.S. Student Fulbright Program
                                        FPA Application Manager System
                                                          Getting Started

These slides provide an introduction to the system and will allow FPA to view
and print applications. For more advanced features, go to Resources for FPAs
on the US Student Fulbright website.

On-line Application Flow Summary                              2
Logging On to the Application Manager                         3
IN PROGRESS Screen                                            4
RECEIVE Screen                                                5
    Viewing & printing applications                           6
                                      On-line Application Flow:
                                      Summary of Embark Application Manager
Screen 1: In Progress
     For an applicant to appear on your In Progress screen, they must:
     – Create an online user account with the U.S. Student Fulbright Online Application
     – Indicate institution through which applying (your institution must be entered in this field for the applicant to
        appear on your in progress screen)
        Applicants can enter application data, register language evaluator and referees for online references
        (OREC) and Foreign Language Evaluations (FLE), and upload essays, transcripts and affiliation letters.
     FPA features: The FPA does not have access to the full application while it is In Progress.
     – View screen data (name, country, institution, etc) on each prospective applicant
     – View submitted ORECs and Foreign Language Evaluations in the OREC View
     – Email applicants from the Embark system

Screen 2: Receive Students appear on the FPA Receive screen when they submit the on-line application.
    FPAs can:
     – View full application, essays, transcripts, & electronically submitted references & Foreign Language
        Evaluation (FLE)
     – (After the Campus Committee interviews) Complete and save the Campus Committee Evaluation
        form offline in a Word document template
     – Upload the CCE form into last page of each student’s online application.

Screen 3: Manage
    On October 17, 2011, all applications in the Receive section of the Embark website will be automatically
    transferred to the Manage screen.
    FPAs will not have access to applications in the Embark website after the October 19 (you have 2 extra days to
    upload the CCE), until the notification period in late January.
                           Embark Application Manager
1. Login Screen
                  •Bookmark Embark Admissions Center:
                  •User IDs are administered by Walter Jackson
                  •User ID will begin with FPA_
                  •Passwords are set by the FPA for the account. If
                  you forget your password, contact Embark.

                                2. Welcome Screen

                                 •Choose Applications from the tabs at the
                                 top or from the menu on the left.
                                 •This will take you the Home Page
                                 •You do not have access to areas not
                                 utilized by IIE
 3. Home: Select Option

                                When students begin the application and
                                complete the Institution field on Page 1,
                                applicants applying from your campus
                                appear on the In Progress screen

4. In Progress Screen
Remember: You will not
be able to view the full
application until it is
submitted by the applicant.
You will only see applicants
who have listed your
institution in Question 5. of
the US Fulbright Online
                                                              RECEIVE Screen
When applicants submit the application electronically, the application automatically moves from the
In Progress to the Receive screen. You will see the applicant on your Receive screen.

                                                              • Screen looks just like In Progress but these
                                                              applicants have submitted their applications.
                                                              •Applicants no longer have access to the application,
                                                              but you can review the entire application.
Viewing and Printing an Application

     •To view and print a complete application, click the
     printer icon. A PDF version of the student’s
     application will appear. You can then read and
     print the application. You will need Adobe Acrobat
     Reader to open the PDF version.
     •To return to the Receive screen when you are in a
     PDF view, click on the ‘BACK’ arrow on your
     browser toolbar. Do NOT click on the ‘X” button to
     exit. This will exit you from the entire system
Application View

          • Scroll down to view entire
          application online.
          • To print application, click
          on “File” and select “Print”

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