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					Boulder Real Estate: Experts Say Act Now
The city of Boulder, Colorado has soared in popularity, and it’s no wonder why
this college town has boomed into a social hub for all things work, live and play
related. Boulder realtor Terri Cox explains why Boulder real estate is a great

There is no town that offers as much diversity to so many people as Boulder does. Nestled
at the base of the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, Boulder is the perfect place for outdoor
lovers. Known for its outdoors, residents of Boulder are ranked as having one of the
healthiest lifestyles in America. No matter what the weather is, people are always enjoying
the outdoors; whether it be running, biking, walking, hiking or climbing.

Boulder Creek Path is one of the most popular places to recreate in Boulder. This miles-
long path sits on the banks of the Boulder Creek. Along this path you will find beautiful
trails for walking, running and biking. In the summer months, many parts of the creek
nearby become popular for swimming, and even tubing, down the creek. The Pearl Street
Mall is yet another fantastic spot to shop, socialize and take in the sights and sounds of
musicians, artists, vendors and more.
In addition to the appeal of being able to spend so much time outside, each neighborhood
of Boulder has its own unique personality. The Holiday neighborhood is eco-friendly,
community-minded, with a mix of neighborhood businesses, and public parks. Many people
find it to be an ideal place to live, work, play, and learn in Boulder. The housing in Holiday
is very large and offers different choices. The neighborhood features traditional, single-
family homes, townhomes and condos. In addition, co-housing options are also available,
where you are able to live upstairs and run your business downstairs. Single family homes
in Holiday typically run around $600,000 while townhomes and condos in the Holiday
community are currently averaging around $350,000.

Another fantastic neighborhood in Boulder is the beautiful, Green Meadows
neighborhood. Green Meadows is a small neighborhood just north of downtown.
Its location makes it perfect to walk or bike downtown to all the shops, restaurants,
and other activities Boulder has to offer. It is also ideally located to all the trails,
which are great for walks, hiking, or biking. Green Meadows homes were built in the
50’s and 60’s so they offer a lot of charm compared to brand new homes. Not only is
the location a great selling point, the homes in Green Meadows are relatively
affordable. A home in Green Meadows currently has an average price tag of around

Not only are the neighborhoods in Boulder top notch, so are the school systems.
One of Colorado's top-ranked secondary schools is Peak to Peak Charter School,
located within the Boulder Valley School District. Bear Creek Elementary School,
Douglass Elementary School, Eisenhower Elementary School, and High Peaks
Elementary School are all high ranked schools in the Boulder area. Boulder is also
home to the University of Colorado-Boulder. CU-Boulder is the only school in
the Rocky Mountain Region that made it into Association of American Universities,
which is an elite group of 34 research universities. The university is also recognized
as having highly ranked graduate programs through the College of Engineering and
Applied Science and School of Education.
If you are looking for an area to take advantage of living a healthy, active, outdoor
lifestyle, Boulder real estate agent Terri Cox says now is the time to invest in
real estate in Boulder. Currently the median home value in Boulder is $485,100.
Over the last year alone, Boulder home values have gone up 8% and are predicted
to rise again within the next year.

Terri says Boulder has something to offer for everyone, whether you are looking for
an active lifestyle, highly ranked schooling, or community-focused and family-
focused neighborhoods. Those interested in buying or selling a first home or a
luxury home in Boulder can contact Terri Cox or visit her website as a resource
for Boulder neighborhood information and home listings.

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