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									Innovation Economic Expertise offer FP7 ENV or NMP
Innovation economic research in the eco-innovation and/or green nanotech area.
That is analysis into market developments noticeably green growth, drivers and barriers, innovative
behavior of different sectors, business strategies related to specific technological developments,
policy trends and their innovation effects.
Possibly in transdisciplinary projects, i.e. as a supplement to technical/natural scientific research.
Contributing to:
FP7 eco-innovation! call (ENV.2011.3.1.9-1, the big theme of system solutions.
Factory of the Future:
FOF.NMP.2011-1 (The Eco-factory),
FoF.NMP.2011-4 (High tech solutions for green products),
 Energy efficient Buildings:
Eeb.NMP.2011-1 (materials and energy efficiency)
Eeb.NMP.2011-2 (energy generation and use)
Eeb.NMP.2011-3 (energy efficiency and building envelope)
Eeb NMP.2011-4 (geoclusters)
Eeb.ENV.2011.3.1.5-1 (indoor environment)
And more specific nano calls:
NMP 2011.2.2.3 (LED), NMP. 20100.2.3-3 (networks of innovation actors), NMP.2011.1.1-1 (nano
packaging), NMP.2011.1.4-1 (synthesis of nanostructures), NMP. 2011.3.4-1 (water), NMP.2011-6
Manufacturing nano chains
ENV.2011.4.2.3-2 (Sustainable Production and Consumption & green growth)
ENV.2011.4.2.1.-1 (policy)
Possibly relevant empirical domains:
 In principle any type of green innovations, including but not restricted to! green nanotech and/or
green construction, such as nano coatings, LEDs, composite materials, green concrete
The consortium:
We are a group of innovation economic researchers specializing to varies degrees in the eco-
innovation area and nano innovation area. We are strong in both theory and methodology working on
innovation analysis at the firm, Interfirm, sector and national innovation system level. We have
currently a special strong interest in analysis at the sector level.
The core group consists of senior scientist Maj Munch Andersen, Technical University of Denmark,
associate professor Marcus Wagner from Würzburg, associate professor Raimund Bleischwitz from
Wuppertal, professor Mette Præst from South Danish University, and associate professor Rachel
Hilliard, NUI Galway, Ireland. We know of wseveral other possible researchers to pull in.

Contact info:
Maj Munch Andersen
Technical University of Denmark

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