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					Volume 1, Issue 25                                                                                                         December 30, 2009

Soldiers brainstorm unconventionally
By Spc. Nathan Hale                                                                                         “Red Teams are not an in-
145th Mobile Public Affairs Det.      Red Team looks to defeat enemy                                     stant answer pocket, it’s more of

   T  here is a small but important
                                      by thinking outside doctrine                                       an art,” he said. “We’re decision
                                                                                                         support, so we affiliate with a
group of Soldiers at Multi-Nation-         Team gives a different perspective in a                staff or project and ask, ‘Okay have
al Division - North who are trained        time where unconventional warfare is                   you looked at it this way? Well, we see
to diverge from the normal school          the norm.                                              this, do you agree with us?’ Then you
of military thought. These Soldiers,           “If we worked within another staff
known simply as Red Team, make             section, under the G-2, G-3, plans           See Red Team, Page 3
up a specialized staff, who provide        or operations, we might
critical, decision-making and analysis     tend to blindly agree with
based on the modern battlefield.           everything that office
   Their leader is Col. Malcolm S.         comes up with,” said Col.
Burr II, of Georgetown, Mass., a U.S.      Burr, who operates on
Army Reserve officer with 26 years         Contingency Operating
of commissioned service. His team          Base Speicher near Tikrit.
works independently of division spe-       “As an independent office,
cial staff but integrates with all staff   we can look at things a
and working groups. The team scours        little differently and can
plans, operations, and actions of the      often see what others are
ground to provide optional solutions       missing.”
which take into account not only local         Colonel Burr said it
culture and customs but also what the      takes time and effort                            Photo by Spc. Nathan Hale, 145th Mobile Public Affairs Det.

enemy may try to do to counter the         for units to prop-         Colonel Malcolm S. Burr, center, of Georgetown, Mass., speaks with
                                                                      Iraqi Army Maj. Gen. Abdullah, with the Ninewah Operations Center,
operations.                                erly understand Red        and Sam Youseff, cultural advisor for MND – North, during a key-
   Colonel Burr said that the Red          Team’s role.               leader engagement in Mosul, Iraq.

USD-N, name represents responsible drawdown
Special to the North Star                  U.S. Force – Iraq. In addition all                     and professionalism of the Iraqi Secu-
                                           four MNDs will become USDs. This                       rity Forces. As the mission shifts from
   Beginning Jan. 1, Multi-National        consolidation is more than a name                      combat to stability operations, U.S.
Division – North will be referred to as    change, but part of the responsible                    forces will continue to partner with
US Division – North. This is part of a     drawdown efforts of U.S. forces as                     and train the ISF.
deliberate merger, which will produce      they prepare to meet the Dec. 31, 2011                    Also, the name change does not
a single, streamlined command with         withdrawal date that is stipulated in                  equate to there’s only U.S. military
one commander.                             the Security Agreement.                                serving in Iraq.
   Multi-National Force - Iraq; Multi-        Senior Army and Department of                          There are still individuals and
National Corps – Iraq; Multi-National      Defense leaders are confident the                      troops from other nations serving in
Security Transition Command – Iraq         timeline will be met because of the                    Iraq, including trainers from the North
and Task Force 134 will all become         improved capabilities, effectiveness                   Atlantic Treaty Organization.
The North Star                                                                                                                  Page 2 • December 30, 2009

Iraqi Army recruits
500 new Soldiers
By Spc. Dustin Gautney,                                        Handheld Interagency
2BCT, 3rd Inf. Div. PAO                                        Detection Equipment
                                                               (HIDE). This device
   T  he early morning light unveiled                          allows users to pho-
the sides of the highway filled with                           tograph, fingerprint,
nearly 1,000 Iraqi local nationals jog-                        perform retinal scans,
                                                                                                                     Photo by Spc. Dustin Gautney, 2BCT, 3rd Inf. Div. PAO
ging along the road’s shoulder.                                and verify credentials Specialist Eddie Flores, 204th MP Company, attached to 2BCT, takes
   They ran for a hope and a dream to                          against previously          a photograph of a prospective Iraqi Army recruit during a four-day
become part of the Iraqi Army’s few                            gathered information. recruitment drive, Dec. 23.
available positions during an Iraqi                               “The HIDE is basi-
Army recruitment drive, Dec. 23.                               cally the final check for the locals           all, the recruitment drive would have
   With nearly one thousand in at-                             during the recruitment process. After          still been a huge success,” said Lt. Col.
tendance hoping to be part of the Iraqi                        going through the security checkpoints Coffman. “The Iraqi Army is so well-
Army, only 150 would be chosen that                            and being medically screened, we have led and trained to be able to execute
day.                                                           everyone go through the HIDE check-            a recruitment plan so large and over
   During the four-day recruiting                              point,” said Spc. Gary Daniels, 204th          multiple locations, that I can say I
drive, approximately 500 were chosen                           Military Police Company, attached to           would be proud to stand side-by-side
out of the thousands who applied.                              2nd HBCT.                                      with our Iraqi brothers in any war.”
   For the Soldiers of the 1st “Desert                            Captain Wilhite also said the event
Rogues” Battalion, 64th Armor, 2nd                             was executed to the highest degree
Heavy Brigade Combat Team, 3rd                                 of excellence by the Iraqi Army; U.S.
Infantry Division, assisting the 2nd                           assistance was limited because of the
Iraqi Army Brigade in recruiting new                           Iraqi Army outstanding planning.
members could not have been ex-                                      “I feel that even if we were not
ecuted any smoother, said Capt. Wes                            part of the plan to assist in the recruit-
Wilhite, Headquarters and Headquar-                            ment drive, that the event would still
ters Company, 1-64th Armor.                                    have been a success, which is a testa-
   “From start to finish, the plan for                         ment to the fine leadership of the Iraqi
the recruitment drive was an Iraqi                             Army,” Capt. Wilhite said.
plan; coordinated by their command-                               Lieutenant Colonel Ross Coffman,
ers and executed by their officers and                         commander, 1-64th Armor, agreed the
noncommissioned officers,” said Capt.                          Iraqi Army’s planning and execution of
Wilhite.                                                       the event demonstrated how an Iraqi
   As part of the plan to assist the Iraqi                     plan, conducted by Iraqi leaders and
Army recruitment drive, members                                Soldiers, leads to the best results for
from 1-64th Armor supplied additional                          the Iraqi populace.                                    Photo by Spc. Dustin Gautney, 2BCT, 3rd Inf. Div. PAO
security at numerous security points,                             “The Iraqi Army plan was so well            An Iraqi Soldier searches a prospective Iraqi
as well as applying the U.S. military’s                        designed that had we not been there at Army recruit during a recruitment drive, Dec. 23.

‘Tomahawks for Humanity’ helps those in need
                                                               By Sgt. Jeremy Pitcher                                 program takes Soldiers of the 1/23rd
                                                               3SBCT, 2nd Inf Div PAO                                 Inf., skilled as carpenters, electricians
                                                                                                                      and plumbers and uses their talents
                                                                  S oldiers of the 1st Battalion,                     to make a difference. On Dec. 23,
                                                               23rd Infantry Regiment, 3rd Stryker                    Soldiers with the program visited two
                                                               Brigade Combat Team, 2nd Infantry                      elementary schools in Khalis to assess
                                                               Division are putting a new twist on                    what materials would be needed to im-
                                                               an old idea with some much needed                      prove the infrastructure of the schools.
                                                               rebuilding in Diyala province.                            In mid-January the team will return
                                                                  The program “Tomahawks for                          with the needed supplies and with the
       Photo by Spc. Dustin Gautney, 2BCT, 3rd Inf. Div. PAO
                                                               Humanity” is a new program started                     help of local Iraqi Police, Soldiers and
A Soldier of 1st Bn, 23rd Inf. Regt. measures a
window at an elementary school in Khalis, Dec.                 by the battalion to help out those in                  the local mayor will work to refurbish
23.                                                            need in their area of operations. The                  the schools.
The North Star                                                                             Page 3 • December 30, 2009
See Red Team, Page 3
get into a dialogue, some collabora-       derived from collaboration or merely      missed and everything is taken into ac-
tion. Those relationships take time.”      from frustration. The team created a      count, so tenacity becomes part of the
                                           predictive survey in May 2009 that        experienced red team aura.”
  C                                        canvassed 200 leaders’ mindset about
       olonel Burr said he has heard
the term “devil’s advocate” used to        the upcoming year in Iraq, and in             uring his time at the leader’s
describe what red teaming is all about.    hindsight, a majority of cases did pre-course — which runs 18 weeks at the
However, he believes the phrase works      dict events. An idea Col. Burr came up University of Foreign Military and
against his team.                          with was to have a database of SoldiersCultural Studies at Fort Leavenworth,
   “If we go into a senior-level meet-     with their known skills, which could beKan. — Col. Burr attended a practical
ing and everybody thinks our ideas are     better utilized.                       exercise during which he helped with
just playing the other side, we might                                             the planning of the 25th Infantry Divi-
not be able to get our position across       F  or example, if there is a project sion’s mission readiness exercise at
because they will discredit us from the  in northern Iraq to help Iraqi farmers,  Schofield Barracks, Hawaii.
beginning,” he said. “Instead we listen, this database will reveal Soldiers who      Colonel Burr said the Division had
provide in-depth analysis of the sub-    are capable of farming and can help on not had a Red Team in the past, which
ject matter and present our ideas.       the project. This actual idea has been   meant he had to work to break the ice.
   “The red team can get away from       named and is being reviewed by the           Just as his team had to build
the situation and ask, ‘Well, why do we  Army Suggestion Program and could        relationships within the Division, Col.
keep going down this path?’”             produce significant cost savings to the  Burr believes one of the important
   Red Teams are becoming the norm       military going forward.                  challenges for incoming units is to
at many staff units, according to Col.      They often conduct field work with    quickly build relations with their Iraqi
Burr, and their range of expertise       military and border transition teams,    counterparts.
and understanding is becoming an         their Iraqi counterparts and the civil-     An example “We have worked on
important asset for the Army, other      ian populous. Those relationships        a plan to have incoming units spend
military services and the Department     give the team the ability to distinguish more time engaging with local Iraqi
of Defense.                              between reality and perception.          leaders and their Iraqi counterparts
   Colonel Burr’s previous experience       It is also crucial that the team has  in their areas of operation during the
as an embedded Iraqi Army Advisor in     familiarity with current activities and  transfer process,” said Col. Burr. “The
Fallujah, 2004-5, has enabled him to     are able to quickly pinpoint concerns    outgoing units have spent sometimes
more accurately understand what Iraqi    with current and future planning.        up to a year developing relations with
military and civilians perceive. Other      According to Col. Burr, Red Teams     Iraqis and their exiting often creates
Red Team members entered theatre         are quickly becoming an integral part    relationship cracks that have to be
with varied backgrounds, including       of staff-level units. Even then, the     rebuilt from the ground up.”
agricultural, farming, business, indus-  team’s ideas aren’t always accepted at      The idea is to get the outgoing units
try, computer, information operations,   first.                                   to facilitate this process so the prog-
aviation, in addition to attending the      “If they don’t like what we present,  ress isn’t lost when units are replaced.
University of Foreign Military and       we will continue to brainstorm, refine      “It goes a long way if we can get the
Cultural Studies at Fort Leavenworth,    and repackage the idea to meet the       new units out working with their Iraqi
Kan.                                     intent and try again,” Col. Burr said.   counterparts and Iraqi leaders as soon
   In some cases, inventive ideas are    “We just want to make sure nothing is    as possible,” he said.
                                                                                     Colonel Burr said his experience

                                                                                  working with the 25th Inf. Div. and
                                                                                  now the 3rd Infantry Division, from
                                                                                  Fort Stewart, Ga., has been fulfilling
 The 5 Ws of the Tri-Care Mail Order Program                                      because of the acceptance and proper
 Who: Soldiers who have chronic medication that they take and require refills     utilization of the Red Team.
 while deployed.                                                                     “The leadership and all the staff
            What: The TMOP program is an easy to use system that allows for       of the divisions are very professional
                shipment of your medication to you while deployed.                and knowledgeable,” he said. “Now,
                 When: Confirm and update your information as soon as             when they see us in their meetings,
                    possible, if done less than a month before there will be a    they know we will listen to them and
                           gap in medication coverage.                            give them our in-depth analysis and
                              Where: Go to feedback on the subject.”
                              dod/tmopfaq/ to update your information or see         Colonel Burr will continue to serve
                              your health provider to start the program.          as the Red Team leader for MND - N
                              Why: This will ensure that medication will arrive through January. A new team with
                               on time and you will not be without medication     new ideas and concepts will replace
                               that you need.                                     Col. Burr and his team.
The North Star                                                                                                    Page 4 • December 30, 2009

                                                     Task Force Marne Heroes of the North
                                      Specialist Vincent                                                            Master-at-Arms Petty
                                      McLandsborough, of                                                            Officer Second Class Jared
                                      Lennox, Calif., with the                                                      Chieco, United States Navy,
                                      3-25 General Support                                                          is with Headquarters and
                                      Aviation Battalion, is                                                        Headquarters Command,
                                      assigned to Speicher                                                          2nd Brigade Combat Team,
                                      Army Radar Approach                                                           3rd Infantry Division. He
                                      Control. He performed                                                         works with the Provost
                                      his duties with confidence                                                    Marshal Office at Forward
                                      and in a professional                                                         Operating Base Marez. He
                                      manner. On the night of                                                       is assigned to investigate
                                      Dec. 7, Skull 11, a C-130,                                                    detainee cases. He has
                                      inbound to Speicher,                                                         investigated 400 cases,
     was flying in instrument meteorological conditions and                           including 174 of the Dangerous Radical and Enduring
     could not land without positive control. After being put                         Security Threat detainees, by locating witnesses and
     on the final approach, Skull 11 was handed off to Spc.                           pursuing evidentiary leads. In the courses of the
     McLandsborough (Speicher approach) for final vectors                             investigations, with the cooperation of Iraqi police
     into Speicher. At approximately one mile from landing,                           and Iraqi Judges, MA2 Chieco obtained 80 provincial
     Spc. McLandsborough knew the c-130 was too low for a                             arrest warrants against detainees in U.S. Custody.
     safe approach. Without hesitation, he directed Skull 11 to                       Due to the importance of working with local officials,
     execute a missed approach. The aircraft was determined                           he has conducted over 50 Key Leader Engagements
     to return to Speicher despite poor visibility and gave Spc.                      with uniformly positive results. In addition, MA2
     McLandsborough a second approach which resulted in                               Chieco set the prosecution standard for cases by
     a safe landing. Specialist McLandsborough exercised                              personally arranging for witnesses to testify via video
     composure, good judgment and a clear understanding                               teleconference, ensuring witnesses safety and the
     of air traffic control procedures allowing critical aviation                     admission of their evidence. He diligently works to
     assets to return to base. His outstanding performance                            further the rule of law in Ninewah province and is a most
     makes him an obvious choice for today’s Task Force                               deserving choice for today’s Task Force Marne Hero of
     Marne Hero of the North                                                          the North

Weddings time of great celebration in Iraqi culture
Cultural Tidbit                                                 her eldest uncle).                         gift to his fiancée. Dinner will be
Special to the North Star                                          The parents ask about the guy and       served, a DJ or band is very important
   Every wedding starts with the                                about his family reputation. Then          to celebrate this important event. After
engagement, she might be a relative,                            after the agreement there is a tradition   that there is another party, Nishan,
neighbor, cousin, they might be work                            called Mashaya, where families meet        where the traditions are so much fun.
mates, or students in the same college                          to get a good impression about each        The bride wears many dresses, 3-5
etc. First he goes with his parents to                          other. The lineage of the family is very   depending on their financial status.
hers, and tells them his desire to ask                          important                                     A night before the wedding day,
their daughter to get marry, (if the                               Then there’s the engagement party,      there is Lailat Al-henna; one of their
girl’s father is dead, he should go to                          Khitooba. At the party they wear the       relatives put the privet in the newly-
                                                                rings, the fiancé also bring a golden      wed’s pinkie or palm. Some relatives
                                                                                                           may like to have privet in their hands
     Safety Thought of the Week:                                                                           too. Finally the wedding -- the bride
     Operations on Narrow Roads                                                                            wears her white dress, and the groom
•	       Conduct a map and route recon to ensure road                                                      his new suit. They either bring a real
         suitability.                                                                                      band or DJ. They dance, eat dinner
•	       Before	patrols,	briefings	should	identify	potential	
         road	hazards	such	as	narrow	roads,	how	weather	                                                   and cake. At most of the weddings the
         may	have	degraded	road	conditions,	etc.                                                           bride gets jewelry from her family, her
•	       Remember	to	rehearse	roll-over	drills.
•	       Adjust	vehicle	speeds	and	following	distances	to	
                                                                                                           husband and his family and from some
         allow	plenty	of	reaction	time	for	IED’s,	wash	outs,	                                              close friends.
         and	other	obstacles.                                                                                  In this party the bride wears her
•								Avoid	driving	too	close	to	the	edge	of	a	road,				
									canal	or	roads	with	steep	soft					                                                               wedding dress and many other new
•	       Shoulders	that	may	give	way	from	the	weight	of	                                                   dresses or her Nishan dresses, the
        the	vehicle.                                                                                       guests bring the gifts.
The North Star                                                                                              Page 5 • December 30, 2009

                                           Regional Headlines
Woman has child on                               Scott Clayton.                                   observed glass being broken out,”
birthing center porch                               No one was inside and the doors to            Atlanta police Sgt. B.C. Williams told                                       the birthing center were locked.                 WSB-TV. “As soon as [the burglar] saw
   DALLAS- Scott and Katherine                   Katherine was in a nightgown, robe               the officers, he fled out the back door.”
Clayton always wanted a natural                  and wrapped in a blanket. The baby               The man was arrested after a short
childbirth.                                      was on its way.                                  foot chase.
   “We never imagined with a natural                They saw she was going into labor                Williams told the station that the
child birth it being so natural in the           and told Katherine to lay back on the            38-year-old suspect, whose name
sense that we would be giving birth              porch. Their midwife had the keys to             has not been released, took two cell
outside in the dead of winter on a               the facility and handed them off to a            phones before running from the store.
porch,” said Katherine Clayton.                  family member so they could unlock
   The Claytons hung a baby-size                 the doors. As soon as Scott’s mother
stocking on their fireplace in case              opened the door, a blaring security                 Support ground ATHP
their unborn baby decided to come on             alarm went off.                                    and turn in all amnesty
                                                    “The midwife was down here
Christmas Day .
                                                 focusing on Kat, trying to explain the            for drawdown retrograde
   “I would say at 6 o’clock we were
sitting around opening gifts , at 7              code to the security alarm, She could
o’clock we were eating pumpkin pie for           not get the alarm off,” said Scott. “We             The Ground Ammo Turn-in and holding
dessert and at 8:08 p.m., I had a baby           ended up shutting the door to block                 point, located behind the Explosive
in my arms,” said Clayton.                       out the sound and it wasn’t 20 seconds              Ordnance Disposal Building on Con-
   She had been in contact with her              after that, we delivered the baby out in            tingency Operating Base Speicher, will
midwife and her doula, a person who              the porch.”                                         be conducting an Amnesty day every
assists and coaches mothers through                 Harmony Clayton was born at                      1st day of the month, Jan. 1st- April 1st.
labor. Both encouraged her to continue           8:08 p.m, on Christmas day. “She’s a                This will give Speicher units the chance
with normal activities and that day,             Christmas gift,” said Scott.                        to clean up their AO of all unneeded
which meant celebrating Christmas.                                                                   ammunition. No appointments neces-
   But as they ate dinner, the                   Cell phone bandit caught in                         sary walk-ins will be seen.
                                                                                                        ATHP hours for the Amnesty day
contractions began to get much more              the act
painful.                                                                                             will be 7 a.m- 3 p.m.
                                                 Atlanta Journal Constitution
   When the Claytons got in touch                                                                       The ATHP Personnel are all Profes-
                                                    BUCKHEAD, Ga.- Atlanta police
with their midwife and doula, both                                                                   sional Ammunition Specialist and fully
                                                 made a quick arrest early Dec. 28
heard the sounds of Katherine’s ever                                                                 support and uphold the Amnesty pro-
                                                 after a smash-and-grab burglary at a
growing pain and knew she was going                                                                  gram and policy. No questions asked.
                                                 Buckhead cell phone store.
into labor.                                                                                          They just want your Junk ammo.
                                                    The burglar shattered the front
   They agreed to meet at the Allen                                                                      Keep safety first if you have an
                                                 glass at the Sprint store on Peachtree
Birthing Center, where the Claytons                                                                  amnesty box with something that looks
                                                 Road just north of Collier Road about
planned to have their baby.                                                                          unsafe. Inform the personnel at the
                                                 1:30 a.m., according to Atlanta police
   “We actually got there before the                                                                 ATHP and arrangements will be made
midwife and doula showed up,” said                                                                   for pick up.
                                                    Passing officers “heard and

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