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					    “We Bring Your BRAND
       to the Next Level…”
                           “All   mobile phone are not manufactured same…”

                                         Imtiaz Ahmed
                                                         Founder - SMSInfosys

Mobile Phone Testing QC/QA IMEI Inspection Certification Verification Service
                           Our Range of Services
                                              “All mobile phone are not manufactured same…”

n   In today's world, electronic device testing as well as mobile
    phone testing is in huge demand. In this competitive market, you
    need QA/QC services and mobile testing solutions that give you
    the ability to ramp-up quickly, with flexible engagement models
    and process that have been proven. SMSInfosys rely on the on
    the quality and test engineering services.

n    After eleven months of testing & QC I think it’s time to share
    some of my experiences with others who are interested to know
    more about Mobile Phone Testing QC/ QA Inspection
    Certification Verification Service.
                          Our Range of Services“All mobile phone are not manufactured same…”

n   Everybody knows all big players in Mobile phone industry, but
    there are 1000's of small Brands in every country who are buying
    mobile phone from Shenzhen China and launch without mobile
    phone testing and end up's with customers complaints.
n   Still companies like MOTOROLA, Samsung etc has launched
    cheaper dual SIM card phone with MTK, Spreadtrum Chipset
    (same chip-set all Chinese phone uses) with high quality QC and
    testing and they don't have any complaints so why can't other
    upcoming brands survive.
n   SMSINFOSYS has joined up with a Testing Lab named
    MORLAB in Shenzhen on May 26th 2011 http://www.
                                    Our Profile“All mobile phone are not manufactured same…”

n   Our Team, Started Mobile Software Development in 1998 later in
    year 2004 stared Trade / Business  Journey, Build up Brand
    in 2005 and franchise registered in Italy, Hong Kong, China India
    UAE. 2010 started Mobile Phone Testing QC/QA Inspection
    Certification Verification Services
n   The Rising Global trade, made our company expand to the
    international markets, by acquiring an Import-Export code number
    in India, China, Hong Kong & UAE. By this network, we have a
    strong presence in the market and can work on queries very
n   Our Vision is,
    * Achieve even more effective integration into sourcing products &
    services Worldwide.
    * Have a global reach, with not more than 1-2 partner in every
    major City / Country ( for every category), so to avoid the
    competition / clash & protect their interests.
    * Successfully bonding & instilling a strong sense of Trust &
    Oneness leading to continuous mutual growth of all. 
                                               “All mobile phone are not manufactured same…”

n   We have experience of Sourcing from Asia ( India, South Korea,
    Indonesia, Taiwan, China ).
n   Successfully Trading in Textiles ,Leather , PU and metal
    fittings ( fashion leather bags and small leather goods), 
    Appliances ( Home, Kitchen, Office, Hotel ) & Various
    Consumer goods ( Gift, Promotional, Daily use, General
    ).Building constructions items machineries etc
    Computer ( hardwires, networking accessories)
    electronics (mobile phones dvd, mp3 pm4 LCD tv)
n   Our satisfied partners consolidate our belief that we are
    constantly moving towards that direction.
n   One of our partners is a sole distributor for HTC, Sony a sole
    distributor  in Asia Singapore  for Mobile phones and & also does
    other consumer goods.
                                                 “All mobile phone are not manufactured same…”

     Key Specifications/Special Features
n   Our Company is Associated with several Companies & Individuals
    to develop Worldwide Associates / Partners for Global Exports,
    Imports, Trade & Mobile Phone Testing QC QA Inspection
    Certification Verification Service.

n   We would like to supply below service to clients:
    n Audio
    n Electrical
    n Environmental
    n Mechanical
    n Safety
    n Bluetooth Connectivity
                            SMSInfosys Offering
                                           “All mobile phone are not manufactured same…”

n   SMSInfosys test's Products Devices
    Handsets features before they became
    available to the market.
n   SMSInfosys helps you cost-
    effectively test your Brand mobile
    phone's performance early, before
    issues become expensive
n   We test OEM and after-market
    accessories to continually improve
    the wireless experience
n   Also, we offers Competitive
    Benchmarking and Custom Testing
                                                   “All mobile phone are not manufactured same…”

Mobile Phone Testing QC/QA Inspection
   Certification Verification Service
n   With several years of experience in the field, SMSInfosys had become
    the choice for leading mobile Brands . We have been consistently and
    excellently delivering mobile phone testing services in a cost effective,
    reduce time-to-market and significant increase in the quality of product
    to its clients.
n   SMSInfosys has Joined hands with MORLAB which has three Test
    Labs based in China with dedicated staff and resources.
n   The centre has tested more than 500 physical devices and access to many
    networks in the region to provide network and LAB testing. We have
    already carried out testing for our customers in following countries
    Bangladesh, India, South America, Nepal.
Mobile Phone Testing
         “All mobile phone are not manufactured same…”
                            Mobile Phone Testing“All mobile phone are not manufactured same…”

n   LAB TESTING - Issues that are detected in SMSInfosys-MORLAB
    Testing can be addressed before Field Testing starts.
n   FIELD TESTING - Extensive call processing testing is performed in
    the carrier's live market against a benchmark device.
n   DRIVE TESTING - SMSInfosys takes customers concepts on the road
    by Drive Testing manufacturer’s phones, data cards and other devices.
n   FIRST ARTICLE INSPECTIONS (FAIs) - After technical acceptance,
    SMSInfosys ensure the products that you receive are the same that have
    been approved.
n   QUALITY CONTROL - We also do quality control at the
    manufacturer’s factory while production in 4 stages, it includes the
    checking of  the Goods from Golden sample, checking the Bill of
    materials while assembly software firmware and check while packaging.
Quality Control
      “All mobile phone are not manufactured same…”
List of Requirements
        “All mobile phone are not manufactured same…”
Assembly QC
   “All mobile phone are not manufactured same…”
Bill of Materials
      “All mobile phone are not manufactured same…”
                               “All mobile phone are not manufactured same…”

                Our Benefits
n   Early Problem Detection
n   Improved Customer Satisfaction
n   Powerful Marketing
n   Reduced Product Returns
n   Minimized Customer Churn
n   Less Call Center Traffic
n   Brand Protection
n   Cost-Effective Fixes
                                              “All mobile phone are not manufactured same…”

n   We are looking forward to work together with Like minds,
    experienced  Individuals / Companies, who have knowledge /
    Ideas of Designing, Marketing and positive relations with
    customers related to cater such products / services.
    The cooperation will be Shared by commissions or other
    negotiable options and for importers with feeling of having own
    offices as supply is concerned.

n   We invite you to connect with us through this medium and
    provide your valuable Feedback & Support.
                     “All mobile phone are not manufactured same…”

Customers & Associates Include…
                                    “All mobile phone are not manufactured same…”

    Standards we follow…

                            “All mobile phone are not manufactured same…”

              For More Information
Mr. Imtiaz Ahmed
1/F, Mau Lam Commercial Building,
16-18 Mau Lam Street, Jordan,
Kowloon ,Hong Kong
Phone: +852 2312 0148
Fax: +852 2375 6513
Mobile: +852 96194835
          +86 18620020163
skype:  imtiazmobile

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