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                                  A LAMO C HAPTER

                       T HE                                                            L ARIAT
 Volume 27, Number 9                                                                                      September 2007

                                     President’s Message
  Another month has just flown by. As      However, Rhoda will continue in an       completed on a timely basis. I guess
I author this, it is 3 hours before my     advisory capacity because of her         there is a message there! But none
wife, Ruby, and I leave on a 2 week        superb talents and great attitude.       the less, I assure you members we
land-cruise vacation to Alaska. Obvi-      Again, congratulations Rhoda, you        have a leadership team that in my
ously we are excited about this trip but   are the best and our chapter member-     view is unparalleled in the history of
I must complete my article prior to        ship gains much from your expertise      the MOAA Alamo Chapter. It is a
leaving so that you will have another      and your enthusiasm for the organi-      great team with wonderful camarade-
timely issue of the Lariat come Sep-       zation.                                  rie, a great spirit and with a can-do
tember.                                       It was exciting for me personally,    attitude that you just would not be-
   Perhaps you have noted the recent       and from the chapter perspective, for    lieve. This is a marvelous testimony
Lariat editions have been sent out on a    the Ft Sam Houston Garrison Com-         to people who continue to give of
much timelier basis. We are also post-     mander, Col Wendy Martinson, to          themselves even after so many years
ing the Lariat on our website. If you      tell me she was so happy that ac-        of great service to our country. Take
have the capability, I ask each of you     commodations could be made to            the opportunity to extend your hand
to visit our website regularly             keep our chapter on the post. For        to each of them at our luncheons and
( Our webmas-           our branding efforts, I want to thank    the various venues and say thank you
ter, Gene Culp, makes it a website of      in particular Phyllis Smith and          for the service they provide to our
which we can all be proud.                 David Patrick for working so hard at     chapter.
   Speaking of volunteers, I would be      putting our name out there. By the           But as always there is room to
remiss if I didn’t make special mention    time you read this we will have par-     improve and I continue to solicit
of our own Volunteer of the Year,          ticipated in another fundraising ven-    ideas and suggestions that can make
Rhoda Philby, who has been recog-          ture with KLRN. I hope some of           our chapter go forward.
nized by the United Way and by the Ft      you saw our spirited volunteers in          We were honored again this year
Sam Houston leadership as being our        action.                                  by receiving a 4 star recognition
Volunteer of the Year and a great             I have been traveling significantly   award from MOAA. That is a dis-
American.      Because of continuing       of late but, despite my absence, the     tinct honor for our chapter as only
health issues, she is passing the baton    organization is going forward with       three chapters of twenty eight in
of Editor to Gene Culp who will be         great vigor. I might even add that       Texas received the award.
ably assisted by Trish Meserve, our        some of my good friends have told
                                                                                    (Continued on Page 5)
outstanding contract administrator.        me that our recent staff meeting was

                         Rhoda Philby,     Inside This Edition:                              Welcome
                         Volunteer of Page 2 Golf Tournament                               New Members!
                         the Year and Page 3 Legislative Update
                         out-going                                                          Col Kerry Green
                                        Page 6 Lighter Than Air
                         Lariat Editor.
                                        Page 9 Benefits, Health & Welfare                 Col Sam Hollenbeck
                         Thanks,        Page 9 HCAC Update
                         Rhoda, for a Page 14 Wounded Warrior’s R                            Maj Guy Davis
                         super job!!!
                                        Page 15 Chaplain’s Corner

                                                                                                The Lariat September 2007
   Can you spare some time? MOAA-                                                             Cookie Angels
AC needs you! Please help us make                                                    Lots of angels sprinkled their wings
this the best chapter ever. Currently                                                with flour last month or provided
we need the following:                                                               needed items and thereby brought
    Assistant Webmaster                        Attention Golfers!                    good cheer to the soldiers:
    Assistant Membership Chairman                                                                 Jim Balogh
    Assistant Programs Chairman               Alamo Chapter will host its first                   Aina Blake
    Historian                              annual MOAA-AC Golf Tournament                         Jerry Bonin
    Transportation Coordinator             next spring on Friday, March 28th at                  Irene Collier
    Gardener(s) for Red Cross Bldg         the Fort Sam Houston Golf Club                 Frank and Dolores DeVille
    Active Duty Liaisons                   (Loma course).                                         Nita Felder
                                              Play (four person scramble format)                Susan Filipini
   Plus, we always need helping hands      will begin at 1:00pm with a shotgun                    Dixie Flory
at the bi-annual picnics (before and       start and will be followed by an                    Barbara Horvath
after), the Retirement Days at the vari-   awards dinner in the clubhouse.                      Sue McCarthy
ous bases, and the collection of items        Entry fee is $75.00 with net pro-             Mac & Lori McDonald
for the installation’s Family Centers.     ceeds going to the chapter’s Scholar-                Claudia Milam
                                           ship Fund and other local military ser-                 Bo Mills
  We welcome Joshua Jose who has           vice organizations.
volunteered to help with membership.                                                            Lolly Orlowski
                                              Mark your calendar and check fu-               Frank & Helga Parks
   Please consider becoming a volun-       ture editions of the Lariat for more                  Herta Taylor
teer and call me (210) 497-3225, or        detailed information.                                Susie Tolman
Walter Grinfield (210) 674-5659 or the
MOAA-AC office (210) 228-9955.
                                                              LtCol Gene Culp                    Phyllis Smith
                                                                                               Phyllis Wallace
                                                                                                 Donna Wenz
                 Martha E. Curtis                                                                  Dot Wise
                                                                                           Tom and Evelyn Woods

                                              Adopt a Program - WFSC                     MOAA-AC Polo
   Please patronize our                    The following items are needed by the            Shirts
       advertisers!                         Warrior and Family Support Center.
                                           Any offerings will be collected at the
                                           September 26 Oktoberfest picnic sup-                Show your colors!
                                                    per at Eberle Park.                    (blue with red lettering)
                                                                                              Show your pride!
         In Memoriam                       School items: pencils, notepaper, fold-
                                           ers, notepads, ballpoint pens, crayons,   Alamo Chapter Polo Shirts are here!
                                           rulers, non toxic glue, blunt scissors.
 We received the news that the following                                                 The shirts are a 60/40 cotton-
 members have passed away. We wish to      Snack items: Fruit that needs no peel-              polyester blend.
 convey our sincere condolences and best   ing, crackers, microwave popcorn.
  wishes to the families and loved ones:
                                           Personal Items: feminine hygiene
         Mrs Evelyn D. Carp                products, hair products, shaving items, To purchase, stop by the office any
           July 21, 2007                   hair brushes, combs, sun screen, body weekday morning or attend the Okto-
                                           lotion, lip balm.                       berfest picnic supper on September
        CWO3 Hugh Cochran                                                          26th. The price of the shirt is $25.00.
                                           Misc: Disposable cameras, phone
          August 13, 2007                  cards

The Lariat September 2007                                     2
                                 L EGISLATIVE R EPORT

                                                              tem that accepts claims in a timely manner subject to a
                                                              later audit.
                                                                 The San Antonio Express-News, in an article starting
   The report this month is in two parts. The first part is   on page one of the following day’s edition, reported the
a report on the Veterans Forum that was held August 5th       shouting and accusations by a few veterans who were not
at the downtown campus of UTSA. Our Deputy VP for             interested in the submitted questions that the panel had
Legislative Affairs, Ed LeFebvre, attended the Forum          hoped to address had personal axes to grind.
and has written the following report:                            The vast majority of veterans present were from Viet
         Veteran’s Forum Held in San Antonio                  Nam. Chairman Filner reported that there are at least
         By Lt Col (Ret) Ed LeFebvre, USAF, BSC               200,000 homeless Vietnam veterans. The most tragic
                                                              statistic he reported was that there have been as many
   A congressional Veterans Forum was held Sunday,            Viet Nam veterans who have committed suicide as were
August 5, 2007, at the downtown campus of UTSA be-            killed in the war.
fore an overflow crowd. The forum featured the House             I wish the congressmen the best of luck in making their
Veterans Affairs Committee Chairman, Bob Filner (D-           proposed budget increases a reality.
CA) as well as Texas Congressmen Ciro Rodriguez (D-
Dist 23), Charlie Gonzalez (D-Dist 20) and Henry                 The second part of this column is a report about a visit
Cuellar (D-Dist 28). The congressmen each opened              to Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison’s San Antonio office.
with some brief statements.                                   (As a part of our efforts to visit our two Senators and four
   Chairman Filner stated that his committee has added        Congressmen during the August recess, we mailed letters
30% to the VA budget. The additions include money for         to the two Senators and Congressman Lamar Smith.
health care and an increase in the burial allowance. The      When Ed LeFebvre attended the Veteran’s Forum, he
increase also budgets for an additional one thousand          hand delivered the letters to the other three Congress-
claims processors since the VA has a huge backlog of          men).
unprocessed claims. The committee has renamed the                I received a call from Senator Hutchison’s Regional
concurrent receipt issue the Disabled Veterans Tax            Director, Mr. Tony Jaso, and we arranged a visit for Au-
which has raised it to a new level of interest as Congress    gust 15. As our President was out of the city, our Execu-
members react to taxes. Hopefully this relabeling will        tive VP, Jim Cunningham, accompanied me to Senator
prompt Congress to pass full concurrent receipt.              Hutchison’s office. We spent just over an hour with Mr.
   A VA hospital for South Texas was a big topic al-          Jaso. He has been on Sen. Hutchison’s staff for about a
though some of the members of the audience appeared           year and is responsible for the San Antonio, El Paso, and
to be confused about the role of the Veteran’s Admini-        Corpus Christi areas.
stration vs. the Department of Defense which is the gov-         We discussed all the subjects that are currently impor-
erning agency for Brooke Army Medical Center and              tant to MOAA National plus a few more things. We dis-
Wilford Hall Medical Center. The Texas congressmen            cussed the immigration problem for some time. Senator
at the forum are working with their colleagues in the Rio     Hutchison had an immigration meeting in El Paso which
Grande Valley and have already drafted a bill to make it      Mr. Jaso also attended. He advised us that the Senator
happen. The Express-News of 8 August 2007 reported            was very strong on border security and was able to get an
this again after their visit to the Rio Grande Valley with    amendment passed that called for input from local law
US Representatives Solomon Ortiz and Ruben Hinojosa           enforcement personnel on the location and design of the
from that area. Unfortunately, my experience with a           fence that will be constructed along the border. (This is
similar issue in Virginia is that least a five-year lead      not one of the priorities of MOAA National, but certainly
time is needed to get it done but that is five years sooner   of interest to all of us here in Texas)
than if they never get started.                                  He also said he would send us a letter stating the Sena-
   The issue of post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)         tor’s position on all the items of interest to MOAA and
was preeminent in the minds of many attendees. Chair-         some other bills that MAJ Cunningham identified as be-
man Filner wants to change the claims system to model         ing of interest to the Alamo Chapter. Both Jim and I feel
it after the IRS. The VA would accept all claims subject      we were able to establish a good working relationship
to audit rather than continually ask for more informa-        with Tony Jaso that will help us in the future. He is an
tion. He stressed the need to get the VA out of an adver-     energetic young man who likes his job with the Senator.
sary system for dealing with claims and change to a sys-      (Continued on Page 5)

                                                         3                                     The Lariat September 2007
   As an old retired infantry officer, I often think of my thought
processes while I was on active duty. The terminology used during
operations was found in Field Manual 101-5-1.
   As your vice president for membership, I am also in need of cer-
tain terminology for recruiting. Permit me to extract some of the
FM 101-5-1 terminology and apply them to my MOAA job. Re-
member, FM 101-5-1’s are primarily tactical terms; but for this arti-
cle, I will tweak them slightly to apply these to our chapter. Here
are a select few:                                                            Deputy Exec VP, Gil Rodriguez, presents our July
                                                                            luncheon speaker, Col Richard Clark, 12TFW Com-
MAIN BODY: The principal part of a tactical command or forma-                mander, with a MOAA token following Col Clark's
tion. It does not include detached elements of the command, such as            remarks about significant upcoming events at
advance guards, flank guards, or covering force, etc.                                        Randolph AFB.
In our chapter, that would include the membership, our auxiliary,
and solitaires.                                                     action under consideration by the commander.
                                                                    In our chapter, your staff meets monthly, to plan
AREA of INFLUENCE: It is a geographic area the size of which and conduct the operations of our chapter. Using
depends upon the mission, organization, and equipment of the force the strategic plan as our guide, we come up with
involved.                                                           the operations to help our president to, success-
In our chapter, it is the greater San Antonio area.                 fully, implement our mission and vision.

JOINT OPERATION: An operation carried on by two, or more, of           SUSTAINED RATE of FIRE: Actual rate of
the Armed Forces of the United States.                                 fire that a weapon can continue to deliver for an
In our chapter, it is the various branches of our members helping to   indefinite length of time without seriously over-
bring together new members, for our chapters, from every branch of     heating.
service. (I `really’ tweaked this one, but you get the point).         In our chapter, I don’t believe any one has worked
                                                                       that hard, in recruiting, to have reached the point
MOVEMENT to CONTACT: An offensive operation designed to of exhaustion….overheating. (I know; this is
gain initial ground with the enemy, or to regain lost contact.         `really’ tweaking), but the reality is there have
 In our chapter, we must make contact with our fellow officers         been but a few members, who are very diligent,
(certainly not the enemy), to let them know about MOAA and the         with their recruiting efforts. Thank you for your
Alamo Chapter. We must regain contact with those members who           sustained rate of recruiting.
have dropped out for various reasons, and encourage them to rejoin
us.                                                                    WARNING ORDER: An advance notice of an
                                                                       action or an order that is to follow. It is intended
PRIORITY of FIRES: Direction to a fire support planner to or-          to give subordinates time to make necessary plans
ganize and employ fire support means in accordance with the rela-      and preparation.
tive importance of the supported unit’s mission.                       In our chapter, this call to recruiting new mem-
 In our chapter, it is my job as VP Membership to identify the offi- bers has gone out long ago.
cers who can be recruited to MOAA. Included are active duty offi-
cers at Randolph, Lackland, Ft Sam Houston; the Guard and the Re- Well, as you can see; I am having some fun with
serve, and the many retirees settling in the greater San Antonio area. these terminologies. But, in actuality, they are
                                                                       applicable to our recruiting and retention efforts.
REINFORCE: To strengthen a force by committing additional              However, having said this; I do not apply these
forces, supporting elements, or supporting fires.                      terms at home!
 In our chapter, this is when I ask you, (the members), to help and
support our recruiting and retention efforts. You are the key to suc- As always, thank you in advance for your efforts.
cess in membership. You are the force.

STAFF ESTIMATE: The staff officer’s expert evaluation of how                                            Maj Josh Welch
factors in his particular field of interest will influence the courses of

The Lariat September 2007                                        4
President’s Message
(Continued from Page 1)
                                                          Exec VP’s Corner
   I want to close with one particular
request.     Legislative advocacy is
                                             This month, I want to talk with       ship, but he cannot succeed without
critical now and will always be criti-
                                          you about some goals that we, as         OUR help. This means it is the Duty
cal in our mission. We have two
                                          members of the Chapter, should all       of all chapter members to look for op-
wonderful leaders in our legislative
                                          be working toward.                       portunities to sign up new members.
area, Frank Parks and Ed LeFebvre,
                                                                                   We meet former officers every day
who are tried and true advocates in          Earlier this year the Chapter offi-
                                                                                   who may belong to MOAA National
their own right, as well as our Exec      cers created a Strategic Plan, ap-
                                                                                   or may have never heard of MOAA.
VP Jim Cunningham who, as First           proved by the Board of Directors, to
                                                                                   We need to educate them about
Vice President of the Texas Council       guide the Chapter in the coming
                                                                                   MOAA and get them interested in
of Chapters, is their legislative arm.    years. We did this to develop goals
                                                                                   joining both the national organization
Contact them with your legislative        and “op-orders”, if you will, for us
                                                                                   and Alamo Chapter. I ran into a for-
concerns.                                 to follow in developing the health
                                                                                   mer officer quite by accident the other
 Also, please email or write your         and growth of the Alamo Chapter to
                                                                                   day in a sporting goods shop. As we
Senators and Representative to let        be a force for advocacy in San Anto-
                                                                                   talked, I found that he belonged to
them know how you feel about legis-       nio and the State for our members,
                                                                                   MOAA but was not aware that there
lative issues. Remember, so many of       spouses, and widowers. In addition,
                                                                                   was a local chapter. I had a member-
them at the national and state levels     we want to expand our participation
                                                                                   ship application with me and he is now
have never sacrificed in the way each     with other veterans groups in the
                                                                                   a member of the Alamo Chapter! It is
of us has, away from home, while          San Antonio area and to become a
                                                                                   as simple as that. Carry a copy of the
serving our country under sometimes       leader among them.
                                                                                   membership form with you! You
very adverse conditions. I ask all of
                                       Each of your officers has set stan-         might just as likely run across poten-
you to regularly be strong advocates
                                    dards and goals to meet for his or her         tial members at Church, the Commis-
because you each vote.
                                    position. We revisit these each staff          sary, the Rotary, etc. The old Boy
   Thank you for allowing me to be
                                    meeting to see where we are and to             Scout adage of “being prepared” holds
your President, it is a distinct honor
                                    discuss areas where we may need to             true here. Keep copies of the member-
and I take it very seriously. God
                                    give additional emphasis or volun-             ship applications with you! Our breth-
bless America.
                                    teer assistance. We are trying to              ren in the El Paso Chapter have gone
                   LtCol Ed Marvin  create redundancy of jobs by involv-           so far as to sign members up in the
                                    ing two or three volunteers in se-             latrine, and it works!!
Legislative Report                  lected positions to cover and lead
                                                                                        I also want to comment on our
(Continued from Page 3)             when the primary officer cannot be
                                                                                   luncheons. I understand there have
   So that you know what MOAA there. This insures goals and assign-                been complaints that our luncheon
National is working hardest on, and ments are met and trains replace-              costs are too high. I can understand
what we discussed with Mr. Jaso, ments for current officers. I encour-             that this might be such a perception.
                                    age you to call our volunteer coordi-
these are the five items:                                                          However, I assure you the cost of our
                                    nator, Martha Curtis, to determine
1. SBP Inequities                                                                  luncheons, believe it or not, is very
                                    what volunteer efforts you might be
2. Concurrent Receipt                                                              inexpensive compared to other organi-
                                    able to assist in. We have developed
3. Oppose TRICARE Increases                                                        zations. For example, MOAA chap-
                                    job descriptions for each area so that
4. VA/DOD Transition Services                                                      ters in Houston and the DFW area
                                    you will know exactly what you are
5. Active Duty Pay Raise.                                                          charge from $25 to $35 for their
                                    getting into!
                                                                                   luncheons.     The Alamo Chapter
                                             Another key element, which we         charges only for the cost of the meal,
                  Maj Frank Parks         can never emphasize enough, is that      including any surcharge by the club,
                                          of membership. In order to remain a      and the cost of entertainment, if any.
                                          viable chapter and a leader in San       This allows most of our luncheons to
                 Remembering the vic-     Antonio and the State, we need to        cost only $15 to $16. The only time
                 tims and the sacrifice   always recruit members to the            that we charge more is our Christmas
                 of 9/11/01               Alamo Chapter. Josh Welch, our           Party, which we try to keep at $25.
                                          Membership Vice President, is try-       The luncheons are not, and are not
                                          ing valiantly to increase member-        (Continued on Page 13)

                                                         5                                      The Lariat September 2007
                             Deputy Executive VP                                   Treasurer’s Tid Bits

    LTA: The Other Pilot’s                 only someone with a lot of money Tax Issues with Capital Gains and
                                           really endures in this sport.           Dividends
         License!                                                                     Under the Jobs and Growth Tax
                                              My wife, Andy, went to Albuquer-
   Many of us in MOAA have served                                                  Relief Reconciliation Act of 2003,
                                           que on business and ended up in a
our country as pilots. Did you ever                                                generating long-term capital gains or
                                           balloon as thanks for helping “crew”.
want to get a totally different flight                                             investing for dividend income could
                                           Never mind the business part of the
rating like the LTA? I almost did.                                                 be two of your big opportunities to
                                           trip – it was during the National Bal-
LTA stands for Lighter Than Air, a                                                 save on taxes. Be aware that the Act
                                           loon Festival and no one worked!
bona fide FAA regulated license. I am                                              of 2003 created "sunset provisions,"
speaking of hot air ballooning.               She was so excited about the sport, however, meaning that the tax rates on
                                           she and I went to Plano Texas for a both capital gains and dividends may
   The first recorded hot air flight was
                                           balloon flight safety day, and I’ll ad- go up again unless congress acts to
conducted in France in October of
                                           mit I was tempted. Then, like hot air extend the rates. The lower rates are
1783. The first pilot – and passengers
                                           balloons cooling off, we came to re- currently only legislated through 2008,
(take your pick) – were a duck, a
                                           alize that one could never launch a although many observers believe these
rooster, and a sheep. They landed
                                           balloon in Harlingen, where we lived rates will eventually be made perma-
safely. So, on November 21, 1783, the
                                           at the time.                            nent.
Marquis d’Arlanders and Pilatre de
Rozier earned the honor of being the          You can’t launch in winds stronger Capital Gains
                                           than 8 mph, and anyone who knows           Rates: The maximum tax rate on net
first humans into the air (fire and
                                           anything about the Valley knows the     capital gains from assets held 12
                                           wind NEVER blows less than 20 months or more has been reduced to
  That was more than a century before                                              15% (from 20%) for most taxpayers
                                           mph. And that’s on a calm day!
the Wright brothers got off the ground.                                            and reduced to 5% (from 10%) for
In the U.S., the Navy was the first to        Andy and I abandoned our dream taxpayers in the 10% and 15% tax rate
explore balloon flight as a possible       of ballooning around Texas and I of brackets for property sold or otherwise
war tool and brought it into the mod-      having another kind of pilot’s li- disposed of after May 5, 2003 (and
ern age.                                   cense. To be perfectly honest, if you installment sale payments received
                                           ever get me in one of those things, after that date). The reduced rate ap-
   Naval Aviators rated LTA wore
                                           I’m going to have to take my CD plies for both the regular tax and the
only one Gold Wing on their chest
                                           player along. I need the sound of alternative minimum tax.
rather than the normal Gold Wings.
                                           aircraft engines just to feel safe!     (Note: The higher rates that apply to
They flew blimps, which were lov-
ingly called “poopy bags” and, you            I’m told rides are great gifts for unrecaptured section 1250 gain, col-
guessed it, they were called “poopy        birthdays and anniversaries. And, if lectibles gain, and section 1202 gain
bag pilots”. Today, there are more         you want to see something spectacu- have not changed.)
                                           lar, go to the National Balloon Festi-     Tax Treatment of Capital Losses: If
than 6000 LTA-rated pilots in the U.S.
                                           val in Albuquerque coming up the        you incur losses from the sale of a
   The training consists of 8 hours of                                             capital asset, you can deduct those
                                           second week in October.
instructor training and 10 hours of                                                losses to the extent they offset capital
ground training, all at a cost of around      You’ll not only see regular bal- gains from the sale of other assets. If
$3500. If you’re diligent, you can get     loons, big and small and colorful, but your losses exceed your gains, you can
your solo in on a long weekend.            all the Services have balloons (for only deduct up to $3,000 ($1,500 if
                                           recruiting purposes I assume), and you are married and filing separately)
    The next step is to buy a balloon.
                                           the special shapes are really of capital losses in a tax year against
They range in price from $25,000 to
                                           ‘special’, i.e., soda cans, tennis other income on Form 1040. You can
custom-made beauties for $250,000.
                                           shoes, cartoon characters, and the carry losses forward and continue to
Add to that a trailer to haul your bal-
                                           like. Hopefully it won’t rain!          deduct $3,000 ($1,500 if filing sepa-
loon and tools (including lots of duct
tape!), ballast, helium tanks, etc. Then                                           rately) annually against other income
there’s the cost of traveling to compe-             LDCR Gil Rodriguez             until your losses are used up.
titions or shows plus motels and food                                                 Other Issues: A long-term gain gen-
for you and the crew. As you can see,                                              erally applies to assets held for a
                                                                                   (Continued on Page 7)

The Lariat September 2007                                      6
Treasurer’s Tid Bits
(Continued from Page 6)                                                       Solitaires
minimum of one year or more.                                                              be at the Randolph AFB Officers
Short-term capital gains are considered                                                   Club on the 23rd, beginning at 11 a.m.
as part of your Adjusted Gross Income                                                     for champagne and brunch at 11:30.
(AGI) and taxed at your ordinary income                                                      Also in September, Oktoberfest
tax rate. Investors must avoid "wash                                                      will be held at the Eberle Park picnic
sales" (selling and repurchasing the same                                                 area on Randolph AFB on the 26th at
or virtually the same asset), and you               September brings Texas potential
                                                                                          5:30 p.m. So please plan on joining
should also be aware of potential Alter-         tropical storms and even hurricanes.
                                                                                          your fellow chapter friends and ac-
native Minimum Tax (AMT)                            Yes, it’s stormy weather time, re-
                                                                                          quaintances for some good camarade-
implications of taking large capital             minding me (who would have
                                                                                          rie, a festive atmosphere, and fine
gains.                                           guessed) of yet another great song,
                                                                                          outdoor served cuisine.
Dividends                                        ‘Stormy Weather’, sung initially in
   Changes Create Tax Savings Opportu-           1933 by Ethel Waters at Harlem’s           In October, the Solitaires regular
nities: In the past, dividend income was         Cotton Club and later recorded in      luncheon will be at the Sam Houston
treated as just another source of ordinary       1941 by Lena Horne, who continues      Club on the 2nd and the Sunday
income, and taxed at your normal tax             to be widely associated with the tune, Brunch will be at Randolph on the
rate. Now, the same 15% (or 5%) maxi-            both in sheet music and CD recording   28th. We also plan to attend a play at
mum tax rate that applies to net capital         remakes.                               the Harlequin Dinner Theater in mid-
gain also applies to dividends paid by                                                  October. The exact date will be pro-
                                                    With our recent hot, humid, and on
most domestic and foreign corporations                                                  vided at upcoming Solitaires events
                                                 and off rainy or stormy days, a slight
after December 31, 2002. For taxpayers                                                  and in the October Lariat.
                                                 paraphrase of the song’s words seems
in higher brackets, this represents a sig-       appropriate, ‘Don’t know why —            For the above and any other activi-
nificant reduction. Certain dividends            There’s no sun up in the sky, Stormy ties, members will be contacted by
from regulated investment companies              weather. Just can’t seem to get my our callers. Questions or new inquir-
such as mutual funds, real estate invest-        stuff together. Keeps rainin’ all the ies should be directed to Mary Gos-
ment trusts, and certain foreign corpora-        time. When you went away, the blues sage at 830-249-2374, e-mail:
tions do not qualify for the reduced rates.      walked in and met me; If you stay
There are also some holding require-             away, old rockin’ chair will get me;
ments. Consult your tax professional for         All I do is pray, the Lord above will — If you are a single man or lady
more details.                                    let me, Walk in the sun once more…”. and like to eat, chat, make new
   As with capital gains, the Tax Relief                                                friends, experience or provide some-
Act of 2003also created "sunset provi-               Let us hope in the next several
                                                                                        times brief impromptu or scheduled
sions" for dividend rates, so tax rates          weeks that we’ll have a minimum of
                                                                                        interesting demonstrations, talks, or
may go up again unless Congress acts to          stormy weather during our Solitaires
                                                                                        discussions, whether you are: visiting
extend the rate reductions. The lower            and other chapter events.
                                                                                        the area; active duty or retired; wid-
rates are currently only legislated                 In August, we had our luncheon on owed or divorced; or a Nurse; the
through 2008.                                    the 7th at the Sam Houston Club, and SOLITAIRES is the group for you.
                                                 our Sunday Brunch on the 26th at
                   LTC Dan Cummings              Randolph. As we stated last month,        This is a wonderful opportunity to
                                                 in September, the luncheon will be a enjoy camaraderie with other single
   Material discussed is meant for general       potluck and pool party at the home of men and ladies whose backgrounds
illustration and/or informational purposes       Susie Tolman on the 8th, at 11 a.m. and experiences are or have been
only and it is not to be construed as tax, le-   Partaking of the pool aspect is op- with the military.
gal, or investment advice.                       tional (and the swimming will be
   Although the information has been gath-       moved inside in case of stormy
ered from sources believed to be reliable,       weather — just kidding).                                   Maj Len Mull
please note that individual situations can
vary therefore, the information should be          As is our group’s tradition, ladies
relied upon when coordinated with individ-       please bring a dish or wine and men
ual professional advice.                         please bring even more wine. Please
Source: Financial Visions, Inc.                  call Mary Gossage if you haven’t yet
                                                 obtained directions to Susie’s home.
                                                    September’s Sunday Brunch will
                                                              7                                     The Lariat September 2007
The Lariat September 2007   8
           Benefits, Health & Welfare                                                     HCAC Update
No SBP premiums in 2008                    ments that will note the number of pre-        I recently attended the quarterly
   ARLINGTON, Va. (AFRNS) –                miums paid to date. Each RAS issued         Health Care Consumer Advisory Coun-
Participants in the Uniformed Ser-         after December 2008, whether annu-          cil at FSH chaired by BG Gilman,
vices Survivor Benefit Plan for retired    ally or as a result of a pay change, will   Commander of the Great Plains Re-
military members now have a new            include the Paid-up SBP premium             gional Medical Command (GPRMC).
milestone to mark on their calendars.      “counter,” based on DFAS records, to           Much of the discussion related to the
   Effective October 1, 2008, SBP          help retirees monitor their eligibility     Wounded Warrior population, reaffirm-
participants who reach 70 years of         status.                                     ing that group as being the #1 priority
age and have made 360 payments (30            More information on Paid-up SBP,         for medical care at BAMC. New (at
years), will no longer have to pay pre-    including frequently asked questions        least new to me) acronyms were used at
miums for continued SBP coverage           and news updates, should be available       the meeting. They are: WT (Warrior in
and will be placed in “Paid-up SBP”        at the DFAS Web site at                     Transition), WTU (Warrior in Transi-
status. Paid-up SBP provisions were within         tion Unit) and SAMSM (San Antonio
mandated by the National Defense           the next several months.                    Multi-Service Market).
Authorization Act for fiscal 1999.         (Courtesy of the Defense finance and           A major amount of time was dedi-
The law also established a paid-up         Accounting Service)                         cated to discussing the current priorities
status, also beginning on October 1,                                                   at BAMC for "Access to Care." This
2008, for participants in the Retired                        ****                      hierarchy, as presented, follows:
Serviceman’s Family Protection Plan                                                    1) WT assigned/attached to BAMC
                                           VA Establishes Suicide Hot Line
once they reach 70 years of age.                                                       2) WT assigned/attached to WTUs in
                                              WASHINGTON – To ensure veter-
   No action is required of SBP par-                                                   the SAMSM
                                           ans with emotional crises have round-
ticipants to be placed in Paid-up SBP                                                  3) WT assigned/attached to other
                                           the-clock access to trained profession-
status. Once the eligibility criteria                                                  GPRMC WTUs
                                           als, the Department of Veterans Af-
has been met, the Defense Finance                                                      4) Advanced Individual Training (AIT)
                                           fairs (VA) has begun operation of a
and Accounting Service will auto-                                                      students
                                           national suicide prevention hot line for
matically stop deducting premiums                                                      5) AD permanent party assigned to FSH
from qualifying military retired pay                                                   6) AD permanent party in the SAMSM
                                              “Veterans need to know these VA
accounts.                                                                              7) AD permanent party in the GPRMC
                                           professionals are literally a phone call
   The law establishing Paid-up SBP                                                    8) TRICARE Prime enrolled at BAMC
                                           away,” said Secretary of Veterans Af-
does not allow for refunds of premi-                                                   9) TRICARE Prime enrolled in
                                           fairs Jim Nicholson said. “All service
ums paid before October 1, 2008,                                                       SAMSM
                                           members who experience the stresses
even though a retiree may have                                                         10) TRICARE Prime enrolled at MTFs
                                           of combat can have wounds on their
reached age 70 and made 360 or more                                                    in GPRMC
                                           minds as well as their bodies. Veter-
premium payments.                                                                      11) Non Prime referrals with GME
                                           ans should see mental health services
   DFAS is currently developing                                                        value
                                           as another benefit they have earned,
changes to the military retiree pay                                                    12) Space Available (Standard, Extra,
                                           which the men and women of VA are
systems that will monitor the number                                                   TPlus, TFL.)
                                           honored to provide.”
of SBP premiums paid and the age of
                                              The toll-free hot line number is 1-         BAMC is not accepting new retiree
the participant. The system updates
                                           800-273-TALK (8255). VA’s hot line          enrollees with the exception of active
are targeted for a May 2008 comple-
                                           will be staffed by mental health pro-       duty FSH assignees who retire locally.
tion date. At that time, SBP partici-
                                           fessionals in Canandaigua, N.Y. They           It was announced that as of 15 Sep-
pants who will be eligible for Paid-up
                                           will take toll-free calls from across the   tember 2007, WHMC will also no
SBP status on October 1, 2008, or
                                           country and work closely with local         longer accept new retirees.
will meet eligibility within a short
                                           VA mental health providers to help             It was not mentioned whether
time of the implementation date, will
                                           callers.                                    WHMC will adopt a similar program to
be notified by mail of their impending     Source: Dept of Veterans Affairs Press      BAMC for new active duty retirees.
paid-up status.                            Release                                        The specific date for the LAFB
   Those military retirees who be-
                                                                                       Health Care Consumer Advisory Coun-
come eligible for Paid-up SBP status                         ****                      cil meeting has not been officially an-
after the initial group will be notified
of their SBP status on their December
2008 annual Retiree Account State-                                                                       Col Stuart Myers
                                                            9                                       The Lariat September 2007
                                     Chapter Events Calendar
 SEPTEMBER                                                       OCTOBER
    3 Volunteer Hours Due                                             1 Volunteer Hours Due
    5-7 AETC Training Symposium RAFB                                  2 Solitaire’s Luncheon 11am Sam Houston Club
    5 Staff Meeting 9am MOAA-AC Office                                4 Staff Meeting 9am MOAA-AC Office
   5 Veterans Administration Volunteers Mtg 1pm                      5-6 TCC Meeting Grapevine, Tx
   8 Solitaire’s Pot Luck 11am                                       10 Volunteer Advisory Council Mtg
   12 Volunteer Advisory Council Mtg 9am                             10 MOAA-AC Board Meeting
   14 Lariat Article Deadline                                        15 Lariat Article Deadline
   20 PX/Commissary Mtg                                              18 Membership Luncheon Sam Houston Club
   20 Lariat to Printer                                              25 Lariat to Printer
   23 Solitaire Brunch 11am Randolph O Club                          28 Solitaire Brunch 11am Randolph O Club
   25 Extravaganza Recruiting - Sam Houston Club                     30 Extravaganza Recruiting - Sam Houston Club
   26 Oktober Fest Eberle Park 5:30pm                            Ongoing:

   27 HCAC Mtg Lackland                                          Cookie Angels delivering to Warriors & Family Support Center

 Cookie Angels delivering to Warriors & Family Support Center

                Note: Events bolded are for the general membership and italicized are for staff,
                                    though members are always welcome.
 NOVEMBER                                                        DECEMBER
    1 Volunteer Hours Due
    1 Staff Meeting 9am MOAA-AC Office                                3 Volunteer Hours Due
    3 Retiree Days Ft Sam                                            4 Solitaire’s Luncheon 11am Sam Houston Club
    6 Solitaire’s Luncheon 11am Sam Houston Club                     5 Christmas Party 6:30pm Randolph O Club
   11 Ft Sam Cemetery Veteran’s Day Ceremony                         6 Staff Meeting 9am MOAA-AC Office
   14 Volunteer Advisory Council Mtg                                 6 VA Volunteers Meeting 1pm
   15 Lariat Article Deadline                                        12 Volunteer Advisory Council 9am
   20 HCAC Mtg Ft Sam                                                15 Planning Meeting
   23 Lariat to Printer                                              17 Lariat Article deadline
   25 Solitaire Brunch 11am Randolph O Club                          20 PX Commissary meeting
   27 Extravaganza Recruiting - Sam Houston Club                     23 Lariat to Printer
   29 Chapter Luncheon RAFB O Club 11am
   30 Decorate VA Hospital Hospice Ward                          Ongoing:
 Ongoing:                                                        Cookie Angels delivering to Warriors & Family Support Center
 Cookie Angels delivering to Warriors & Family Support Center

The Lariat September 2007                                       10
11   The Lariat September 2007
                                                                                    Referred by: _____________________________________________________
Benefits of Membership
                                                        The Give Me 10! Campaign offers some new options for membership. Two options (the second with a sub
                                                  option) for joining are available:
• Our monthly newsletter, the
                                                         1. You can join the local MOAA chapter (the Alamo Chapter) for one year membership for the price of
Lariat which includes a calendar of               $25.00 ($15.00 auxiliary - surviving spouse) and receive one year free membership in MOAA National (if not
events, is sent to each member, and               already a member). Please fill out the local chapter membership application form. Please make out a check for
                                                  $25.00 ($15.00 auxiliary member) payable to MOAA-AC and mail the form and check to our local chapter
includes both MOAA and Alamo                      office.
Chapter news. Stay informed!                             2. You can join MOAA National receiving two years membership for the normal price of one year - $27.00
                                                  ($24.00 auxiliary - surviving spouse). Please fill out the local chapter membership application form. Please make
                                                  out a check for $27.00 ($24.00) (or Life Member dues) payable to MOAA and mail the form and check to our
• Monthly luncheons, which                        local chapter office. We will then initiate an additional separate national form for you and forward it and your
rotate between the Randolph, Fort                 MOAA National check to the national headquarters.
Sam Houston, and Lackland                               2.a. Then if you choose, you can additionally join the local MOAA chapter (the Alamo Chapter) for one
service clubs, feature informative                year membership for the price of $25.00 ($15.00 auxiliary - surviving spouse). Please make out a separate check
                                                  for $25.00 ($15.00) payable to MOAA-AC and include it with the form and check described in paragraph 2
speakers and are also open to                     above.
                                                                                Membership Application
• Benefit information of all                                                 (Annual Membership – renews January 1st)
kinds is provided through the                                        Are you a member of MOAA National? __________
Alamo Chapter. We have an
experienced Vice President of                                                Military Officers Association of America
Personal Affairs who can give                                                           Alamo Chapter
quick answers to your and family                  Circle Status: Commissioned & Warrant Officers of all services - Active, Reserves,
members’ questions, or who can                                   former, or Retired, National Guard, NOAA, PHS, Survivor.
research the more complex issues.                 Name_________________________________________________________________
                                                       (Print) Last            First         MI     Spouse
• The opportunity to enjoy the                    ______________________________________________________________________
camaraderie of meeting fellow                       Residence Address     City         State          Zip
chapter members and their guests.                 ________________________________________________________________
We also plan for various social                        Rank/Grade            Service             Date of Birth
events, open to families and guests.              Home phone_______________________Business phone________________________
In addition, our chapter features a               Civilian/Military Occupation______________________________________________
singles group called the Solitaires,              Firm/Unit____________________________ E-mail*___________________________
some of who are surviving spouses.                * May we have your permission to publish this information in the Chapter Membership
The Solitaires have a busy social                 Directory? ________
calendar.                                         (*This directory and your e-mail address are exclusively for the use of the chapter and
                                                  will not be sold or used for any other purpose than chapter communications and/or board
• Automatic enrollment in                         approved activity.)
MOAA national for one year,                       Would you like to access our monthly newsletter (The Lariat) at our website versus
which includes the MOAA                           having it mailed to you? _______
magazine, the Military Officer.                      Would you be interested in being active in chapter volunteer activity? _______
                                                     In what area(s) would you like to assist (e.g., member recruiting, personal affairs,
• Make your voice heard on                           JROTC awards, public relations, programs & events, phone calling, other or wherever
proposed state and national military                 the need is greatest)?___________________________________________________.
legislation which may affect you                    ________________________________________                           ____________________
and your family. Both the Alamo                                   Signature                                                   Date
Chapter and MOAA national
welcome your views!                                                           CHARITABLE OUTREACH PROGRAM
                                                  Please accept my tax-deductible donation of: $____________ to (check one)
• Enjoy many benefits,                            # Outreach Fund _______ As designated by the Alamo Chapter ________
discounts, and services, to include               # a fund for a yearly college scholarship and other charitable programs and services.
career planning. The Alamo                                                         Send To:
Chapter also provides college                                   MOAA-AC, P.O. Box 8037, San Antonio, Tx 78208-0037
scholarships to those who qualify.
                                                  For questions please call (210) 228-9955 or e-mail:
MOAA Travel helps you plan that                   Also visit our chapter’s website at
great getaway, and is available for
members.                                                   Please feel free to copy and provide this form
                                                                      to prospective members.         8-15-07

file: Mbr Form and Benefits revised 8-15-07.doc

The Lariat September 2007                                                     12
Vice President’s Corner
(Continued from Page 5)

intended to be, a money making endeavor of the Chap-
ter. I emphasize though, that if you make a reservation
and don’t attend or don’t pay for the luncheon meal,
you hurt the Chapter, because we are still charged for
your meal. In future, when making reservations by tele-
phone, please leave your name, address, telephone num-
ber, number attending, and meal selection, as applica-
    I also remind you that the Congress is on vacation
during August. Now is the time for you to review the
legislative goals that MOAA has laid out and which I
covered last month. Once you have done so, call your
Senator or Representative. Tell him or her or a staff
member how you feel about these legislative goals and
the items that are coming up with the Military Authori-
zation bill in September. We can only affect the
changes that we want if you, as a member of MOAA
and the Alamo Chapter, make your views known. Make
these elected officials understand that we are in favor of
long overdue benefits and fixes of problems for current
service people and veterans.

                             Maj Jim Cunningham

                                                        13   The Lariat September 2007
       Scholarships                           Wounded Warrior Report Released
 MOAA Alamo Chapter offers                  President Bush's Wounded Warrior       abled and other service-disabled retir-
 three scholarships:                      Commission recently released its find-   ees for the purpose of awarding basic
                                          ings and recommendations. Former         military benefits such as earned re-
 The Colonel Clarence T. Torrey           Senator Bob Dole and former Health       tired pay and TRICARE coverage.
 Community Service Scholarship            and Human Services Secretary to          DoD has an employer's responsibility
 awards $2,000 to a graduating high       President Clinton, Donna Shalala,        to all military retirees. If they're in-
 school senior. Information and ap-       chaired the panel. MOAA testified        jured badly enough to be retired, then
                                          before the Commission in April.          health care is part of the retirement
 plication is available through the
                                                                                   benefit. In the process of trying to
 Bexar County Scholarship Clearing           The Commission was established to
                                                                                   honor the combat-related wounded,
 House – see the senior high school       find ways to improve care and ser-
                                                                                   we must guard against dishonoring
 counselors in San Antonio and Bexar      vices for wounded troops following
                                                                                   thousands of others who are no less
                                          reports of substandard outpatient care
 County. If the applicant lives outside                                            disabled in service to their country.
                                          and administrative problems at Walter
 Bexar County, applications will be                                                The purpose of the Commission was
                                          Reed Army Medical Center. The
 available at the MOAA-AC Office.                                                  to improve care. The last thing we
                                          Commission made six major recom-
 Application deadline is Nov 3.                                                    expect to come out of it is a benefit
                                                                                   cut for non-combat-disabled retirees
                                          1) Create a patient-centered recovery
                                                                                   and their families.
                                          plan for every seriously injured ser-
 The MOAA-AC Scholarship awards           vice member                                 The second major concern is that
 a $500 scholarship to a graduating       2) Establish a single disability rating the Commission proposes new VA
 high school senior whose par-            system, with DoD/Services determin- earnings-replacement payments that
                                          ing fitness for continued service and    would cease at age 65 and be offset
 ent/grandparent is a member of           the VA assigning disability ratings for or replaced by Social Security pay-
 MOAA. Additional information and         those determined to be unfit for duty ments. Social Security and other
 application is available through the     3) Aggressively prevent and treat post "safety net" social insurance pro-
 Bexar County Scholarship Clearing        traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and grams available to all Americans are
 House – see the senior high school       traumatic brain injury (TBI)             not a substitute for VA disability
 counselors in San Antonio and Bexar      4) Significantly strengthen support for compensation. In addition to paying
 County. If the applicant lives outside   families of the wounded                  into Social Security like all other
                                          5) Rapidly transfer patient information Americans, disabled servicemembers
 Bexar County, applications will be
                                          between DoD and VA                       paid huge premiums of service and
 available at the MOAA-AC Office.         6) Strongly support Walter Reed by       sacrifice in defending their country.
 Application deadline is Nov 3.           recruiting and retaining first-rate pro- There's a huge difference between
                                          fessionals through 2011                  becoming disabled in defending your
                                                                                   country and becoming disabled for
                                             MOAA strongly endorses the ma-
 The MOAA-AC ROTC Scholarship                                                      General Motors. Those who earn VA
 awards a $500 scholarship to a           jority of the recommendations. We
                                                                                   compensation have earned it as a sup-
 graduating high school senior who is     do, however, have significant concern
                                                                                   plement to other benefits available to
 enrolled in one of the Junior ROTC       over two recommendations. First, the
                                                                                   the general population. Congress has
 Programs supported by MOAA-AC.           Commission would distinguish be-
                                                                                   long recognized that, and shouldn't
 Applications will be available           tween disabilities incurred in combat
                                                                                   backtrack from it now.
 through the MOAA-AC Office and           or combat-related events from those
 full details and application deadlines   from non-combat related events.             With these reservations, MOAA
                                          Non-combat disabled retirees would       wholeheartedly endorses the
 will be available at a later date.
                                          be given only VA care and their          Wounded Warrior Report recommen-
                                          spouses/dependents would be ineligi- dations, and we urge the President to
                                          ble for any government health care       task DoD and the VA to implement
            LtCol Dan Cummings            (except if the servicemember later       its major recommendations as soon as
                                          died of a service-connected cause).      possible.
                                            MOAA strongly objects to distin-       Source: MOAA Legislative Update, July 27 2007
                                          guishing between combat-related dis-

The Lariat September 2007                                    14
                        Chaplain’s Corner
                                                                                                   Alamo Chapter
                                                                                 VOLUNTEER STAFF:
                                                                                 PRESIDENT       LtCol Edward L. Marvin
   A few weeks ago, in many of our churches, we heard a couple of sto-                 
ries about being persistent.                                                     EXECUTIVE VP    MAJ James R. Cunningham
   The first was an Old Testament story where Abraham was trying to talk God     DEPUTY EXEC VP LCDR Gilberto Rodriguez
out of destroying the evil city of Sodom. He asked God if He would destroy       SECRETARY       LtCol Norris Yates
the righteous along with the evil. He asked God if He would spare the city if          
there were 50 righteous people. God sort of agreed and Abraham asked if 45       TREASURER       LTC Dan Cummings
would be enough to save the city "Would you destroy the city for the lack of     DEPUTY TREASURER LT Carl Marmion
five?"                                                                           VP PERSONAL AFFAIRS Col Stuart Myers
                                                                                 VP LEGISLATIVE AFFAIRS MAJ Frank Parks
   Abraham really worked at it -- he was very persistent, albeit it unsuccess-   DEP LEG AFFAIRS LtCol Ed LeFebvre
                                                                                 VP PUBLIC RELATIONS LTC Phyllis Smith
ful. He had also been persistent asking God to allow him and his wife Sarah to   VP MEMBERSHIP MAJ Josh Welch
have a son. He became the father of many - he was persistent.                    VP PROGRAMS     Col Mac McDonald
                                                                                 VP LOGISTICS    LTC Randy Hoff
  In the second story, a man is visited during the night by a neighbor who       LEGAL COUNSEL LtCol Norris Yates
needs a favor - some bread for a visitor. The neighbor won't take "no" for an    SOLITAIRES CHAIR Mary Gossage
                                                                                 CONSULTANT      Maj Len Mull
answer and after a while the first man gets out if bed to grant him the fa-      EDITOR          Rhoda Philby
vor. The bothersome neighbor was, like Abraham, persistent.                      ASSOCIATE EDITOR LtCol Gene Culp
                                                                                 CHAPLAIN        Father Dick Ames
  Both men were persistent about doing good. MOAA-AC is working very             PX/VAV/VAC Rep Susie Tolman
                                                                                 TOPS OFFICER    Col David Patrick
hard - it has been for many, many years, trying to do good. And we have          WEB MASTER      LtCol Gene Culp
been persistent in speaking with legislators and politicians and groups          VOLUNTEER COORD. Martha Curtis
with intentions like ours to do what is right for our brothers in uniform.       DEP VOL COORD. CPT Walter Grinfield
                                                                                 ADVERTISING CORD. LtCol David Walker
  We are being persistent about doing good. And that is good - very              DUTY OFFICERS: Mon CWO3 Floyd Bubb
                                                                                                 Tue Col Irene Collier
good. We need to continue to be persistent, as our small voices have a great                     Wed LTC Ken Vandergrift
impact. Blessings.                                                                               Thur CPT Walter Grinfield
                                                                                                 Fri    CWO2 Barry Martin
                                                             R.K. Ames +                      DIRECTORS:
                                                                                              BG Robert Herring
                      The Reverend Richard K. Ames, Lt Col, USAF (Retired)                    COL Luke Fisher
                                                                                              Col George Gagnon
                                                                                              Col Alexander Gozur
                                                                                              Col Ed McCarthy
                                                                                              LTC Harry Carpenter
                                                                                              LTC Jim Finch
                                                                                              LTC John Gibbs
                                                                                              LTC Sumner Hudson
                                                                                              2Lt Naomi Evangelista
                                                                                              Mrs. Susie Tolman

                                                                                 DIRECTORS EMERITUS             HONORARY DIRECTORS
                                                                                 BG George Woodard                  Gen Ralph Haines
                                                                                 Col George Weinbrenner             Gen William McBride

                                                                                                Statement of Publication
                                                                                 The Lariat is the newsletter of the Military Officers Associa-
                                                                                 tion of America—Alamo Chapter. It is published once each
                       MOAA-AC “Stars”                                           month to inform the membership of issues and activities of
                                                                                 interest to all.
                                                                                 MOAA-AC is a non-profit organization within the state of
                                                                                 Texas organized to represent the membership and to support
                                                                                 the activities of the Texas Council of Chapters and MOAA
 August 6, 2007 provided a wonderful opportunity for the Alamo Chapter to        National.
 assist our community. If you watched the McNeil News Hour that evening,         Advertising contained in the newsletter is not endorsed by
                                                                                 the Chapter and does not represent any recommendation to
 you saw your fellow chapter members in action.                                  the membership.
 The participants were: Top Row: Barry Martin, Mac McDonald, Jerry Gon-          Opinions expressed in articles contained herein are not
                                                                                 necessarily those of the membership as a whole or the Chap-
 zales, Jim Cunningham, Jack Downey, Jack Neal, Irene Collier.                   ter. Questions should be directed to the Editor, at the Chap-
 Bottom Row: Carl Marmion, Randy Hoff, Nancy Platzner, Todd Platzner,            ter office.
                                                                                      MOAA-AC P.O. Box 8037 San Antonio, TX 78208
 Gene Culp, Phyllis Smith, Gil Rodriguez.                                                    (210) 228-9955

                                                        15                                          The Lariat September 2007
                                                                                                         Nonprofit Organizations
                                           THE LARIAT                                                       U.S. Postage Paid
                                                                                                            San Antonio, Texas
                                                 An award winning Newsletter
                                                                                                             Permit No. 1553


                   A LAMO C HAPTER

                  P.O. Box 8037
            San Antonio, TX 78208-0037

               Phone: 210-228-9955

                                                         Postmaster—please deliver by September 5th
           W E ’ R E ON T H E W E B :
                                                                   Time Sensitive Material
                                                                         Address corrections please mail to:
          W W W . A L AM OM O A A . OR G                             MOAA-AC P.O. Box 8037 San Antonio, TX 78208

                           Wednesday September 26, 2007
                                       Picnic Supper

                               Oktober Fest                                         Directions to Eberle Park
                                       Eberle park                                  Randolph Air Force Base
                              Social Hour beginning 5:30pm
                                                                         Enter RAFB at main gate (Pat Booker Rd &
   Entertainment by Rennie Guenther & Company                            FM78).
    Catering by The Bavarian House Restaurant                            Make a left at the first intersection onto First
                    Weiner Schnitzel                                     Avenue East.
     Red Cabbage, German Fried Potatoes, Green Beans                     Turn left again onto First Street East. Follow
                Iced Tea, Bread & Butter
                                                                         road in front of enlisted housing area towards the
     Wine, German Beer, water and some sodas provided
                                                                         fence and FM78.
        $20.00 per person Enclosed: $___________                         Turn right onto FF Street. Continue on until it
            RSVP By Noon Monday, September 24th                          turns into Perimeter road, follow this road for 2.5
                                                                         miles to the park.

                                                                                      On Line Lariat Only?
     Non members are welcome with reservations & contact info             If you would prefer to read your Lariat on-line rather than
            Send Reservation slip & check made payable to               receive a printed copy, sent us an email with the subject line
          MOAA-AC, P.O. Box 8037, San Antonio, TX 78208                 as OLLO and we’ll gladly remove you from the printed ver-
   Or notify us of your reservation by email       sion mailing list. We will notify you when the new issue is
                      or by phone (210) 228-9955.                                           available for viewing.
    Reservations not cancelled by noon Monday 24th will be billed.
                                                                         Save paper, postage, read it earlier AND in color!!

The Lariat September 2007                                        16

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