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					    What Prisons Offer IPP?                                                      Ohio Department of
                                                                             Rehabilitation and Correction
Currently, Ohio has 8 Intensive
Program Prison locations:
Franklin Pre-Release Center (FPRC)          For more information
Madison Correctional Institution               please contact:
North Central Correctional
Institution (NCCI)
North Coast Correctional Treatment           Office of Victim Services
Facility (NCCTF)
                                               770 W. Broad Street                 Office of Victim Services
North East Pre-Release Center                Columbus, Ohio 43222
                                            Office: (614) 728-1976
Ohio Reformatory for Women                Victim Line: (888) 842-8464
(ORW)                                         Fax: (614) 728-1980

Pickaway Correctional Institution
(PCI)                                          www.drc.ohio.gov
Southeastern Correctional                                                      Program
Institution (SCI).
                                                                             Ted Strickland       Terry J. Collins
                                     Date of last revision 8/08              Governor                    Director
    What is Intensive Prison                      Who’s Eligible?                       How Can I Be Involved?
                                         Non-violent offenders
                                                                                   Upon entering the Department of
IPP originally started as Ohio’s boot    All 3rd, 4th, or 5th degree felony        Rehabilitation     and     Correction
camp program under Ohio Revised          offenders with a sentence of 5            offenders are sent to one of three
Code 5120. It has been modified          years or less                             reception centers throughout the
over time to include more program-                                                 state. While there, they are evaluated
ming and education in order to           No history of violent offense             and given a classification based on
provide offenders tools needed for                                                 the crime they committed and other
                                         Cannot be serving a mandatory
living a productive and crime free                                                 factors. During this time offenders
life and to prevent them from            sentence
                                                                                   with no more than 60 months on
returning to the correctional system.    No Sex offenders                          their sentence may request consid-
The IPP allows for programming in                                                  eration to enter into an IPP program.
the areas of: educational achieve-      If offenders      meet the eligibility     Notice is sent to the sentencing
ment, vocational training, communi-     requirements      for these programs,      judge for recommendation. Judges
ty services/conservation work, alco-    they will serve   90 days in prison and    are given 10 business days to
hol and other drug abuse treatment,     be released        onto Post Release       respond. If recommended by the
and other intensive regimens.           Control.                                   Judge, offender enters the program.
                                                                                   If an offender is eligible, and you are
                                             Types of IPP Programs:                registered with the Office of Victim
        What are the IPP
        Program Goals?                                                             Services, you will be notified. Any
                                                                                   input should be given to the
                                         Alcohol & Drug Intensive Program          sentencing judge. If accepted to the
 To reduce recidivism by providing                                                 program, you will be notified upon
 the opportunity for an offender to      Camp Meridian ~                           completion of the program.
 acquire    the    academic    and       Motivation, education, responsibil-
 vocational skills needed to retain      ity, initiative, dedication, integrity,
 employment                              ability and new beginnings
 To provide offenders with an alter-     Camp Reams ~
 native to traditional incarceration.    Responsibility, education, attitude,
                                         motivation, and success
 To reduce the financial burden of
 long-term incarceration on Ohio         Education Intensive Program