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					                                                 12th Annual
- Cosmetic office
  procedures - Botox,
  fillers, peels
- Stem cell therapy
                                                Congress on
- Brain aging,
  nootropics and
  memory drugs
- Laboratory
  biomarkers of aging
                                                                      •   Biomedical Technology
- Heavy metals/                                                       •   Regenerative Medicine
  environmental                                                       •   Medi Spas/Aesthetic Medicine
                                                                      •   Longevity Medicine
- DNA genomic
  testing for cancer
                                                                      •   Rejuvenative Medicine
                                                                      •   Anti-Aging Plastic Surgery
                                                                      An international event attracting
                                                                      5,000 physicians, scientists,
                                                                      exhibitors, key members of the
                                                                      industry and media
- Obesity drugs and
  minimally invasive                                                      Fastest Growing New Medical Specialty
  obesity surgery                                                                    25 hours AMA
                                                                                    Category 1 CME
- Anti-Aging endocrin-                                                               for Physicians*
  ology & physiologic
  bioidentical HRT
                          Chicago: August 20-22                   Las Vegas: December 3-6

- Hyperbaric oxygen
  treatment                                                                                          Photo: Las Vegas News Bureau
                  1.800.558.1267       1.773.528.4333
- Nanotechnology

                                                                                            Ronald Klatz MD, DO Robert Goldman PhD
                                                                                               President A4M    FAASP, DO, FAOASM
                                                                                                                  Chairman A4M
Academic Progam
Committee                                                                     The American Academy of
Juan Becerro MD, PhD       Spain
Schmuel Bergman MD
Denise Bruner MD
                                                                              Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M)
Vittorio Calíbrese MD, PhD Italy
Anon Chiangpradit MD       Thailand                                            Leads The World Again!!!                                       TM
Brian Corrigan MD, PhD Australia
Eduardo DeRose MD, PhD Brazil
Setsuya Fujita MD, PhD Japan                 The A4M World Congress on Anti-Aging Medicine is the largest and most
Bradley Grant DO           USA
Barry Halliwell PhD        Singapore
                                             influential academic and industry event worldwide in the space of preventative
Dato Harnam MD, PhD        Malaysia          medicine and bio-medical technologies. This new medical specialty ($30 billion Anti-Aging US Marketplace-Dateline NBC,
Thierry Hertoghe MD        Belgium           2001) , is expected to grow to $41.94 Billion by 2006, reflecting an average annual rate (AAGR) of 9% (“Drugs and
Vernon Howard PhD          USA
Louis Ignarro PhD          USA               Cosmetics for Aging Boomers,” Business Communications Company, Inc., 2002) .
Mike Klentze MD, PhD       Germany
Arkady Koltun MD, PhD USA
                                             A4M, which began its mission in 1993 with just 12 physicians, has now grown into a worldwide international
Stanley Kornhauser PhD USA                   medical society with representation in over 70 countries. Our Academy has trained over 30,000 new
Seung Yup Ku MD, PhD Korea                   physicians in its hands-on scientific, clinical and academic programs, and today influences over 100,000
Jean-J Legrand MD          France
Martin Levine              USA               health professionals via its educational training programs, seminars, board certification programs, videos,
Edward Licthen MD          USA               website, textbooks, and outreach programs.
Shari Lieberman PhD        USA
Victor Lopez MD, PhD       Mexico            Beyond this, the physicians of A4M, and the advocacy of aging intervention and biomedical research, has
Paul Madison MD            USA               brought millions of new consumers to the realization that “Aging Is Not Inevitable”.
Joao Neto MD, PhD          Brazil
Avni Sali MD, PhD          Australia         "Today's mature adults (boomers) control more than $7 trillion in wealth in the United States" (Harvard Business
Giovani Scapagnini MD, PhD USA
                                                                70% of all U.S. wealth. Further, they bring in $2 trillion in annual income, and account for
                                             Review, March 2004) , “or
Steven Sinatra MD          USA
Robert Tan MD              USA               50% of all discretionary spending", notes Ken Dychtwald PhD (Associated Press,March 7, 2004).
S.K. Tan MD                Singapore
Robert Tien MD, MPH        Taiwan            In 1990 it was nearly unthinkable for a respected scientist to suggest that physiologic aging metabolism could
Fred Vagnini MD            USA               be manipulated, slowed, or reversed with drug or biomedical interventions. Today anti-aging biosciences are
Luis Vitetta PhD           Australia
Lynette Yong MD, MBBS England
                                             the rage, with great advances in nanotechnology, genomic research, bio-identical HRT, gene therapy, stem cells,
                                             cloning, biomarker testing of aging, and human augmentation.
Educational Affiliates                       A4M in no small way is responsible for the advances by creating an environment of academic and clinical
                                             freedom to allow doctors to combat aging as a disease.
                                             In the process we have helped create a rapidly expanding multi-billion dollar
                                             industry of which the 12th Annual World Congress on Anti-Aging
                                             Medicine 2004 is the “place to be” centerpoint for the real players in this,
                                             the next great primary care medical specialty.
                                             We invite you to attend and make your mark in the fastest growing new
                                             medical specialty, among the most influential physicians, scientists,educators,
                                             industrialists, investment bankers and journalists from around the world.
                                                                                                                                            Ronald Klatz MD, DO   Robert Goldman PhD
                                             Join us in Chicago August 20-22, and be part of a new paradigm of aging.                          President A4M      FAASP, DO, FAOASM
                                                                                                                                                                    Chairman A4M

                                       *CME application filed
                                                                Produced by
                                                                                                   The Networking Opportunity of the Year!

                                                                 2004 Chicago Conference Schedule
                                           Friday, August 20, 2004                            Saturday                                       Sunday, August 22, 2004
                                           Preconferences                                     August 21, 2004                                Eye Opener Session
                                           9:00am-12:00pm                                     Eye Opener Session                             7:00am-8:20pm
                                           1:00pm-5:00pm                                      7:00am-8:20am                                  General Session
                                           (12 Noon to 1:00PM Lunch Break)                                                                   8:30am-6:00pm
                                                                                              General Session
                                           ABAAM/ABAAHP Board                                 8:30am-6:00pm                                  Monday, August 23, 2004
                                           Certification Review Course                                                                       Board Certification Exam
                                           6:00pm-9:00pm                                                                                     9:00am-1:00pm

                                                                                                                                                       Call 1.800.558.1267
                                                                                                                                                        or 1.773.528.4333
                                                                                                              Graduate School of Medicine              Fax 1.773.528.5390
                                           Friday, August 20, 2004                                                   Saturday, August 21, 2004
                                                                                                                     Eye Opener #1
Program Overview - Workshops/Eye Openers
                                           Pre-Conference Workshop #1
                                           Anti-Aging Endocrinology,                                                 Overview of the Use of Bio-identical Hormones, HRT,
                                           Hormone Replacement,                                                      Estrogen, HGH,Progesterone, and Testosterone
                                           Diagnosis and Treatment:                       TM                         The comparison of true hormone replacement therapy versus the
                                                                                                                     use of synthetic hormone substitution. Discussion to include proper
                                           Integrating Hormonal                                                      use of terminology in hormone therapy, and comparison of the
                                           Metabolic Therapies in your                                               benefits and adverse effects of synthetic substitution therapy,
                                           Clinical Practice                                                         compared to bio-identical hormone replacement therapy. Detailed
                                           The patient driven interest for hormone replacement therapy is            are dosage forms, how to use of topical hormone therapy, and
                                           exploding. There are innovative approaches for providing Human            factors affecting therapeutic outcomes which may occur with
                                           Growth Hormone, Dehydroepiandosterone, Melatonin, Pregnenolone,           different applications.
                                           Testosterone, Estrogen, Progesterone, Thyroid, Bio-identical
                                           Hormones and Custom compounded hormones. Learn the “state of
                                                                                                                     Sunday, August 22, 2004
                                           the art” diagnostic tests and monitoring calibration necessary for        Eye Opener #2
                                           such treatment protocols, and the newest laboratory tests to best
                                           determine hormone delivery systems for your patients. Injectables,        DNA, Mitochondrial, Cellular Repair and Stem
                                           creams, gels, pellets, and a wide array of delivery systems covered.      Cell Therapies
                                                                                                                     Latest data on mechanisms of cellular aging and repair mechanisms,
                                           Pre-Conference Workshop #2                                                via the use of synthetic anti-oxidant and spin trapping compounds,
                                           Obesity Drugs, Bariatric Surgery, and Behavior                            L-Carnitine, Alpha Lipoic Acid, CoQ10, and Genetic Therapies.
                                                                                                                     Progress in stem cell and cellular therapy treatments available for
                                           Modification                                                              Aging Intervention.
                                           Numerous approaches to obesity are now available and advances in
                                           surgical options and drug therapies will be presented.
                                           Pre-Conference Workshop #3
                                           Brain Aging, Alzheimer’s, Cognition Decline,
                                           EEG, PET, Brain Diagnostic Imaging, and
                                           Nootropics for the Primary Care Physician
                                           Advances in the diagnostics of brain function and speed of electrical
                                           transmission allow us now to intervene in the aging of the brain.
                                           Diagnostic and imaging tools for brain evaluation, treatment protocols,
                                           drug therapies and natural nutritional interventions explored.
                                           Pre-Conference Workshop #4
                                           HRT/Nutritional - Laboratory Testing,                                     Saturday/Sunday, August 21 & 22, 2004
                                           Diagnostics and Monitoring
                                           In order to maintain proper hormonal balance requires identifying                           Session Topics
                                           Baseline levels of specific hormones, as well as metabolites and
                                           competitive hormones. Laboratory monitoring to establish the
                                                                                                                     Immune Augmentation
                                           beneficial effects of supplementation, nutritional support, precursors,   Newest developments in the repair of the aging immune system with
                                           and competitive inhibition for optimal levels detailed. Learn the         non-toxic therapeutics. Review of protocols for Hepatitis C and for
                                           numerous testing protocols available to the clinician, how accurate,      chronic and stealth infection.
                                           how to compare, which laboratories offer expertise around the world,      How to Incorporate Nutritional Compounds in
                                           what are ideal profiles, reference ranges, monitoring techniques,         your Anti-Aging Practice
                                           conversion factors, age related ranges, and numerous other
                                                                                                                     How to incorporate common anti-oxidants, amino acids, minerals
                                           parameters for ideal management of hormones including DHEA,
                                                                                                                     and specific nutraceuticals into your practice. There is a growing
                                           ACTH, Cortisol, Pregnenolone, etc. to maintain youthful function.
                                                                                                                     paradigm shift integrating both conventional and complementary
                                           Pre-Conference Workshop #5                                                therapies, and alternative treatment options, all of which are
                                                                                                                     evidence based on sound scientific investigations.
                                           Cosmetic, Aesthetic, Laser, Botox®, & Soft tissue                         Metabolic Syndrome X and Adrenal Fatigue
                                           Augmentation for In-office Procedures
                                                                                                                     Related adrenal failure, and the diagnosis for interventions and
                                           Invasive and non invasive office procedures for aesthetic, anti-aging     treatment protocols.
                                           and cosmetic medicine. Peels, implants, laser, IPL, cool touch, and
                                           new developments in topical cosmeceuticals demonstrated.
                                                                                                                     Mitochondrial deterioration secondary to
                                                                                                                     Environmental Toxins and Aging
                                           Pre-Conference Workshop #6
                                                                                                                     Discussion of pharmaceutical and nutraceutical agents to reenergize
                                           Sexual Health and Healing                                                 and repair cellular energy metabolism.
                                           ED (Erectile Dysfunction), estrogen overload, testosterone therapy,
                                           sexually transmitted diseases and diagnosis, female anorgasmia,       
                                           orgasm enhancement, prescription, over the counter medications
                                           and modalities for treatment and optimal sexual function.                             ☎ Call 1.800.558.1267 or
                                                                                                                               1.773.528.4333 for registration
Saturday/Sunday, August 21 & 22, 2004                                                      “This is the most important scientific
                                                                                            conference of the year.”
                                                                                                      Paul Madison MD, Midwest Pain Clinic,
                  Topics,          continued                                                                 Water Tower Place, Chicago, IL

                                                                       Anti-Aging Bio-identical Hormone
The Aging Heart
                                                                       Replacement Therapy and Custom
Lipid Metabolism, HDL enhancement, cardiac evaluation, Statin-         Compounded Pharmaceuticals
like natural co-factors and Statin meds, new treatments and            Hormone replacement therapy for specific deficiencies is a rational
diagnostics from the pharmaceutical and natural alternative            medical basis of anti-aging medicine in perspective of aging as the
approaches.                                                            neuro-endocrine system declines. Various biological and functional
                                                                       ‘Pauses’ can be reversed by replacing deficient hormones:
Stem Cells-The Latest Research
                                                                       Somatopause by growth hormones, Menopause by estrogen, etc.
Breakthroughs                                                          Other natural substances such as flavones, phytoestrogens, and
Major advances in stem cell research are now shaping the               herbs can also have their effect in alleviating hypo-symptoms or
possibilities of this revolutionary potential therapy. Defined will    prevent possible long-term consequences of hormonal deficiency.
be the latest clinical research findings, and the role of stem cells   Aside from clinical improvement, objective biomarkers should show
in aging, and aging intervention. The areas of tissue regeneration,    a change in their levels before and after a specific HRT program.
organ replacement, growth of new cell lines, and what impact this      Effect of HGH and Testosterone on Life
may have on your practice in 2004 and beyond.
                                                                       Expectancy: Is Cancer an issue?
Advanced MRI-CT-PET Scanning Technologies                              There is much debate whether or not maintaining growth hormone
                                                                       (HGH) or Insulin-Like Growth Factor-1 (IGF-1) levels, consistent with
Advances in radiologic diagnostics and imaging techniques are          those normally associated with the average 40-45 year old, will
providing greatly enhanced three-dimensional MR imaging. Virtual       extend life expectancy. At this time extensive documented cases for
reality displays now allow for virtual exploration of previously       the association of cancer and HGH administration are lacking direct
invasive procedures. This is having great impact on our ability for    association. Latest research data on HGH and testosterone.
the early diagnosis for cancer, heart disease, and other aliments.
Newest devices and technologies profiled, and where the                Melatonin Update 2004: Mechanisms of Action
technology is headed.                                                  and Application in Human Clinical Practice
                                                                            Melatonin (N-acetyl-5-methoxytrptamine) is the main hormonal
Nanotechnology: Genomes,                                                      product of the vertebrate pineal gland. Melatonin acts
Nanobots, Biobots –Impact on                                                    through specific receptors. In humans, melatonin
21st Century Medical Technology                                                  receptors are highly expressed in districts involved in
                                                                                  sleep cycles. Latest findings on uses of melatonin for
Explosive advances in biomedical technology                                       cancer treatment and insomnia.
in the field of Nanotechnology and nano-
pharmaceuticals may well revolutionize                                            Reversing Obesity with Hormone
medicine as we know ittoday. Bacterial            TM                              Replacement Therapies: Practical
genomes allow us to treat infections, and to                                     Applications in Your Anti-Aging Practice
understand the molecular basis for genetic                                     Behind most types of obesity lie hidden hormone
diseases. Biobots, essentially bacteria and                                  deficiencies and imbalances. Correcting the individual causes
eukaryotic cells with programmed genomes, may enable                    of obesity through appropriate hormone supplementation, and an
any array of therapies such as DNA modification to lead to             adapted diet can efficiently help the patient to recover his/her ideal
designer organs and tissues. Medical Robots, Cyborg and human          body weight and physical appearance in a healthy manner. Specific
Augmentation, Nanabots,bacteria-sized machines assembled with          hormone replacement therapies are presented for treating different
molecular nanotechnology, could allow engineered custom                types of obesity.
treatments for patients based on their genetic makeup.
                                                                       Marketing Your Anti-Aging Practice and Medical
Aging Vision Repair and Regeneration                                   Spa Facility
Lasix® and computer aided surgical repair of visual deterioration in   With the rapid growth and competition of anti-aging clinics and
the aging eye. Nutritional and anti-oxidant therapy for slowing        Medical Spa facilities, effective management, organization, set up,
macular degeneration and cataract formation.                           equipment placement, sales and marketing, and treatment
                                                                       modalities have become much more important. Such basics of
Heavy Metal Detoxification/Chelation                                   facility design, how to use design professionals, marketing materials,
                                                                       media exposure, utilization of the web, and how to budget, are key.
Techniques for removal of fat soluble toxins that poison cellular
                                                                       Successful models for such operations are provided.
energy mechanisms, are associated with increased risk of
carcinogenesis and cardiac dysfunction.                                Functional & Biological Markers of Aging
                                                                       The various laboratory biomarkers of aging for each organ system with
Olympic Anti-Aging techniques and Human
                                                                       a focus on how the physician can use them for analysis in clinical anti-
Augmentation                                                           aging treatment protocols. Emphasis will be placed on understanding
2004 being an Olympic Year for Athens, Greece, we explore new          the biomarkers, “state of the art” laboratory testing methods, and how
technologies being employed by athletes to go beyond what the          to optimize metabolic functions to maximize body functions.
human body was thought capable. The bionic man and genetically
manipulated ‘Super Athlete’ is not far off, and world class athletes    Visit
have been known to employ everything from customized drugs, to
implants, to infusion of banned substances to increase                    ☎  or call 1.800.558.1267 or
performance. How does one address the delicate cross pollination
of anti-aging therapies and Elite Athlete modalities.                               ☎
                                                                                Fax 1.773.929.5733
Presenters *                                                                                                           Call for Papers and Presenters
Haneef Alibhai MD, CM - Canada                                                                  To be considered as a lecturer, moderator, or poster presenter, please forward
Bill Anton PhD - Australia                                                                                     your lecture/poster abstract and CV resume to:
Eric Braverman MD - USA                                                                                                     Registrar, 1510 W. Montana, Chicago IL 60614
Michael Breen MD - USA                                                                                              
Denise Burner MD - USA                                                                                     phone: 1.773.528.1000                               fax: 1.773.528.5390
Vittorio Calíbrese MD, PhD - Italy
A.Chavalithamrong MD, MBA - Thailand
Gerard Chua MD - Singapore                                                                                                    Anti-Aging Marketplace Facts
Nick Delagado PhD - USA                                                                     Consumer confidence in Anti-Aging                            Aging intervention: Growing
Eduardo DeRose MD, PhD - Brazil                                                                                                                          nutraceuticals market
                                                                                            - 60% of Americans age 65+ are pursuing anti-
Steven Feinstein MD - USA                                                                     aging interventions - including hormone                    - Global nutraceuticals market grew from $38.2
Dato Harnam MD, PhD - Malaysia                                                                replacement therapies and dietary                            billion in 1999 to reach $46.7 billion in 20027
Thierry Hertoghe MD - Belgium                                                                 supplementation1                                           - By 2007, global nutraceutical sales are projected
Michael Klentze MD, PhD - Germany                                                           - 33% of adults take supplements on the specific               to reach $74.7 billion8
Ed Lichten MD - USA                                                                           advice of their doctor2
                                                                                                                                                         Pharmaceuticals boom9
Shari Lieberman PhD - USA                                                                   Lucrative spinoff industries created by
                                                                                            the anti-aging marketplace                                   - 261 medicines in-development for aging-specific
Jan Matsuyama MD - Japan                                                                                                                                   illnesses
Paul Madison MD - USA                                                                       - $70 billion spent annually by the public on
                                                                                              medicines prescribed for aging-related diseases3           - 782 medicines in-development designed to
Sueng-Yup Ku MD, PhD - Korea                                                                                                                               lengthen life and improve quality of life for seniors
Ron Rothenberg MD - USA                                                                     - Fifty-Plus fitness and healthy living industry: $400
                                                                                                                                                         1   MSNBC Jan. 28, 2002
                                                                                              billion and growing by 15% each year4                      2   Harris Interactive Summer 2001
Avni Sali MD, PhD - Australia                                                                                                                            3   “Drug Trips”, Money Sept. 2001
                                                                                            - $20 billion spent in plastic surgery and non-
Giovanni Scapagnini MD, PhD - Italy                                                           surgery skin treatments spent by men and
                                                                                                                                                         4   “How to surf the age wave” Tiome Magazine Aug. 4, 2002
                                                                                                                                                         5   American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, Feb. 2002
Steven Sinatra MD - USA                                                                                       women ages 35-50 in 20025                  6   American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, Feb. 20, 2002
                                                                                                                                                         7   Business Communications Company, Inc. 2003
SK Tan MD - Singapore                                                                                           Aesthetics marketplace                   8   Nutrition Business Journal, Sept. 2002
                                                                                                                                                         9   Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America, Oct. 5,2001
Robert Tien MD, MPH - Taiwan “My doctors practices in Anti-                                                     - Cosmetic procedures up 304%
                                                  Aging are exploding.
*partial list of invited lecturers
                                                  Everything they know they
                                                                                                                  from 1997 to 20016
                                                  learned from A4M.”                                            - Botulinum toxin injections rose
                                                  Joe Messino, VP Marketing, Douglas Labs                         2,356%6

                          2004 Venues for Scientific
                           Conferences and Expos                                                                                 World                                 TM

                                                                                                                              March 18-21,
                                     Anti-Aging Board                                                                                                  November
                                                                                              August 28-                      Paris, France
                                    Certification Written                                                                                              5-6, 2004
                                       Examinations                                            29, 2004                                                Moscow,
                                    Aug. 20-23, 2004*                                           London,                                                 Russia†                                                    September
                                     Chicago, IL USA                                           England†                                                                                                              11-12,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Seoul, Korea

             Anti-Aging Board                                                                                                            May 2004
            Certification Written                                                                                                         Berlin,
            & Oral Examinations                                                                 May 15-16,                               Germany†
              Dec. 3-6, 2004*                                                                      2004
                                                                                                                                                              Third Asia-Pacific
            Las Vegas, NV USA                                                                   Switzerland†
                                                                             November                                                                             Anti-Aging                                February 27-29,
                                                                             6-14, 2004                                                                          Conference                                      2004*
                                                                             Caribbean                                                                        June 24-27, 2004*                                Bangkok,
                                                                               Cruise                                                                             Singapore                                    Thailand

                              22-24, 2004*                                                                                                            December
                                Cancun,                                                                                                              14-16, 2004
                                 Mexico                                                                                                              Dubai, UAE*
                                                                                                           8-11, 2004*                                                          May 1-2, 2004
                                                                                                           Catania, Italy                                                       Kuala Lumpur,
                                             August 26-
                                              28, 2004
                                            Cerera, Brazil                                                                      July 30-
                                                                                                                               August 11,
                                                                                                                                  2004                                                             May 2004
                                                                                                                              Mediterranean                                                         Sydney,
                                                                                                                                 Cruise                                                            Australia†

                                                                              1.800.558.1267                                    1.773.528.4333
                          Supporters and Exhibitors*                                                                                        Board Certification
Smithkline Beecham
Novartis                                                                                                    The American Board of Anti-Aging Medicine
Serono Laboratories                                                                                         (ABAAM) was established in 1997 as a
Wyeth Ayerst
Lumenis Inc.                                                                                                professional       physician     (MD/DO/MBBS)
Atrium Biotechnologies, Inc.                                                                                certification and review board, which offers
Medaus Compounding Pharmacy
Lane Labs                                                                                                   physician recognition in the form of specialty-
Medical Conferences Inc-Singapore
Medical Diagnostic Laboratories                                                                             based examination in anti-aging medicine.
Jan Marini Skin Research
American Academy of Bariatric Physicians                                                                    The American Board of Anti-Aging Medicine (ABAAM) issues Board
American Academy of Pain Management        TM
Reliance Private Label Supplements                                                                          Certification to individuals with MD (Doctor of Medicine), DO (Doctor
American Preventative Medicine                                                                              of     Osteopathic      Medicine),   and     MBBS     (Bachelor    of
College Pharmacy
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University Compounding Pharmacy
PATH Medical
                                                  IntegreMed, LLC
                                                                                                            ABAAM represent over 12,500 physicians from seventy-three (73)
Conrex Pharmaceutical CorpWeider Publishing
Wellness Health & Pharmacy, Inc.                  Interactive Health                                        nations in the new clinical specialty of Anti-Aging Medicine.
Siemens Medical Diagnostics                       Interceuticals Inc.
Allied Health Association                         International Hyperbarics Association
AllVia Integrative Pharmaceuticals, Inc           Isagenix International
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Alt-Med Labs, Inc                                 KB Research Group
Altus Medical                                     Laboratoire Philippe Auguste                                                 Practitioners (ABAAHP) was established in 1999
American Nutraceuticals                           Life Extension Foundation
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AuMed, Inc.                                       Magnatherm-International Medical                                             education, representation and specialty
Avery Publishing                                  Electronics
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                                                  Maitake Products Inc.
                                                                                                                               recognition of healthcare professions.
Bio-Energy Testing Center
                                                  Mannatech, Inc.                                                              The American Board of Anti-Aging Health
“I do more business at the                        Market America
                                                  Mascot Metropolitan Inc                                                      Practitioners (ABAAHP) issues Diplomate
 A4M Conference than all                          Medra, Inc / The Dulcinea Institute
 the others combined”                             Metagenics Inc                                            Certification to Doctors of Chiropractic (DC), Doctors of Dentistry
                        Phil Vigeant,             Micro Health Systems                                      (DDS), Naturopathic Doctors (ND), Doctors of Podiatric Medicine
Reliance Private Label Supplements                Millennium Biotechnologies, Inc.
                                                  ML International
                                                  MMI Labs, Inc.
                                                                                                            (DPM), Registered Pharmacists (RPh), Scientists (PhD and similar),
Bio-Genesis Nutraceuticals
Bio-Pro Dental                                    NHK Laboratories, Inc.                                    Registered Nurses (RN), Nurse Practitioners (NP) and Physician
Bioimmune Inc                                     Nordic Naturals
BioMeridian Inc                                   Novus Optimum                                             Assistants (PA).
Biotics Research Corporation                      Pleomorphic (Sanum U.S.A.) Products, Inc.
BnH Corp                                          Polestar Labs, Inc
Canada RNA Biochemical Inc                        Powderz Medical Apothecary
                                                  Nutraceutics Corporation
                                                                                                                     For information regarding board certification, please contact
Cancer Control Society
Cardinal Nutrition                                Nutramedix, LLC                                                                 Registrar at 1.773.528.4333 ext. 7#
CosMedix                                          Ondamed Inc.
CRX-USA                                           One Stop Prescriptions
Davinci Laboratories                              Syneron, Inc.
Beam Ray, LLC                                     Televox Software, Inc.
Bellevue Pharmacy Solutions                       ThermoMed Lab Services                                     “All great medicine is anti-aging.
Bestest Medical                                   Total Aesthetics                                            The medical technologies of the
Bio Aging System                                  UAS Laboratories
                                                  PowerMedica                                                 21st century are taught here for
Bio Resonance Research
Laser Information Center                          Priority One                                                you and your patients”
Derma-Rx Scientific Skincare Systems              Pro Health, Inc.                                           Eric Braverman MD, Path Medical, NYC, New York
Dermal-Tone                                       Prothera, Inc.
Genesis Biosystems                                Regen-Rx
Genova Diagnostics                                Rheologics Inc
McGuff Company, Inc.                              Optimum Health International, LLC
Spectracell Laboratories, Inc.                    Ortho Molecular Products, Inc.
Standard Process                                  Oxy Health Corporatio
Sun Laboratories                                  PHI Enterprises, Inc.
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MedQuest Pharmacy                                 Power Plate North America
GeroNova Research, Inc.                           Pure Encapsulations
Global Health Trax                                Ruferd Corporation
Gossamer SpectraDerm                              SJ Hope Products
Haelan Products, Inc.
HB Health
Hemex Laboratories LLC
                                                “Our business has grown dramatically                                                         For more information visit:
Hopewell Pharmacy
                                                 every year in large part due to the
Immuno Laboratories
                                                 doctors of A4M and their conferences.
                                                 They are #1 in the space of Anti-Aging”                                        
Dermaquent Skin Therapy                             John Grasela, VP University Compounding Pharmacy
Designs For Health Institute, Inc.
Diamond Tome Multi Level Resurfacing System
Douglas Labs                                      Solanova LLC
                                                                                                                                         #1 rated Anti-Aging website
Dynatronics Corp.                                 Symedex
EcoQuest / Alpine Industries / Miller Air         Physiodermie/Europe Cosmetiques Inc.
ENG3 Corporation
Fenix Cosmetics, Inc.
                                                  Rhein Consulting Laboratories
                                                  Solutions Pharmacy
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                                                                                       *past partial list
                                                                                                                    medical society of physicians and scientists focused on
           Interested in Exhibiting? Please call 1.773.528.4333                                                     clinical answers to aging related disorders leading to a longer
            Ken Sorensen, extension 3#                                                          and healthier lifespan. Along with reports from our medical
          Doreen Brown, extension 4#                                                         correspondents at 26 universities and medical research
                                                                                                                    centers. EBN scans over 100 scientific publications and news
                                                                                                                    services/week to extract and digest the latest and most
                                                                                                                    promising advances in medicine that relate to the early
                                                                                                                    detection, treatment, prevention, and reversal of aging
                                                                                                                    related conditions, including topics such as: cancer, heart
                                                                                                                    disease, obesity, chronic fatigue, memory disorders, arthritis,
                                                                                                                    prostate disease, sexual dysfunction, stem cell research,
                                                                                                                    cloning, genetic engineering, anti-aging medicine, human
                                                                                                                    augmentation, medical robotics and more....if it’s hot, new,
                                                                                                                    and it will improve your patient's life, or your abilities to treat
                                                                                                                    your patients, then you’ll find it at EBN – the official
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recording without permission.                                                                                                                                    Category 1 CME
                                                                                                                                                                  for Physicians*
     REGISTRATION OPTIONS          All options include admission to the Exhibit Hall                                           TO REGISTER :
     during show hours and Welcome Reception.
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     Full Passport (Aug 20 - 22) Includes Pre-Conference and Eye-Openers
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                                                                                                                               requests for refunds must be made in writing and post-marked or tax-stamped no later
                                                                                                                               than June 30, 2004. Refunds will not be issued to no-show registrants. Substitutions are
     Pre-Conference 8/20                                              $275                                      $295           always welcome in lieu of cancellation.

     Eye Opener Sessions                      Continental Breakfast included                                                   Profile
     ___ Sat. 8/21            __ Sun. 8/22                   $165 ea. x _____                               ________           1. Which of the following most closely matches your title/specialty?
                                                                                                                               Check one
     Exhibit Hall only                                                 Free                                      $25
                                                                                                                               a ___ General Practitioner                       n ___ Chiropractor
     ABAAM/ABAAHP Board Review Course                                                                                          b ___ Family Practitioner                        o ___ Nurse Practitioner
                                                                                                                               c ___ Internist                                  p ___ Registered Nurse
     Friday, August 20                                                $295                                      $295
                                                                                                                               d ___ Gerontologist                              q ___ Sports Medicine
     Customized impressive wall display diploma                                                                                e ___ Endocrinologist                            r ___ Exercise Physiologist
     for your CME Certificate of Attendance                                                                      $25           f ___ Orthopedist                                s ___ Pain Management
                                                                                                                               g ___ Plastic Surgeon                            t ___ Pharmacist
     A4M Membership                                                  1 year                                   2 year           h ___ OB/Gyn                                     u ___ Pharmaceutical
                                                                                                                               j ___ Oncologist                                       Chemist/Research Specialist
     Physicians (MD, DO, MBBS)                                        $150                                     $250
                                                                                                                               k ___ Naturopathic Physician                     v ___ Dentist
     Health Professionals                                             $95                                      $150            l ___ Physician’s Assistant                      w ___ Bariatrician/Wgt Management
     Preferred General Public                                         $89                                      $150            m ___ Nutritionist                               x ___ Other:____________________

     TOTAL REGISTRATION FEES                                                                   $______________                 2. Have you ever attended an Anti-Aging Conference/Expo in the past?
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       Limited Offer! Available Only with Pre-Registration!
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       The complete audio series of the entire Conference on CD.
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       Over 24 hours of lectures for only $150! Regular price on site - $295
                                                                                                                               4. What percentage of your current practice is devoted to A.A. Medicine?
     Unprofessional or disruptive conduct will result in expulsion of the individual or exhibitor without recourse or             a ___ 0%           b ___ 25%         c ___ 50%          d ___ 75%         e ___ 100%
     refund at the complete discretion of management.
                                                                             12th Annual
                                                                         World Congress on
                                                                         Anti-Aging Medicine
                                                                                                                         Chicago: August 20-22

                “A4M represents the world’s fastest
                growing new medical specialty -
                pro-active preventive medicine -
                aka Anti-Aging Medicine”
                                   Vittorio Calabrese MD, PhD
                          Professor, University of Catania, Italy

•   Biomedical Technology
                                                                                  “This is the type of medicine
•   Regenerative Medicine                                                          patients don’t mind paying for
                                                                                   out of pocket.”
•   Medi Spas/Aesthetic Medicine                                                                          Denise Bruner MD
                                                                                            Chairman - American Society of
•   Longevity Medicine                                                             Bariatric Physicians, Bethesda, Maryland

•   Rejuvenative Medicine
•   Anti-Aging Plastic Surgery
                                                                                        “I learn exceptionally powerful
                                                                                         clinical techniques at the
                                                                                         weekend Congress I can apply                  Hyatt Regency Chicago
                       “Anti-Aging has strong patient                                    in my practice on Monday.”
                        interest that has obvious appeal to                                                                               151 East Wacker Drive
                                                                                          Giovanni Scapagnini MD, PhD, Rockefeller
                        an innovative company like ours.                                Neurosciences Institute, Rockville, Maryland        Chicago, IL 60601
                        A4M has been the pioneer. We
                        never miss the A4M conference”
                                      Andy Lane, President, Lane Labs                                                                      Fax 1.312.565.2966

                                                                        Call 1.800.558.1267 or
                                                                    1.773.528.4333 for registration
                                                                          fax 1.773.528.5390
     Fastest Growing
      New Medical

       25 hours AMA
      Category 1 CME
       for Physicians*

            “A4M: A tradition of excellence in
             medical education since 1993.”
                            Vernon Howard PhD, Past Director -
                      Philosophy of Education Research Center,
           Graduate School of Education, Harvard University (ret)