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					STAAR Overview
        November 14, 2012
                          Basic Information
n S.T.A.A.R. - State of Texas Assessment of Academic Readiness

n Began in Spring 2012

n Results from 2012 will be released in January 2013

n Grades 3-5 are assessed at the elementary level

n 5th Grade Reading and Math are subject to S.S.I. (Student Success
  Initiative) requirements
  n Must pass the STAAR to be promoted to 6th grade
  n 5th grade students get three chances to pass
             Assessment Differences
q Rigor: STAAR will have a greater focus on college and career
q Vertical alignment of performance standards across grades and linked
  to post secondary readiness
q Course-based assessments at high school
q Increased number of test items
q A four-hour time limit
q Assessments administered over two days:
  Writing- Grades 4
q Increased number of open-ended (griddable) items
q Separate answer documents instead of scorable test booklets at Grade 3
                 STAAR 2013 Dates
Third Grade    Math         Reading

               Tuesday      Wednesday
               April 23rd   April 24th

Fourth Grade   Math –       Reading –    Writing-2 Days

               Tuesday      Wednesday    Tuesday April 2nd
               April 23rd   April 24th   Wednesday April 3rd

Fifth Grade    Math –       Reading-     Science –

               Tuesday      Wednesday    Wednesday
               April 2nd    April 3rd    April 24th
 Results from 2012 STAAR
n Students summary sheets are expected to be sent out in January

n We currently only have raw campus, district and State data

n Following charts show state, local and campus raw score data (no
  passing standards/scale scores)

n TEA is currently setting the cut-off scores
                 Texas Education Agency
   DRAFT New Accountability System
n Schools will no longer be Unacceptable, Acceptable, Recognized or
n We will no longer have AEIS Reports
n The system is still in DRAFT form
n Accountability indicators could include:
  n All student met standard, commended numbers (Level III), low SES subgroup,
    ethnic subgroups, growth over time of students,
  n Commended Performance is now called Advanced Academic Performance
    n Level I – Unsatisfactory
    n Level II- Satisfactory
    n Level III- Advanced Academic Performance

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