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					               The Sixth Form at

Gosfield Sixth Form puts its students
first by delivering specialist teaching in
small groups.
       The Sixth Form Curriculum is
        about more than exams…

…even though they are at the centre
        of our thinking.
          The Curriculum
 When we designed the Sixth Form
  Curriculum we wanted to make sure that we
  provided an all round experience that
  included new adventures as well as solid
 We wanted our students to have…
        time for study (lots!)…
   in class and in private
              time for study…
   in depth and with the
    right resources
    time with their teachers…
 without being
  restricted to
  appointment times or
  office hours
 This is Lloyd Upsdell,
  Double Gold medallist
  at the Sydney
  paralympics, with his
  tutor, Peter Harder.
    time to take responsibility…
   as prefects and
    mentors for younger
         time for stretch and
 as part of the
  Extension group
 as part of the Duke of
  Edinburgh Award
 as part of the Young
  Enterprise Scheme
time for travel…
and time for a stylish social
We also wanted to
    provide the ‘Wow!’ factor for
           our students.
   What could we do to make our Sixth Form
    more attractive than ‘college’?
   the staff at Gosfield have the time to think
    up interesting things for you to do and
    because there are no discipline issues, they
    are willing to go the extra mile for you.
             For example…
 Politics students will meet with well known
  politicians; this year they have visited Parliament
  with their MP Brooks Newmark and have had the
  opportunity to attend Defence Briefings with Dr.
  Liam Fox MP."
 History students will have met the leaders in South
  African history and will have had access to the
  world’s leading experts for help in their
 Geography students will do field work on the Isle
  of Arran.
Whatever subjects they study,
  our students will have the
 overwhelming benefit that…
 They will be taught and tutored by people
  they know and who know (and like!) them
 They will not have to shout to be heard as
  only one of 2000 students in a large college.
 With AS exams taking place within less
  than a year - this matters.
           At Gosfield…

…we have time for you.