Elements of Art The building blocks of art line, by a2302339


									Elements of Art: The building blocks of art: line,
  shape, form, space, color, value, and texture.
• Line is the
  element of
  art that
  refers to a
  moving in
  It begins in
  one place
  and ends in
A line can be
an actual
object, like
railroad tracks
or electrical
wires, or it
can be implied
or suggested
as by the
edges of other
objects like
geese flying in
a “V” shape.
There are five
kinds of line:
vertical, and
                              Line Photo

•   Travel Master by Shauna Frischkorn from her RV series, 2001
•   Frischkorn used vivid color film and a grid on the ground glass of her 4X5 inch view
    camera, as well as a ruler and a level, to capture the straight strips on the side of
    recreational vehicles. Rooted in the tradition of American travel photography,
    Frischkorn makes a new type of landscape that questions “our relationship to the
    environment and our drive to conquer wilderness. These panoramic color fields
    symbolize speed and progress, but also serve as reminders that visiting nature with
    all the comforts of home is a synthetic experience.
Composition with Line and Shadow
                •   Bryan Zanisnik, Composition with line
                    and Shadow, 2001 16X21 inches
                •   Zanisnik says that his ”meticulous
                    compositional balance is achieved by
                    paying close attention to cropping,
                    formal design, symmetry, and parallax.
                    I separate my work from contextual
                    photography and its use of both a
                    foreground and a background to
                    communicate a narrative by
                    photographing surfaces that are nearly
                    devoid of linear perspective. This
                    deconstruction of traditional
                    perspective allows color and form to
                    evoke a sense of emphasis and order
                    in an otherwise disengaged urban
    Escape by Janyce Erlich-Moss
•   “This artificial landscape was
    photographed with a 4X5 inch view
    camera in the studio on a light table by
    forming shapes made of mylar into a
    scene. I manipulated color, form, and
    emotional tone to confuse viewers into
    accepting these synthetic scenes as
    real, but somehow alien. I used
    contrasting cool and warm tones, often
    complementary with selectively placed
    tungsten lights and colored gels to
    create a sense of depth and dynamic
    tension and thus alter viewer reaction.
    While gestalt of the image suggests a
    common natural subject, further
    inspection reveals the unfamiliar and
    evokes the ambiguous nature of
                              Line Assignment
Take photos that represent the element of line. Choose 2of your favorite
   photos. You may alter them by changing them to Grayscale and enhance
   their value by making them lighter or darker. Try to include shadows.
   Label your photos as actual or implied line. Print on Student Computer
Do not forger to add your name: Last Name_Line
Written Paragraph and photos due: Monday, August 25, 2009
Print your paragraph should answer these questions
Where was this photograph taken?
What is this place like?
What is the moment in time you are capturing?
What is your vantage point or point of view? Where are you in relationship to
    the subject? Are you far away or close Above or below?
Have you used light to draw attention to some areas of the picture? How?
What colors did you use in the picture? Why did you choose those colors?
What element or principle of design are you depicting?
What settings did you use when you were taking the picture?
How did you alter your picture?
Are you satisfied with your results?
 Write a caption to go with your photograph that tells what you want people to
    know about it.

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