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									                                       ECASD Software Evaluation Form
Title of Software         Version                                                      Name of Evaluator
Publisher                                                                              School
Publisher Phone                                                                        Grade/Subject
Is the software Windows XP compatible?         Yes  No                                 Date Evaluation Completed
Is a network version of the software available? Yes    No

Respond to the following statements in regards to the software:

                                                                                      Strongly                                Strongly       Not
                                                                                                    Agree        Disagree
                                                                                       Agree                                  Disagree     Applicable
    1.     Encourages creative teaching and learning.
    2.     Encourages higher levels of thinking/critical thinking.
    3.     Stresses the needs of diverse learners.
    4.     Stresses state and national standards identified in the
           curriculum. (Check standards at:
 5. Can be used for skill building.
 6. Stresses learning that is not easily replicated without
 7. Program encourages high level of student interaction.
 8. Active feedback and appropriate assessment is provided.
 9. Presentation and organization is effective.
10. Graphics and sound enhance learning.
11. Teacher support materials are clear and comprehensive.
12. Program motivates students to learn in a new way.
13. Students can operate program independently.

        Indicate which student groups are most likely to use the software:
             Grade levels                                    Disability areas                               Subject areas
        List independent reviews/evaluations (3 max) of the software you have found on the Internet. (Attach copies or
         provide hyperlink)                                                     Unable to find independent reviews/evaluations
        What type of purchase is being considered?
                  Individual Copy(ies)                  District License                 Lab Pack                           Site License
        Have you consulted with teachers in your department or grade level concerning this purchase?                          Yes       No

                                                  Evaluators Overall Recommendation: (Check one)

             Excellent/Exemplary                           Good/Useful                     Fair                    Poor/Not Recommended

                         Administrator's Signature                                         Department of Technology Approval/Test

                      Revised January 2006        For additional information call Bob Scidmore in the Department of Technology #13082

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