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                                                                          2006 Annual Report
                                                                 CHBCR Board

                                                                 The Centre’s research activities are guided by an Advisory
    Overview                                                     Board comprising senior University of Wollongong
                                                                 academics from the Faculties of Health & Behavioural
    From the Director                                            Sciences and Commerce.
    2006 has been another tremendously successful year for       Associate Professor Sandra Jones
    CHBCR. Since 2004 we have grown from three research          Professor Don Iverson
    staff to 23 continuing and fixed-term staff, and more        Professor Patrick Crookes
    than 30 Higher Degree Research students. In the last         Professor John Glynn
    two years, CHBCR has attracted over $6 million in grants
    and consultancies (including $3.6 million to establish the
    Eastern Australian Dementia Training and Study Centre).

    CHBCR brings together a range of research strengths
    from the School of Nursing, Midwifery and Indigenous
    Health, the School of Psychology, the School of Health
    Sciences (including the Graduate School of Public
    Health), the Faculty of Commerce and the new Graduate
    School of Medicine (commencing 2007). The Centre has
    continued to strengthen its ties with a range of health
    and research organisations including government and
    non-government organisations, Area Health Services
    and other academic and research institutions.                Affiliated Academics

    We have continued to strengthen our expertise and            Professor Patrick Crookes
    reputation in our initial four research streams:             Professor Don Iverson
    1. Health Communication (including social marketing          Professor John Glynn
        and risk communication)                                  Professor John Hogg
    2. Advertising/Media and Health (including critical          Professor John Bushnell
        marketing)                                               Associate Professor Sandra Jones
    3. Health Workforce Change & Leadership                      Associate Professor Gary Butler
    4. Individual Behaviour Change                               Associate Professor Janette Curtis
                                                                 Associate Professor Nicky Hudson
    In addition, we have introduced two new research             Associate Professor Lyndal Parker-Newlyn
    streams, and welcome two new stream leaders:                 Associate Professor Victoria Traynor
    1. Aged & Dementia Care (A/Prof Victoria Traynor)            Associate Professor Heather Yeatman
    2. Health Professional Education Research (A/Prof            Dr Amy Chan
         Nicky Hudson)                                           Dr Deanne Condon-Paoloni
                                                                 Dr Ian Hoult
    This report outlines some of the key achievements for        Dr Nancy Humpel
    2006 – including projects completed, publications and        Dr Danielle McVie
    research funding awarded. All of these achievements          Dr Judy Mullan
    have been the result of the tremendous effort from our       Dr Kerry O’Brien
    enthusiastic and motivated CHBCR staff and students          Dr Allison Shorten
    who have consistently produced high quality work and,        Ms Lyn Phillipson
    equally important, have made CHBCR a dynamic and             Ms Danika Hall
    enjoyable place to work.                                     Ms Joanne Joyce
                                                                 Ms Isla Bowen
                                                                 Ms Angela Brown
                                                                 Mr Roy Brown
                                                                 Mr Terry Froggatt
                                                                 Ms Jennifer Harland
    Sandra C. Jones                                              Ms Faye McMillan

                                                                 Ms Natalie Wall
                                                                 Ms Margaret Wallace
                                                                 Ms Yvonne White
                                                                 Ms Moira Williamson

Associate Professor Sandra C. Jones

Research Fellow:
Dr Nancy Humpel

Research Associates:
Danika Hall
Lyn Phillipson

Project Managers:
Kelly McConville                                             Current Students
Karen Rich
Louise Waters                                                Christina Hoang (PhD – APAI Scholarship)
                                                             Keryn Johnson (PhD – APAI Scholarship)
Research Assistants:                                         Melissa Lynch (PhD – APAI Scholarship)
Amanda Reid                  Samantha Reis                   Katherine van Putten (PhD – ARC Scholarship)
Dr Danielle McVie            Belinda Fabrianesi              Nina Berry (PhD – APA Scholarship)
Parriel Gregory              Elizabeth Wiese                 Jessica Browne (PhD – APA Scholarship)
Clare O’Brien                Jacqui Bridge                   Ahmad Al-Saqarat (PhD)
Jason Bruggemann             Kumiyo Inoue                    Danika Hall (PhD)
                                                             Yumiko Horiguchi (PhD)
Administrative Assistants:                                   Terry Froggatt (PhD)
Deborah O’Leary                                              Joanne Joyce (PhD)
Theresa Mullan                                               Christopher Magee (PhD)
                                                             Susan Vella (PhD)
                                                             Andrew Dalley (DrPH)
Research Students                                            Laura Buccini (DrPH)
                                                             Marjon McNamara (MM-Res)
Student Completions 2006:                                    Timothy Coombs (MN-Res)
                                                             Natalie Cutler (MN-Res)
Heather Smith (MSc) An investigation of the reasons          Robert Frank (MN-Res)
parents and carers of children with asthma declined to       J Kesby (MN-Res)
attend self management education programs                    Julia Kittsclha (MN-Res)
                                                             Rebecca Middleton (MN-Res)
Belinda Giles (MSc) Concepts of “sufficiency” in women’s     Natalie Wall (MN-Res)
physical activity for health: lay perspectives and the
National Guidelines

Katie Rampling (BA Hons) Study of female university
students responses to US and NZ direct to consumer
advertisements for contraceptives and anti-depressants

Kate Smith (BCom Hons) The influence of source credibility
on social marketing messages and how this interacts with
degree of acceptance

Laura Fiess (BCom Hons) Message design factors in current
social marketing print campaigns

                                                                                 2006 Annual Report

    Projects Completed in 2006

    Healthy eating campaigns: Perceptions of the message and            Potential avian influenza-induced pandemic: Minimising
    messenger                                                           public panic

    Sandra C. Jones, Linda Tapsell and Peter Williams                   Sandra C. Jones, John Rossiter, Don Iverson, Max Sutherland,
    ARC Discovery Grant                                                 Chris Puplick, Julian Gold
                                                                        NHMRC Urgent Research Grant
    This project consisted of a group of observational
    and experimental studies to examine healthy eating                  This project consisted of a series of studies designed to
    messages as they are actually delivered and received in             increase understanding of public perception of health
    a dynamic social context. The studies were designed to              risks and expected response to infectious disease
    gather information on the positions and perspectives of             communications; and to devise suitable health risk
    the stakeholder groups; and to investigate the nature,              messages to increase the likelihood that the Australian
    extent, and impact of ambiguities in the communication              public will internalise and action these messages whilst
    process. The three phases of the project were: an analysis          maintaining a certain state of public calm. The project
    of current healthy eating campaigns; a CATI survey of 834           included three series of focus groups, two Australia-wide
    adults aged 18 and over; and experimental studies with              telephone surveys, intercept surveys at major airports,
    consumers and dieticians/nutritionists to examine the               and the development and pre-testing of television and
    impact of message sponsor on acceptability of healthy               print advertisements for major phases of a potential
    eating messages.                                                    pandemic. The project’s main achievements include
                                                                        consumer-tested advertising concepts, and evidence-
                                                                        based guidelines.

    Efficacy of strategies to increase participation rates in disease   Investigation into asthma awareness and education in the
    management programs                                                 65+ age group.

    Don Iverson and Sandra C. Jones                                     Sandra C. Jones and Danika Hall
    ARC Linkage Grant                                                   URC New Partnerships Grants Scheme

    This study, conducted in partnership with ahm, was                  This study, in partnership with the Asthma Foundation
    designed to test the effectiveness of various invitation            of NSW, was designed to ascertain current asthma
    letters and telephone calls in increasing uptake rates              knowledge and potential forms of asthma education
    into a disease management program (Total Health).                   targeting people over 65 years in the Illawarra area.
    Stage 1 aimed to increase participation rates in Total              Twelve health and aged care professionals participated in
    Health among members who had completed a health                     in-depth interviews; in addition, eight focus groups were
    risk assessment (2,960 people). Stage 2 investigated the            conducted with adults aged over 65 years. The study
    impact of message framing and an incentive in increasing            found a considerable gap in the knowledge and skills of
    enrolment rates among members of ahm who had not                    older adults in the Illawarra region in relation to asthma.
    completed a health risk assessment (2,997 people). In               Recommendations from this study were to conduct
    summary, the study found that neither message framing               broader research to ascertain whether the results of this
    nor the offer of an incentive influenced members’decisions          study are representative at a state or national level, and the

    to join Total Health; however, the communication source             application of theoretical models such as social marketing
    (letter versus phone call) did impact on the decision.              and community education to further explore key themes
                                                                        outlined in this study and to offer a clearer direction for
                                                                        future interventions.
Pilot study to investigate the nature and extent of non-            Academic integrity: A collaborative project to embed key
advertising alcohol promotions in the Wollongong CBD                graduate attributes in the curriculum

Sandra C. Jones                                                     Margaret Wallace, Alison Betts, Chris Brewer, Isla Bowen,
HBS Faculty Seeding Grant                                           Bronwyn James, Paul Moore & Jan Skillen
                                                                    ESDF Grant
Despite the existence of a Code of Practice for Responsible
Promotion of Liquor Products there is little, if any, data          This project took an action-research approach to the
on the nature and extent of promotions which could                  development of student academic integrity, facilitating
arguably fall under either “acceptable” or “unacceptable”           change in teaching practices within the BN program
practices. Over an eight-week period we monitored                   and providing evidence of effective strategies to enable
promotions offered by licensed venues (pubs, bars and               students to understand and value the evidence-based
clubs) in the Wollongong central area. We identified a              culture of university study; develop effective skills in reading,
range of different types of promotions, including low cost          understanding and writing; and, learn and apply the
and free drinks. Some of the promotions identified could            technical skills of acknowledging the sources of information
be seen to have a positive public health impact, such as            and ideas. The project resulted in the design and evaluation
free food and free transport. However, the majority of              of a set of class activities, learning resources and assessment
promotions were of a nature that would likely increase              tasks. These exemplars and models can be transplanted into
excessive drinking. It is evident from this review that there       the curriculum of programs across the University.
are numerous examples of promotions which breach both
the spirit and the letter of the Code. It is equally evident        Social marketing training program for The Cancer Council
that the system for monitoring compliance with the Code             South Australia
is fundamentally inadequate.
                                                                    Sandra C. Jones, Danika Hall
Investigation of the options for the diversification of the local   The Cancer Council South Australia
taxi fleet and community transport services in Wollongong
and Shellharbour                                                    The Centre for Heath Behaviour and Communication
                                                                    Research was engaged by The Cancer Council NSW (TCCN)
Lyn Phillipson                                                      in 2004/2005 to develop and deliver a training package and
NSW Ministry of Transport, Illawarra Division                       framework (project planning tool) in Social Marketing. The
                                                                    training was delivered to TCCN head-office and regional staff
CHBCR undertook an extensive postal and online survey               in February/March 2005 and since that time, TCCN staff have
for The Illawarrra Division of the NSW Ministry of Transport        been utilizing and refining the Social Marketing Framework.
regarding transport usage patterns and unmet needs                  The Cancer Council South Australia (TCCSA) approached
related to wheelchair accessible transport options in the           CHBCR in late 2005 regarding potential delivery of the
Local Government Areas of Wollongong and Shellharbour.              training package and framework. Following consultation
The survey data was utilised by the CHBCR team to                   and consent from TCCN, the training package was tailored
make recommendations in regards to diversifying the                 for, and delivered to, TCCSA staff in February 2006.
taxi fleet and community based transport in the greater
Wollongong region.                                                  Clarifying/refining direction in relation to lifestyle issues for the
                                                                    Cancer Council New South Wales
Health professional survey – Beyond Words follow-up
evaluation                                                          Sandra C. Jones, Danika Hall
                                                                    The Cancer Council New South Wales
Lyn Phillipson
Hammond Care Group                                                  Two workshops, facilitated by A/Prof Sandra Jones and
                                                                    Danika Hall, were held at the Cancer Council NSW (TCCN)
CHBCR recently undertook an independent evaluation                  in December 2005. The objectives of the workshop were to:
of the “Beyond Words” National Training Workshops                   identify a specific program which could be developed and
conducted by the Hammond Care Group, Sydney, NSW.                   implemented by TCCN to promote lifestyle change to reduce

The research design included the surveying of health                the risk of cancer; and to explore research needs and gaps
professionals who had attended the training workshops               in the area of cancer and lifestyle, and identify opportunities
to evaluate the impact of the training on assessment tool           for TCCN to address some of these gaps.
utilisation and other relevant work practices.
                                                                              2006 Annual Report

    Ongoing Projects for 2007

    The use of social marketing theory and practice to develop      The efficacy of a physical activity intervention in the
    innovative and comprehensive sun protection campaigns.          management of psychological and physical symptoms among
    Chief Investigators: Sandra Jones, Don Iverson                  breast and prostate cancer patients.
    Funding: ARC Linkage Grant (2005-2007)                          Chief Investigator: Nancy Humpel
                                                                    Funding: ARC Postdoctoral fellowship (2004-2006)
    National Breast Cancer Foundation Concept Grant 2005-
    Chief Investigators: Sandra Jones, Amy Chan, Don Iverson
    Funding: National Breast Cancer Foundation

    A systematic investigation of the effectiveness of the pre-
    vetting and complaints system for alcohol advertising.
    Chief Investigators: Sandra Jones, Geoff Munro, Cameron
    Funding: Victorian Health Promotion Foundation                  Application of magnet principles in aged care.
                                                                    Chief Investigator: Patrick Crookes, Joanne Joyce
    Evidence-based community standards for ethics in                Funding: Uniting Care
    Chief Investigators: Sandra Jones                               The impact of the change to voluntary student union fees on
    Funding: ARC Discovery (2006-2008)                              the physical activity levels of University students.
                                                                    Chief Investigators: Nancy Humpel, Lyn Phillipson, Danika
    Exploring the issues associated with caring for people living   Hall
    with HIV/AIDS and their implications for health care worker     Funding: HBS Faculty Research Grant
    safety in Indonesia.
    Chief Investigator:Lyn Phillipson, Sandra Jones                 Analysis of prescription pharmaceutical advertising in Australia
    Funding: Albion St Centre, Sydney (2006-2007)                   and NZ magazines and the effectiveness of current advertising
                                                                    regulation in each country.
    Procedural Skills Survey for General Practitioners.             Chief Investigator: Danika Hall
    Chief Investigator:John Hogg, Lyndal Parker-Newlyn, Lyn         Funding: HBS Early Career Research Grant
    Funding: CoastCityCounty Training Ltd (2006-2007)               Consumer responses to direct-to-consumer pharmaceutical
                                                                    advertising and disease state awareness campaigns in Australia
    Review of Alcohol and other Drugs in Nursing, Psychology        and New Zealand.
    and Social Work University Curricula.                           Chief Investigators: Sandra Jones, Danika Hall
    Chief Investigator: Sandra Jones, Janette Curtis                Funding: HBS Faculty Research Grant
    Funding: DET AOD Taskforce (2006-2007)
                                                                    A pilot study to investigate the influence of alcohol advertising
                                                                    (particularly during sports programming) on school children’s
                                                                    alcohol beliefs, knowledge and drinking intentions.
                                                                    Chief Investigator: Lyn Phillipson
                                                                    Funding: HBS Early Career Researcher Grant

                                                                    Development of a research website to collect data and assist
                                                                    men with cancer.
    Development of a ranking of refereed journals in which          Chief Investigators: Nancy Humpel, Frank Deane
    Australia and New Zealand nursing and midwifery                 Funding: Illawarra Institute of Mental Health (iiMH) Research
    researchers publish their work .                                Grant
    Chief Investigators: Sandra Jones, Patrick Crookes, Chris
    Brewer                                                          A review of the literature on the predominant information-
    Funding: Australia and New Zealand Council of Deans of          seeking behaviours of women with regard to (breast) cancer

    Nursing & Midwifery (2006-2007)                                 and recommendations for research and practice.
                                                                    Chief Investigators: Samantha Reis, Sandra Jones
                                                                    Funding: National Breast Cancer Centre
Publications 2006

Refereed Journal Articles

1.   Humpel, N., Magee, C. & Jones, S.C. (in press) The               11. Jones, S.C. & Mullan, J. (2006) Older adults’ perceptions
     impact of a cancer diagnosis on the health behaviors                 and understanding of DTCA, Journal of Consumer
     of cancer survivors and their family and friends,                    Marketing, 23(1): 6-14.
     Supportive Care in Cancer (accepted 14/12/06).
                                                                      12. Jones, S.C. & Owen, N. (2006) Using fear appeals to
2.   Noble G., Stead M., Jones S.C., McDermott L. and                     promote cancer screening – are we scaring the
     McVie, D. (in press) The paradoxical food buying                     wrong people? International Journal of NonProfit
     behaviour of parents: Insights from the UK and                       and Voluntary Sector Marketing, 11: 93-103.
     Australia, British Food Journal (accepted 13/12/06).
                                                                      13. Jones, S.C., Rees, L., Johnson, K. & Tang, A. (2006).
3.   Wilkinson T.J., Wells J.E. and Bushnell J.A. (in press)              Improving sun protection behaviour through
     Medical student characteristics associated with time                 evidence-based campaigns. Public Health Association
     in study: Is spending more time always a good thing?                 of Australia Bulletin. Special Edition ‘Getting Research
     Medical Teacher.                                                     into Policy and Practice’ (GRIPP), 16(11-12): 189-191.

4.   Dew, K., Morgan, S., Dowell, A., McLeod, D., Bushnell,           14. Humpel, N., & Jones, S.C. (2006) Gaining insight into
     J.A. and Collings, S. (in press) “It puts things out of              the what, why and where of complementary and
     your control”: Fear of consequences as a barrier                     alternative medicine use by cancer patients and
     to disclosing mental health issues to general                        survivors, European Journal of Cancer Care, 2006, 15:
     practitioners. Sociology of Health and Illness.                      362–368.

5.   Wilkinson T.J., Wells J.E. and Bushnell J.A. (in press)          15. Roberts SL, Bushnell JA, Collings SCD (2006) The
     What is the educational impact of standards-based                    psychological health of men with partners who have
     assessment in a medical degree? Medical Education.                   postpartum depression Australian and New Zealand
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6.   McDonnell, A., Esmonde, L., Morgan, R., Brown, R.A.,
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     N. and Rowan, K. (in press) The provision of critical                JA, McLeod D, Dowell A, Salmond C, Ramage S,
     care outreach services in England: Findings from a                   Collings S, Ellis P, Kljakovic M, McBain L) (2006) The
     national survey, Journal of Critical Care.                           treatment of common mental health problems in
                                                                          general practice. Family Practice 23(1): 53-9.
7.   Jones, S.C. (in press) Implications of behavioral
     decision theory for health marketing, Marketing                  17. O’Brien, E., Nairn, S., Traynor, V., Williams, G., Chapple,
     Theory.                                                              M. & Johnson, S. (2006) Student nurses’ knowledge
                                                                          and attitudes towards the use of Portfolios in a School
8.   Curtis, J., Baker, J. & Reid, A. (in press) An exploration           of Nursing, Journal of Clinical Nursing, 15(12): 1509-
     of therapeutic interventions which accompany the                     1520.
     administration of p.r.n. (‘as required’) psychotropic
     medication within acute mental health settings: a                Invited Journal Publications
     retrospective study, International Journal of Mental
     Health Nursing (accepted 12/09/06).                              1.   Jones S.C. (2006) Book review: Global Public Health
                                                                           Communication: Challenges, Perspectives and
9.   Curtis, J. (in press) Working together: A joint initiative            Strategies, Health Promotion Journal of Australia, 7:
     between academics and clinicians to prepare                           73-74.
     undergraduate nursing students to work in mental
     health settings, International Journal of Mental Health
     Nursing (accepted 15/08/06).

10. Curtis, J., Bowen, I. & Reid, A. (in press) You have no
    credibility: Nursing students’experiences of horizontal
    violence, Nurse Education in Practice.
                                                                              2006 Annual Report

    Refereed Conference Proceedings                                 10. Johnson K. and Jones S.C. (2006) Methodological
                                                                        difficulties in a systematic review of social marketing
    1.   Hall D. and Jones S.C. (2006) Direct-to-consumer               for sun protection: Implications for research and
         branding of prescription medicines in Australia,               practice, Proceedings of the 3rd Australasian Non-
         Australian and New Zealand Marketing Academy                   profit and Social Marketing Conference, Newcastle,
         Conference, Brisbane, December 4-6.                            Australia.

    2.   Lynch M. and Jones S.C. (2006) POP Promotions for          Conference Presentations
         alcohol: Increasing brand loyalty or just increasing
         binge drinking? Australian and New Zealand                 CHBCR staff and HDR students presented four papers
         Marketing Academy Conference, Brisbane, December           at the Australasian Society of Behavioural Health and
         4-6.                                                       Medicine (ASBHM) 4th Annual Scientific Conference, in
                                                                    Auckland, New Zealand, 9-11 February 2006:
    3.   Jones S.C., Phillipson L. and Lynch M. (2006) Alcohol      •   Jones S.C., Hall D.V. and Munro G. Effectiveness of
         and sport: Can we have one without the other?                  the revised Alcohol Beverages Advertising Code:
         Australian and New Zealand Marketing Academy                   preliminary findings.
         Conference, Brisbane, December 4-6.                        •   Jones S.C., Hall D.V., Lynch M.J., William P. and Tapsell
                                                                        L. Health claims in food advertising: How prevalent
    4.   Jones S.C., Williams P. and Tapsell L. (2006) Marketing        are they?
         experts’ assessment of nutritional claims in Australian    •   Hoang C., Jones S.C. and Rees L. The efficacy
         food advertising, Australian and New Zealand                   of message framing and incentives to increase
         Marketing Academy Conference, Brisbane, December               recruitment to disease management programs.
         4-6.                                                       •   Johnson K. and Jones S.C. A systematic review of
                                                                        children’s sun protection programs.
    5.   Hoang C. and Jones S.C. (2006). Message framing and
         the use of incentives: Are they effective in increasing    Danika Hall presented three papers at the Inaugural
         participation rates in disease management programs?        Conference on Disease-mongering in Newcastle, Australia,
         Australian and New Zealand Marketing Academy               11-13 April:
         Conference, Brisbane, December 4-6.                        •   Hall D and Jones SC. Newspaper reporting of
                                                                        pharmacological verses behavioural management.
    6.   Jones S.C. and Rossiter J.R. (2006) Incidental depiction   •   Hall D and Jones SC. Cute and cuddly or creepy
         of smoking in Australian young women’s magazines:              crawley: Pharmaceutical branding to consumers.
         Have we progressed since the 1990s? Proceedings of         •   Devlin E, Hastings G, McDermott L, Smith AM, Jones
         the 2006 Marketing and Public Policy Conference.               SC and Hall D. Pharmaceutical marketing: A question
                                                                        of regulation.
    7.   Jones S.C. and Hall D. (2006) Ethical issues in social
         marketing: A review and analysis of complaints to          CHBCR staff and HDR students presented five papers at
         the Australian Advertising Standards Board about           the 5th International Conference on Drugs and Young
         social marketing advertisements, Proceedings of            People in Sydney, Australia, 24-26 May 2006:
         the 3rd Australasian Non-profit and Social Marketing       •   Lynch M. and Jones S.C. After eight beers you’ll look
         Conference, Newcastle, Australia.                              great (In your free T-Shirt).
                                                                    •   Jones S.C. and Lynch M. “Responsible promotion of
    8.   Jones S.C. and Fabrianesi B. (2006) Who’s saying what          alcohol” in licenced premises?
         about food advertising to children? Proceedings of         •   Jones S.J., Hall D.V. and Munro G. Alcohol advertising:
         the 3rd Australasian Non-profit and Social Marketing           The experts disagree.
         Conference, Newcastle, Australia.                          •   Jones S.C. and Lynch M. Under the radar? Non-
                                                                        advertising promotions in bottleshops.
    9.   Lynch M. and Jones S.C. (2006) Adolescents, sun            •   Reis S. and Curtis J. Alcohol, adolescence and
         protection and social marketing, Proceedings of the            attachment: Association between attachment
         3rd Australasian Non-profit and Social Marketing               styles and alcohol disorders in adolescence and
         Conference, Newcastle, Australia.                              adulthood.

Sandra Jones presented a paper at the Behavioural              Vicki Traynor presented a paper at the Australian
Decision Research in Management Conference, Santa              Association of Gerontology in Sydney, November 2006:
Monica, California, 14-16 June 2006:                           •    Traynor V., Baker P., Defriez J., Dirkse Van Schalykwyk
•   Jones, S.C. The importance of now: Relationships                W., McGarry J. and Bartlett R. Collaborative action
    between temporal preferences and the decision to                research: Facilitating change in acute dementia care.
                                                               Kelly Andrews presented a paper at the 2006 Australian
Vicki Traynor presented a paper at the Advances in             Asthma Conference, Adelaide, 23-24 October, which won
Qualitative Methods Annual Conference, Brisbane, July          the award for the best presentation at the conference:
2006:                                                          •    Jones S.C., Hall D.V., Andrews K.L., McVie D., St John-
•    Traynor V., Baker P., Defriez J., Dirkse Van Schalykwyk        Austen M. and Dephoff M. Asthma awareness and
     W., McGarry J. and Bartlett R. Collaborative action            education in the 65+ age group – pilot study.
     research: Making it happen.
                                                               Invited Presentations
Sandra Jones presented three papers at the Social
Marketing Advances in Research and Theory in Banff,            Sandra Jones presented an invited workshop at the
Canada, October 9-21 2006:                                     Australia and New Zealand Buddhist Youth Conference
•   Jones S.C. and Fabrianesi B. Gross for kids but good       entitled “Media: True or false”, followed by an interactive
    for parents: Differing messages in advertisements for      workshop facilitated by Louise Waters, Katie Rampling
    the same products.                                         and Debbie O’Leary from CHBCR.
•   Jones S.C. and Rossiter J.R. Young people’s perceptions
    of smoking actors.                                         Janette Curtis presented an invited paper on Health
•   Jones S.C. and van Putten K. Do the ends justify the       leadership, management and economics to the Kochi
    means? An analysis of consumer complaints about            Nursing Association in Japan, January, 2006.
    social marketing advertisements in Australia and
    New Zealand.                                               Sandra Jones presented a Plenary paper at the Third
                                                               Australasian Non-profit and Social Marketing Conference,
Nancy Humpel presented two papers at the 8th World             Newcastle, August 2006, entitled “Does social marketing
Congress on Psycho-Oncology Conference in Venice,              have, or need, ethical standards for advertising?”
October 2006:
•   Humpel N. and Iverson D. Sleep quality in cancer           Vicki Traynor presented a Plenary paper at the Aged Care
    survivors and the influence of exercise. Psycho-           Research Advisory Committee conference in November
    Oncology, 5 (supp 2), S257.                                2006, entitled “Action research: Partnerships in research”.
•   Humpel N. and Iverson D. Depression and fatigue in
    cancer patient: is there a relationship with exercise?     Sandra Jones presented an invited paper at the Australian
                                                               and New Zealand Marketing Academy Conference in
Nancy Humpel presented a paper at the 3rd Biennial             Brisbane, December 4-6, 2006, entitled “A needle of social
Cancer Survivorship Research Conference, Cancer                marketing in a haystack of alcohol advertising”.
Survivorship: Embracing the Future in Bethesda, USA,
October 2006:                                                  Chris Puplick presented on the project “Potential avian
•   Humpel N. and Iverson D. Physical activity and             influenza-induced pandemic: Minimising public panic” at
    sleep disturbance in cancer survivors: Is there a          the National Influenza Symposium in Canberra, October,
    relationship?                                              2006.

                                                               Sandra Jones presented an invited paper entitled “Direct-
                                                               to-consumer-branding of prescription pharmaceuticals
                                                               in Australia” at the Dartmouth Medical School, October,

                                                               Sandra Jones presented an invited paper entitled
                                                               “Potential avian influenza-induced pandemic: Minimising

                                                               public panic” at the VA Outcomes Group in Dartmouth,
                                                               October, 2006.
                                                                   2006 Annual Report

     Community and Professional Development

     Patrick Crookes was invited to be a member of a Working
     Party to identify content for undergraduate Nursing
     programmes in Australia, funded by the National Mental
     Health Taskforce.

     In March, Don Iverson and Sandra Jones spoke at the
     National Breast Cancer Foundation Breakfast Briefing.

     In May, Sandra Jones presented a seminar at the University
     of the Third Age on “Media coverage of health scares”.

     In June, Patrick Crookes was invited to be the Co-ordinator
     of the National Dementia Training Study Centre’s Project
     Co-ordination Group for DoHA.

     In September, Sandra Jones gave a presentation to
     the NSW Office of Drug and Alcohol Policy on CHBCR’s
     research into compliance with the industry self-regulatory
     codes on alcohol advertising.

     In September, Sandra Jones presented two seminars, and
     met with members of parliament, on issues related to the
     review of alcohol advertising in New Zealand.

     In October, Patrick Crookes gave a presentation to the
     Council of Deans of Nursing and Midwifery (CDNM) on the
     project “Development of a ranking of refereed journals in
     which Australia and New Zealand nursing and midwifery
     researchers publish their work”.

                                                                            The Illawarra Mercury, 13 December 2006

                                      The Illawarra Mercury, 21 February 2006
                     er, J
                             ar y

                                                                                CHBCR in the News

                                                                                February 2006
                                                                                The media reported on CHBCR’s success as one of only 33
                                                                                projects Australia-wide under the Federal Government’s
                                                                                Urgent Research Program for a potential bird flu pandemic.
                                                                                This story was covered by: the Illawarra Mercury, WaveFM,
                                                                                and ABC Radio.

The Illawarra Mercury, 15 July 2006
                                                                                March 2006
                                                                                The bird flu project received additional media attention
                                                                                on the announcement that we had received $250,000
                                                                                from the NHMRC for the bird flu project, including: The
                                                                                Advertiser, Illawarra Mercury and Campus News.

                                                                                CHBCR commenced a project with the Asthma Foundation
                                                                                NSW to explore older Australian’s perceptions of asthma,
                                                                                and this was reported by: the Illawarra Mercury and ABC

                                                                                June 2006
                                                                                A/Prof Sandra Jones released the results of a study
                                                                                conducted by CHBCR and the ADF into alcohol advertising
                                                                                which found that industry regulations are being repeatedly
                                                                                ignored and that the system should be overhauled. This
                                                                                story was covered by: ABC television news, ABC radio
                                                                                news, ABC online news, the Illawarra Mercury, and the
                                                                                Daily Telegraph.

                                                                                July 2006
                                                                                The Illawarra Mercury reported on Danielle McVie’s
                                                                                graduation with a PhD following the birth of baby Lucy
                                                                                three months premature.

                                                                                The Illawarra Mercury reported that Sandra Jones would
                                                                                be presenting a talk at the Australia and New Zealand
                                                                                Buddhist Youth Conference.

                                                                                September 2006
                                                                                Win News reported on the project “Raising awareness
                                                                                about Dementia among acute care staff” as a promotion
                                                                                activity during Alzheimer’s Awareness Week.

                                                                                December 2006
                                                                                The Illawarra Mercury reported on Parri Gregory’s
                                                                                successful completion of a Bachelor of Science (Hons)
                                                                                with a double major, and winning the University Medal.

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