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Capital Campaign Final Report - Asian Counseling and Referral


									                               ASIAN COUNSELING and REFERRAL SERVICE
                                                                                        C A P I TA L C A M P A I G N F I N A L R E P O R T

                                                                                                                                 April 2009

THANK YOU                                                                                                     INSIDE THIS ISSUE

FOR OUR NEW HOME                                                                                              Letters from the Directors .....2

Thanks to generous community, corporate,                Since moving into the International District          Photo Gallery ......................... 3
foundation and government support, Asian                Village Square in 1998, the number of clients
Counseling and Referral Service reached two             served grew from 12,450 people to more than           Art Campaign ........................ 6
milestones last year. It opened its new $21.7           22,000 in 2007. Under Executive Director
                                                                                                              Capital Campaign Donors ......8
million facility and celebrated its 35th anniversary.   Diane Narasaki’s leadership, ACRS’ budget
                                                        grew from $3.3 million in 1995 to $10.9 million
As ACRS completed its Capital Campaign, staff                                                                 Board Focus ......................... 10
                                                        in 2008.
moved into their new home in June, 2008 and held
a community celebration in early August.                ACRS began in a borrowed basement room at             Volunteer Focus ....................11
                                                        the Blaine Memorial United Methodist Church
RESPONSE TO GROWTH                                      in 1973 with volunteer counselors. Over its 35-       Staff Donors ........................ 13

                                                        year history, ACRS rented offices in at least six
ACRS embarked on this monumental effort in the                                                                Staff Focus ........................... 14
                                                        different buildings.
spring of 2003 by purchasing the 82,000 square
feet of land on Martin Luther King Jr. Way South        MORE SPACE                                            Calendar ............................... 16
when it outgrew its space in the International
District and could not expand to meet the               Capital Campaign Director Elisa Del Rosario, a
increasing needs of clients and the rapidly growing     19- year veteran of ACRS, said for the first time,
Asian Pacific American community. Lack of               the organization owns its building, which is
adequate parking for clients and staff also made        designed to meet the needs of its clients, staff
access to services challenging.                         and community.

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OF DIRECTORS                         Letters from the Directors
Kim Tran
Thao Tran
First Vice President
Li Tan
Second Vice President
Anita Rodgers

Rob Harris

Nathan Alexander
Christine Chen
Stan Dahlin
Debadutta Dash
Derek Edmonds
Elizabeth Huang
JoAnne Kennedy
Christine Liu
Linda Lorentz
Mick Matsuzawa
Frederica Overstreet
Dennis Shiroma
Richard Sohn
Fernando Vega, M.D.
Sun Yi
                        DEAR FRIENDS,                                          DEAR FRIENDS,
                        Once in a while, if we are very lucky, we are given    As we put together this final capital campaign
Elisa Del Rosario
                        the chance to take on a challenge which brings         edition, I grew increasingly proud of what WE
Melinda Mizuta          people together, strengthens our community and         ALL – donors, funders, clients, volunteers and
Josephine C. Mumpar     builds a legacy for the future. That opportunity       staff – have accomplished together: a beautiful new
Dean Wong               comes to me often here at ACRS, and never more         home, where clients and community members feel
                        so than in the building of our new home. Every day     welcomed, respected and understood.
PHOTOGRAPHERS           I worked with amazing human beings; clients, staff,
Gregg Currier           volunteers, community members and leaders,             Thank you for the honor and privilege of working
Carina A. del Rosario                                                          with all of you these past six years to make our
                        donors, architects, artists, business and foundation
Horatio Law                                                                    dream home a reality. As with most capital
Jocelyn Lui             leaders, elected officials and others, in meeting
Alice McLean Barnes     this challenge.                                        projects/campaigns, the journey wasn’t always
Melinda Mizuta                                                                 smooth. But the vision and mission of ACRS always
Dean Wong               Together, we created a beautiful space, filled with    kept us focused and on track.
                        love and respect for our beginnings, peace and
DESIGNER                healing in the present and the creative energy that    Now that the building is finished and the campaign
Hyunchul Luke Jung      helps us shape the future. We save and improve         completed, I have bid farewell to the ACRS family.
                        lives, play, build community and strive for social     After 19 years at ACRS, wearing different leadership
                        justice here.                                          hats, I’ve decided to take time off to rest and
                                                                               explore other adventures.
                        This could never have happened without you. Our
                        home is the community’s home and we will always        As one volunteer recently said, “All roads lead
                        be grateful to you for making it possible.             back to ACRS.” I know our paths will cross again
                                                                               because of our shared support for ACRS and the
                        With infinite gratitude,                               important work it does for our community.

                                                                               All the best,

                        Diane Narasaki
                        ACRS Executive Director
                                                                               Elisa Del Rosario
                                                                               ACRS Capital Campaign Director
                                                                                                                                CAPITAL CAMPAIGN FINAL REPORT

                                                                                                                      Photo Gallery


    2                                              3                                           4

    5                                              6




        1 Blessing Dance by the Cambodian Heritage Dance Troupe. 2 Diane Narasaki & Kim Tran, Board President. 3 Multilingual Building
        Tours. 4 Lao Buddhist Society Blessing 5 Khmu Sword Dance 6 ACRS Staff Celebrate. 7 Ribbon Cutting. 8 Mak Fai Lion Dancers.
        9 Entertainment in the Safeco Insurance Foundation Activity Center. 10 Filipino Elders.


           Photo Gallery (cont.)

        GROUNDBREAKING ...                                                                   CONSTRUCTION ...

 1                                                                                     10

2                           3


5                          4

                                                                                       12                                          14

                           6                              7


                           8                              9

                                1 Site prior to construction. 2 White string, flowers and beeswax candles used for Groundbreaking Ceremony blessing. 3 (Left to
                                Right) Diane Narasaki, Sen. Patty Murray, Gov. Christine Gregoire, Former Seattle City Council Member David Della, State Rep. &
                                House Speaker Frank Chopp and (Back) King County Council Member Larry Phillips at Groundbreaking. 4 Leadership Team shovel
                                dirt at Groundbreaking. 6 – 9 Aerial shots of construction stages. 5,10,12 & 14 ACRS building in construction. 13 One of many
                                hard hat tours.
                                                                                                                            CAPITAL CAMPAIGN FINAL REPORT

COMPLETION ...                                                                                    OPEN FOR SERVICE.




                     4                                                                                   5                            6


                     8                                                               9

1 Frame for Gilded Bowl Column installed. 2 The new ACRS building. 3 Liang-Jones Family Entry Portal. 4 Kimball Elementary School
students perform the Lion Dance for Lunar New Year at ACRS. 5 Basketball game in the Safeco Insurance Foundation Activity Center. 6
Thomas Pak Fountain. 7 Teen Peer Advocates display their bowls. 8 Robotics competition sponsored by team xbot held at the Safeco
Insurance Foundation Activity Center. 9 Graduates of the Naturalization Program.

           Art Campaign


         Many observers admire the design of the ACRS building            There are 192 bowls in 12 rows, glazed with metallic gold
         with its blue and orange exterior as they drive by on Martin     on the insides and painted in blue with individual designs
         Luther King Jr. Way South.                                       by the agency’s clients, employees, volunteers and board
                                                                          members on the outsides of the bowls.
         Walking the hallways, clients, staff and visitors can see that
         beauty is more than skin deep with the work of local artists     Additional bowls have been installed on the walls of the
                                              on display.                 staircase. One hundred of the bowls were painted by clients.
         “... the Gilded Bowl
                                          Capital Campaign                “Everyone took part in it. The Gilded Bowl Column
         Column symbolizes the            Director Elisa Del              symbolizes the strength and backbone of the Asian Pacific
                                          Rosario said nearly             Islander community,” said Cora Edmonds, owner of
         strength and backbone $165,000 was raised                        ArtXchange Gallery and a member of the ACRS
         of the Asian Pacific             to commission and               Art Committee.
                                          purchase a variety of art
         Islander community.”             in different mediums            “I like to work with the community on cultural elements.
                                          and styles. Del Rosario         When I think of ACRS, I think about people getting together
         – Cora Edmonds                   gratefully acknowledges         at a round banquet table. I decided it would be more
                                          the hard work of the ten        interesting if everyone had a hand in it. There’s a sense
         member Art Committee for raising these funds separate            of ownership. People came in and exchanged ideas and
         from the capital campaign.                                       stories,” said Law.

         Local artists Horatio Law and Marita Dingus, working with        Before painting, Law asked clients to think about
         Romson Bustillo, have created signature collaborative art        incorporating stories or images that depicted their
         installations in the facility.                                   immigrant or refugee experiences. Others chose to paint
                                                                          whatever was important to them or abstract expressions.
         Visitors are greeted at the main stairwell by Law’s Gilded
         Bowl Column as it winds upward through ACRS’
         main stairway.
                                                                                                                                    CAPITAL CAMPAIGN FINAL REPORT

    Another art centerpiece is the Community Quilt Project                                        The art committee met for two years to organize the art
    by artists Dingus and Bustillo. Both artists, especially                                      component of ACRS’ new building. “We reached out to
    Dingus, create art from recycled or ‘found’ items, which                                      a lot of artists in the community. We thought about the
    complements ACRS’ green building feature.                                                     diversity of clients, the culture of art and visual appeal,”
                                                                                                  said Edmonds.
                                                  Working with clients,
    “We reached out to
                                                  staff and volunteers, they                      Juan Alonso, Jamie Ardena, Diem Chau, Carina A. del
    a lot of artists in the                       created long strings of                         Rosario, Fay Jones, Alan Lau, Saya Moriyasu, Dai-
                                                  handmade dolls which                            Giang Nguyen, June Sekiguchi, Chang-Ae Song, Dean
    community. We thought                         hang in an atrium from                          Wong and other artists from ArtXchange and Azuma
                                                  the third floor to the                          Gallery have pieces in the collection. There are also
    about the diversity of
                                                  first floor.                                    ethnographic art from Spider Kedelsky’s collection.
    clients, the culture of
                                       The dolls are dressed up                                   “In Seattle and King County, not many social service
    art and visual appeal.”            in different ethnic textiles.                              agencies raise money to install art. It has been a very
                                       Dingus also incorporated                                   wonderful and excellent opportunity,” said Gary Tang,
    – Cora Edmonds                     embroidery pieces done                                     Program Director of Aging and Adult Services.
                                       by ACRS Mien clients into
    a second installation using recycled aluminum tape and lids                                   The art inspiration won’t end with the collection
    of orange juice cans.                                                                         currently on the walls. ACRS plans to continue
                                                                                                  sponsoring art workshops where local artists can
    Bustillo also has five pieces of art from his Moltas Series on                                collaborate on projects with ACRS clients, staff and
    display on the first floor.                                                                   volunteers to create works of art. A rotating gallery will
                                                                                                  provide an opportunity for artists and clients to display
                                                                                                  their work on the first floor.
    ART OPENING 10.06.08
1                                                                2                                ART COMMITTEE:                 WITH SUPPORT FROM:

                                                                                                  Sholpan Belbayev               ODYSSEY ENTERPRISES, INC.
                                                                                                  Carina A. del Rosario
                                                                                                  Cora Edmonds
                                                                                                  Michelle Kumata
                                                                                                  Susan Kunimatsu
                                                                                                  Linda Suyama
                                                                                                  Mayumi Tsutakawa
                                                                                                  Elisa Del Rosario *
                                                                                                  Jocelyn Lui *
                                                                                                  Alice McLean Barnes *
3                                                                                                 Gary Tang *
                                                                                                  * ACRS Staff

                                                                                                  Special thanks to Michael      THANK YOU TO THE FOLLOWING
                                                                                                  Barrette, Patty Buckingham     SUPPORTERS FOR THEIR IN-KIND
                                                                                                  and Dean Wong for their help   ART DONATIONS:
                                                                                                  with the art installations.    ArtXchange Rod Haynes Fay Jones
                                                                                                                                   Sompasong Keohavong    Donald
                                                                                                                                 & Carole King Naty Lamug Lao
                                                                                                                                 Heritage Foundation Joseph Mills
                                                                                                                                  Joan Murphy Johsel Namkung
                                                                                                                                 Diane Narasaki

    1 Gary Tang, AAS Director and Art Committee member (far left), poses with ACRS models wearing his fashion
    creations using recycled ACRS promotional materials. 2 Pat Soon, Behavioral Health Supervisor, models samurai
    jacket made with recycled Walk for Rice brochures. 3 Art Committee receives acknowledgement at Art Opening.


           Capital Campaign Donors

         $1,000,000 +                          Shan Juan & Ching Huei Lu               Ark & Winifred Chin                    Anne Xuan Clark
         Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation       Medina Foundation                       Stan & Priscilla Dahlin                Riza De Jesus & Frederick Robinson
                                               Microsoft Matching Grants               Hugh & Jane Ferguson Foundation        Camille & Don DeSantis
         City of Seattle
                                               In Memory of Michael Miyauchi           Elisa Del Rosario, Michael,            Laurie Dieckmann
         King County                              Richard & Kathryn Miyauchi               Christopher & Beija Flor           Key & Lily Donn
         The Taxpayers of Washington State     Kareen & Henry Queen                    Eric Fredricks & Kinam Sohn            Danny & Beth Eng
         United States Federal Government      In Memory of Yuri Takahashi             Theresa Fujiwara                       Tracie & Bruce Friedman
                                                  Marcia Fujimoto & David Keene        Yoon Joo Han                           Helen Gamble
                                               John Tran & Cynthia Wareing-Tran        Susan Hennessy & Marcus Wood           Bruce & Dawn Goto
         $500,000 - $999,999                                                           Katie Hong & Harold Taw                Amy Ho
         The Kresge Foundation                                                         Davis Y. Ja                            David and Martha Hsiao
                                               $10,000 - $24,999                       Kawabe Memorial Fund                   Vera & Joey Ing
         The Paul G. Allen Family Foundation   Mitch Acevedo & John Kephart            JoAnne & Ronald Kennedy                Dr. Akira & Yuko Ishimaru
         Safeco Insurance Foundation           Kenneth & Marleen Alhadeff Foundation   Steve & Vivian Ma                      Alice Ito & Robert Shimabukuro
                                               All Freight International, Inc.         The McNaughton Foundation              Barbara Johns & Richard Hesick
                                               Norman Archibald                        Drs. Joseph Morris & Jilan Liu         C. James Judson
         $100,000 - $499,999                       Charitable Foundation               Nordstrom, Inc.                        Matthew Kelley
         The Boeing Company                    Naomi Lazarus Barnes Memorial Fund      Mae & Larry Numata                     Nila Kim
         Murdock Charitable Trust              Larry Blackstock & Lori Matsukawa       Tosh & Toshiko Okamoto                 J. Cristina Krisologo-Elliott
         The Nesholm Foundation                Jon & Bobbe Bridge                      David & Dina Okimoto                        & Marcus Elliott
                                               Phyllis & Bill Campbell                 Dr. Robert Putsch                      Ellen Kuo & Jeff Battema
         The Norcliffe Foundation
                                               Children Count Foundation               Karen I. Raines                        Chin Kwan & Chun Jong Liu
         Odyssey Enterprises, Inc.             Lisa Chin & Nigel Green                 Bob Santos & Sharon Tomiko Santos      Ken Kwong
         Thomas K. Pak                         Martha Choe                             Catherine & David Skinner              Tony Lee
         Bertha & Herb Tsuchiya                CTIN Events/Chris Tran & Ernie Lou      Harold & Diane Taniguchi               Emily Leslie
         Yale & Laura Wong                     Suzanne Hittman                         Kim Tran & Angelo Locsin               Yin Ling Leung & Shaibal Roy
                                               Horizons Foundation                     Translink Shipping Inc.                John Lowrance & Adele Maruo
                                               Gayle Hoshino & Edwin Shigihara         Rick Tsang                             Mickey & Patricia Matsuzawa
         $50,000 - $99,999                     Vincent & Kathleen Hui                  Dr. Fernando Vega                      Heather & Frank Minton
         The Ariel Fund                        Sharon Kim & Junghi Kim                 Benson D. Wong & Terry M. Mark         Sam & Tami Mitsui
                                               In Honor of Richard Narasaki            In Loving Memory of                    Victor & Stacy Mizumori
         DKA Design Team/Donald
                                                   Diane Narasaki & James West         Melody Wong & Betty Wittet             Jamal Mustafa
            & Carole King                      Anita Rodgers                               Scott Wittet, Gary, Ming, Tom      Jill Nishi & Howard Nakase
         DV & Ida McEachern                    In Honor of Bob Santos                      & Marcella Tang                    John & Sharon Okamoto
            Charitable Foundation                  Maria Batayola & James Rounds                                              Overnight Printing & Graphics, Inc.
         Employees Community Fund                  Derek & Juiling Edmonds                                                    Frederica Overstreet and Gordon Hicks
            of Boeing Puget Sound                  Joe & Lucy Edmonds                  $4,999 - $1,000                        Meatt Phnouk
                                                   Carolyn Kelly                       A & D Quality Construction Co.         Marc Platt & Esther Wong
         Robert Harris Family
                                                   Tomio & Jenny Moriguchi             William Adamucci                       Odette Polintan & David Della
         Key Foundation                        Senior Housing Assistance Group         Anonymous                              Mars & Angela Rivera
         Scan Design by Inger                  Katja Shaye & Kollin Min                Michael Baker & Judy Tobin             Masu Sasajima
            & Jens Bruun Foundation            Dennis & Nadine Shiroma                 David Barnes & Alice McLean Barnes     Robert & Lucy Sato
         The Seattle Foundation                Carl Junso Tsuchiya                     Teresita Batayola & Dionnie Dionisio   Edward Schumacher
                                               Uwajimaya, Inc.                         Jean Bateman                           Seattle Chinese Chamber of Commerce
                                               Gloria Lung Wakayama, Dean,             In Honor of Justine & Kelsey Beer      Seattle Kung Fu Club
         $25,000 - $49,999                         Lindsay & Brady Wakayama               Dr. Lawrence & Mrs. Keiko Beer      Dr. Haruto & Mrs. Toki Sekijima
         Kam Au                                Kim M. L. Wallace                       Rita Brogan & Michael Richards         Studio 904, Inc.
         Chris Beer & Amy Acher                Ruth & Ben Woo                          Michael Byun & Mike Johnson            Pei-Pei Sung
         Ellen Ferguson                                                                Catherine Woo Caputo                   Anne Takekawa
         Joshua Green Foundation                                                          & Anthony Caputo                    Ron Takemura & Sharon Sakamoto
         In Honor of Mary Matsuda Gruenewald   $5,000 - $9,999                         Nori Lynn Catabay
                                               Patricia Akiyama & David Larsen                                                Li Tan & Charles Wu
             Cheryl M. Scott                                                           Emma Catague                           Anthony To & Beth Takekawa
         Arnold & Elizabeth Huang              Asian American/Pacific Islanders        Doreen Cato
                                                  in Philanthropy                                                             Clifford Y. (Kip) Tokuda & Barbara Lui
         In Memory of Rocky Kim                                                        Cornell Cebrian                        Thao Tran & Eileen Aparis
             Susan & Seung Shik Lee            Bank of America Foundation                 & Teresita Cabasco-Cebrian
                                               John Chen Beckwith, Paige,                                                     Howard Philip Welt
             Shari & John Song                                                         Chu-Ping & Marjorie Chang              Richard Woo & Arlene Joe
         Bill & Agnes Kwan                        Madison & Jack Milojevich            Dr. Anthony L-T Chen
                                               Frank & Charlene Blethen                                                       Joe & Hideko Yabuki
         Liang-Jones Family                                                               & Dr. Shin-Ping Tu                  Sun Yi
         In Memory of Lillian Ching-Wen Lin    Stella Chao & Michael Smyser            Chinese Baptist Church                 Mary Yu
             Charlotte Lin & Robert Porter                                             Victoria Claravall

                                                                                                                     CAPITAL CAMPAIGN FINAL REPORT

$999 - $500                             Andrew Ching                       David & Janet Kipp                  Brinkley Richardson
Linda Abe                               Richard & Betty Chinn              Mitsuhiro & Lilly Kodama            Daniel Ritter
Nathan & Ruby Hou Alexander             Sheryl & Pelly Chinn               Dr. Martina Koller                  Safeco Insurance Employee
Michael Baker and Judy Tobin            Selina Chow & Andre Loh            Nancy & Robert Koslosky                 Giving Programs
Claire Bishop                           Alan Chun                          Karla Kulseth                       Peggy Saika and Arthur Chen
BP Fabric of America Fund               Harold & Janet Chun                Henry & Jan Kumasaka                Lourdes Sanchez
Sor Kiung Chay                          Cingular Wireless Matching         Bob Lammert                         Rose Sapoznick & Carlos Zabala
Christine Chen                          Robert Clubb                       Madeline Langhelm                   Hideko Sato
James & Dorothy Chen                    Bob Coggins                        Joo Hoon & Jung Im Lee              Kiri Schultz & Michael Wills
Wallace and Deanna Chinn                Countrywide Home Loans             Mr. & Mrs. James Lee                SeaCast, Inc.
Ticiang Diangson & Greggar Sletteland   Dr. Pio & Susan De Cano            Neva Lee                            SEIU Local 775
Dr. Philip Doughten & Cuong La          Nemesio & Manuela del Rosario      Philip Lee                          Deryl Shields
Gurudwara Singh Sabha of WA             C.R. & Amy Dezutter                R. F. Lee                           Robert Shields
Louis Huynh                             Thaochi Do                         Sandra Lee                          Masayuki & Shirley Shimada
JKU Foundation                          Garret Dong                        Yee-Chin Li & Kuo-Chen Li           Eirin Shiroma
Louise Kato                             James Douglas & Alexandra Harmon   Nigel & Linda Lo                    June & Sam Shkurhan
C. Kimi Kondo & Jackie Rabb             Richard Elliott                    Mary Beth Lochnicht                 Judith Shoshana
James & Coralie Kozu                    Mahnaz Eshetu                      Myrna & Alberto Locsin              Dolores Sibonga
Mutual of America                       Arlene Flor                        Kristina Logsdon                    Kunthearith Sin
Paul & Janet Nguyen                     Marta Flor & David Harbaugh        Margaret Lu & Jerry Zhu             Eric Snyder
Dr. Joseph & Mrs. Jean Okimoto          Patricia Flor                      Jenny Lui                           Claude & Susan Soudah
Hiep Quach                              Dr. Robert Flor                    Roger & Eva Lui                     Paul Spaeth
Masu Sasajima                           Jessica Franklin                   Bettie Luke                         Christopher & Valerie Stiger
Gordon Sata & Doris Lock                Jennifer Freimund                  Renessa Malang                      Linda Suyama
Lo-Shan & Po-Ling Sun                   Marcia Fujimoto                    Susan Mar                           Sam & Katsuko Takahashi
Glenn Tamura                            Randy & Rebecca Fukuda             Valerie Martinez                    James & Christine Takisaki
Louis and Georgia Lord Watanabe         Annie Galarosa                     Mary Matsuda & Raymond Gruenewald   Mr. Li Tan
Elaine Wetterauer                       B.J. Gantt                         Jo Elaine Akemi Matsumoto           Victoria Terao
                                        Zev Joseph Handel & Ju Namkung     Yuri Matsuzawa & June Shkurhan      Yoshio & Florence Teshima
                                        David & Minnie Teresa Hart         Michael Matza                       Cathy Thompson
$499 - $1                               Roderick & Amelia Haynes           Karla & Michael McGuire             Ann Tippitt
Alexander Party Rentals                 Edwin Hidano & Nancy Chin          Jil & Peter McJunkin                Eileen Tokita
A. Jerome Anderson                      Henry & Tomi Hirano                C. A. & K. Y. Minami                David Tracy
Caroline Anderson                       Dr. Emily Hitchens                 James & Michelle Mizuki             Karen Tsao & Mark Johnson
Sheldon Arakaki                         David Hokari                       Dr. James Morishima                 Frank & Evelyn Tse
S. James Arima                          Don & Mary Houghton                Craig Murakami                      Tom & Reiko Tsubota
Nancy Ashley                            Oliver Hsu                         Jerry & Faye Niiyama                United Enterprises, Inc.
Azuma Gallery                           Tuyen Huynh                        Keiji & Nobuko Nikami               Todd Uyeda
Gene & Sally Beall                      Tsuguo & Sumiko Ikeda              Sandy & Kone Nisperos               Gemma Valdez-Daggatt & Russ Daggatt
Clara Beard                             Raymond Ishii                      Eileen Doody O’Hearn                Fanny Wang
Richard & Sarah Bergdahl                Dean Ishiki                        Arlene Oki                          Philip Wang
Blaine Memorial United                  Craig Ishino                       Richard Omata                       Timothy Wang
    Methodist Church                    Akiko & Toshio Ito                 Kenji & Martha Onishi               Matsue & Sam Watanabe
Paul & Phoebe Bock                      Dr. Brian Ito & Laura Sameshima    Osami’s Barber Shop                 Eugene & Marilyn Webb
Robert Britt & Sharon Kita              Deborah Jacobs                     Lena Park & Robert Coggins          Dorothy Wexler
Eric Byunn                              Stephen & Nina Jue                 Jeffery Parker                      Armand Wilson
Khanh Tuyet Cao                         Arthur Kageyama                    Aiomanu Betty & Von Paul Patu       Brian Wong & Cindy Gok
Jesus & Vilma Casanova                  Morris Kanekuni                    Carmen Pelayre                      Marvin Yamaguchi & Dianne Graham
Marguerite Casey Foundation             Grace Nogami Kasahara              Danica Petersen                     Teak Sing Yap & Huey Ching Yeh
    Matching Fund                       Beverly & Shana Kashino            Canh Pham & Doquyen Huynh           John Yeung & Shing-Chun Tsui
Carmen & Paul Chan                      Etsuko Mary Kawaguchi              Patricia Phillips                   Mitch & Gail Yockey
Martin Chan                             Sam & Fumi Kawakami                Kenneth Quan                        Arthur & Helene Yorozu
Chu-Ping Chang                          Sally Kazama                       Rolf & Linda Rautenberg             Shu-Hua Yu
Huei Jung & Pauline Chang               Charles & Rebekah Kim              Rose Sumi Reid                      Wang Yung & Leslie Lum
Mary Ann Chatman                        Soo Young Kim                      A. Jane Remsberg                    Lia Zhao
Hongbo Chen & Christine Liu             Ronald & Diane King                Jonathan & Thanh Rhim

                                                                                                                  Continued on page 15


            Board Focus

         Rob Harris                        Rob Harris, his wife, Wanna, and friends Orrapin Chanchary and Esther Wong
                                           Platt toast ACRS at the Wine Tasting fundraiser at Chateau St. Michelle Winery.

         Now that ACRS has a new home, Board Vice President                             Harris was one of the top board contributors to the
         Rob Harris expects the agency’s services to grow.                              new building and an enthusiastic fundraiser. As the
                                                                                        founder and CEO of Pacific Marketing International,
         “It will really raise the bar further on the level of                          his company made a $25,000 donation to ACRS’ new
         professionalism and the quality of services. It takes it up                    home, while also continuing to generously support Walk
         a notch,” said Harris.                                                         for Rice, ACRS’ annual fundraiser for its food bank and
                                                                                        the agency’s annual dinner/auction. Harris also made a
         Five years ago, Harris joined the ACRS Board after many
                                                                                        personal $36,000 donation to the capital campaign.
         years of sponsoring Walk for Rice. “I was impressed by the
         mission, hope and opportunity in 30 languages,” he said,                       Harris met with businesses, elected officials and
         referring to the phrase used by the agency to emphasize                        foundations in the 22-member Board’s outreach efforts
         its diverse staff and clientele.                                               to expand the base of support for ACRS. The Scan
                                                                                        Design Foundation, in which Harris is a member of the
         Harris played a key role in the $21.7 million capital
                                                                                        Board of Directors, contributed $75,000.
         campaign and described it as “an amazing process.”
         The campaign, which formally ended in December 2008,                           These three contributions combined helped push the
         took six years to complete with a few pledges going                            capital campaign over its fundraising goal. “Every little
         beyond 2008. Multimillion dollar support from all levels                       bit helps. It was a lot of people, a lot of effort,” said
         of government, corporate and private foundations,                              Harris.
         community organizations and individuals from the Asian
         Pacific American community, as well as the broader                             While attending Board meetings in the new home he
         community were sought after.                                                   helped build, Harris takes time to enjoy the design and
                                                                                        features. “It’s a great space with feng shui and feeling,”
                                                                                        he said. “I just love the way it flows. You can tell clients
                                                                                        and staff had a strong voice in how it was designed.”

                                                                                                              CAPITAL CAMPAIGN FINAL REPORT

                                                                                            Volunteer Focus

                  Capital Campaign Committee and board member Elizabeth Huang, President
                  and Co-CEO of Washington First International Bank (WFIB), was one of ACRS’
                  most successful fundraisers for the capital campaign. Elizabeth raised $165,000
                  from friends, family and colleagues for the capital campaign in addition to her
                  and WFIB’s regular support of ACRS events and operations. ACRS asked Huang
                  to share why she supports ACRS:

                  “When I learned that the ACRS was in the middle of a capital campaign to fund
                  a much needed, larger and more accessible new building, I was excited to help.
                  I strongly support organizations that provide social and health services to new
                  immigrant families, and agreed to join the Board after meeting Diane and getting to
Elizabeth Huang   know more about the specialized services provided by ACRS.

                  My husband and I contributed to the building project knowing that it would be
                  beneficial to the Asian Pacific American community and that ACRS would manage
                  the project well. I also encouraged many of my friends and colleagues to join me
                  in supporting ACRS and its new home, and was pleased that many of them made
                  significant contributions. We know our donations will be put to good use, and are
                  excited to make a difference in the lives of many.”

                  All of us at ACRS are very grateful to the members of our Capital Campaign and Honorary
                  Advisory Committees. Without their wise, energetic leadership and generous contributions of
                  time, money and expertise, we could not have reached our goal. Special thanks to courageous
                  Capital Campaign Co-Chairs Lisa Chin and Hank Queen for leading our successful campaign.

                  COMMITTEE                                  ADVISORY COMMITTEE
                  Co-Chair: Lisa Chin                        Patricia Akiyama             Peggy Saika
                  Co-Chair: Hank Queen                       Chris Beer                   Cheryl Scott
                                                             Claire Bishop                Herb Tsuchiya
                  Theresa Fujiwara                           Rita Brogan                  Richard Woo
                  Elizabeth Huang                            Catherine Woo Caputo         Ruth Woo
                  JoAnne Kennedy                             Martha Choe                  Rep. Eric Pettigrew
                  Charlotte Lin                              Suzanne Hittman              Rep. Sharon Tomiko Santos
                  Linda Lorentz                              Alice Ito                    Sen. Adam Kline
                  Kollin Min                                 Davis Ja                     Sen. Erik Poulsen
                  Kareen Queen                               Yin Ling Leung               Sen. Margarita Prentice
                  Thao Tran                                  Sam Mitsui                   Sen. Paull Shin
                                                             Bob Santos                   Council Member Michael Park, Federal Way

                  Lisa Chin & Hank Queen, Capital Campaign Co-Chairs,        Charlotte Lin, board member and campaign volunteer poses by the
                  emcee the Grand Opening.                                   bridge named in honor of her mother, Lillian Ching-Wen Lin.

           Cover Story (cont.)

            Continued from cover

         “Staff was always hunting for space to meet with their       Cambodian high school students, created two new video
         clients. Now we have plenty of meeting rooms and             projects: “I am American” and “Life and Times of a Teenage
         counseling rooms,” Del Rosario said.                         Gambler.” Both videos were shown at Seattle University and
                                                                      at a national Lao conference, held at ACRS.
         To better serve their clients, the agency’s youth program
         asked for a gymnasium and a drop-in center. Seniors and      ACRS also rents out the kitchen, the Safeco Insurance
         nutrition staff wanted a commercial kitchen for on-site      Foundation Activity Center and meeting rooms to the
         meal programs. Vocational staff put a computer lab to        community when they are available. ACRS has already
         teach clients computer literacy on their wish list.          hosted a wide variety of events including:

         “We’re all very proud. We tried to include as many             •   Legacy of War/Refugee Nation youth night
         features that would improve our services to clients and        •   Vietnamese elders’ New Year celebration
         the community as possible,” said Del Rosario.                  •   Filipino seniors’ holiday party
                                                                        •   Kamehameha Schools Alumni Association gathering
         MORE ACCESSIBLE                                                •   Organization of Chinese Americans meeting on hate
         By moving to the Rainier Valley, ACRS is now located
                                                                        •   Japanese Americans Citizens League internalized
         where 50 percent of its clients live. About half of
                                                                            racism training
         Southeast Seattle’s population is Asian Pacific American.
                                                                        •   Asian Pacific Islander Coalition meetings on APA
                                         Tot Quach, a 72-year-old           Legislative Day
                                         client, has been visiting      •   Minority Executive Directors Coalition public meeting
                                         ACRS for the last four             on city budget
                                         years at the International     •   WA State Commission on Asian Pacific American
                                         District Village Square.           Affairs community meeting
                                                                        •   WA State Attorney General’s Office identity theft
                                         Quach enjoys the shorter           prevention workshop for seniors
                                         bus ride from her Rainier
                                         Beach home to ACRS’          ACRS’ substance abuse programs, which include addiction
                                         new location on Martin       treatment, recovery support and outreach and community
                                         Luther King Jr. Way South.   awareness activities, were launched in 1999. Demand for
                                                                      services has doubled each year.
                                         “It’s much better.
                                         Everything is brand new. I   “Over the years we kept expanding,” said Victor Loo,
                                         have lots of friends here.   Recovery Services Director. “The programs have now been
         ACRS client, Tot Quach.
                                         The people are so nice       combined with problem gambling treatment and recovery
                                         and kind,” said Quach,       services into a new department, Recovery Services. It offers
         who feels the agency is doing a good job of serving the      a continuum of care with outreach, prevention, intervention
         community and people like herself.                           and treatment.”

         EXPANDED SERVICES                                            Asian Pacific American Community of Recovery Network
                                                                      moved from its Dearborn Street office to ACRS in January.
         ACRS has become a magnet for the community with tai          “It made sense to move and consolidate it. A lot of clients
         chi, line dancing and an intergenerational lunch program     get other services here. Free parking here makes us more
         called Club Bamboo.                                          accessible,” said Loo.
         With the new Youth Drop-In Room and the adjacent             “We link clients with other needed bilingual, bicultural
         Safeco Insurance Foundation Activity Center, the Children    services to their treatment and recovery. That is unique.
         Youth and Family Program has space for after-school          It empowers people. You cannot get that with other
         activities. Recently, the Southeast Asian Men’s Group,       providers,” said Loo.
         an activity for Lao, Mien, Cham, Vietnamese, Khmu and

                                                                                                                  CAPITAL CAMPAIGN FINAL REPORT

                                                                                                            Staff Donors

                                                                                                                        Staff Photo by Dean Wong

Rina Adams Joseph Adriano Keanna W. Allar Anh An Twinkle Joaquin Aquino Yolanda Ardena John Chen Beckwith David Tetsuo Beer Ellen D.
Bhang Pacita E. Bunag Michael Byun Ben Cantrell Maribel A. Centeno Judy Kikue Centerwall Yiu M. Chan Korey Chang Chanchoy E. Chao Mae
Seng Chao Youd Sinh Chao Monyra Chau Dharamuni Phala Chea Connie Cheng Eric Lok-Tin Cheung Akiko Chriss Miae Christofferson Dodie S.
Cogswell Rogato Cubelo Nancy Dearborn Vina M. DeGuzman Carina A. del Rosario Elisa V. Del Rosario Camille V. DeSantis Orlando T. Dollente
Wendy Edenfield Kristin Elsemore Janice L. Eng Simalua Faamausili Norman Fabian Wen-Chi Fan Maricel S. Floresca Maria C. Fox Jessica
Franklin Julia Freimund Chester Fuavai Reynaldo Gaon Sunny H. Giron Joe VR Gobunquin Paul Grills Vincent Paul Guerra Oanh Ha Xuan-Dao
Ha Abidah Haliem Korey V. Ham Yoon Joo Han Linda Hang Harumi Hashimoto Samnang Heng Sam Him Tri Hoang Chung-Hsu Hsu Irene
Hu Xiao Qing Huang Ken Huey Maria Ibarbia Rebecca Ip Karen Jackel Hannah Kang Min Kyung Kang Hyo Young Kee Sompasong Keohavong
Kaesri Keopanya Panchalee Keopanya Khamsouk Keowla Harris Khammany Souchinda Khampradith Sandy Khou Chi Song Kenneth Kim David
Y. Kim Insook Kim Isok Kim Sung Ho Michael Kim Michiko Kono Hector Kwan Hanh Lai Lynn Lam Tra-my N. Lam Naty Lamug Laureen
Lapitan Fred Le Phalla Lean Che Won Lee May Lee Sieng Lee Tom Lee Louis Leung Gail Li Mala Lim Saratte Lim Terri Lock Phillip A. Long
Victor Loo Vongsamone ‘Joy’ Luangphaxay Yvette Ludvik Jocelyn Lui Kin-Hung Luk Phong Ly Tam M. Ly Vanthy Ly John Malcomson Vanthong
Manivanh Rommark Manlimos Michael Mathewson Alice McLean Barnes Ayako Miki Melinda Mizuta Annamaria Molinaro Lisa M. Mooney
Dan & Josephine F. Mumpar Josephine C. Mumpar Chikako Nagai Diane Narasaki Margaria H. Ng Xuyen Ngo Bao Nguyen Ha Nguyen Jeannie
T. Nguyen Minh-Phuong Nguyen Phuc Nguyen Quynh T. Nguyen Than Nguyen Thu-Van Nguyen Yen Nguyen Yong Lim Oshie Bart Ozretich
Chalin K. Pahn Sei Young Park Hien-Thao Phan Orn Phin Malisa Phonethep Vanna Phoumkeo Tong Phum Jeffrey Punsalan Robert Putsch Kim
Quach Celia R. Rodriguez Miyoko Rokumoto Jan Rungruangkonkit Deena Saechao Kao Sang Saechao Chio Wang Saeteurn Saga Samoa Bopha C.
Sanguinetti Den Sato Conrado V. Saturay Nathan N. Shara Eugene Shen Mary H. Shwetz Sreypich Sim Vanda Sim Kyle Sims Robert Son Janet L.
SooHoo Patrick Soon Joy M. Sourichanh Shanna Sutton Crystal Swanda Hung Tony Ta Kenny Tam Chip Tan Kirk Tan Kit Ming Tanaka Gary Tang
Emerita Tejano Mylam Thai Kelly Thao Sousada “Katie” Thavongsa Hai Ton Christine Torres-Clara Chris Tran Diem-Thuy Tran Lan Arnaud Tran
Linh L. Tran Ty Trang Winnie Tsai Swan Tso Rumi Tsuchihashi Maria Victoria L. Tungol Quyen Tuong Elsa Valle Cam-Tu Vo LeTrinh Vu Yupei Lisa
Wang Hai Nguyen Weeks Shirley Wong Minjing Wu Junko Yamazaki Carleen A. Yates Damien Yee William Ukhwan Yi Davantara Yinn Tigerson
Young Myung Yu Hai Peng Zhou Joyce Zhou


            Staff Focus


         John Chen Beckwith & Donald King with scale model.         John leaves his mark by signing the foundation            Alice McLean Barnes, John & Elisa Del Rosario
                                                                    cement at the construction site.                          at the Groundbreaking.

         With the completion of the new building, ACRS bid                                         John’s objective for the project was to build a facility
         farewell to John Chen Beckwith, Capital Project Director.                                 that was not only functional, but aesthetically pleasing
                                                                                                   and culturally-sensitive.
         John, a former board member in the late 1980’s, returned
         to ACRS in 2003 to oversee the construction of ACRS’                                      “We are deeply indebted to John for his leadership,
         new home. Working with former ACRS board member                                           expertise, commitment and invaluable contributions to
         and major donor Donald King, of the architectural firm,                                   this project,” said Diane Narasaki, Executive Director.
         Donald King & Associates (DKA), the general contractor,                                   “John’s attention to thousands of details, negotiation
         Aldrich & Associates and many sub-contractors, John                                       skills, creative problem solving, aesthetic sense and
         had the daunting task of keeping the building project on                                  advocacy greatly contributed to this beautiful building.”
         budget and on schedule.
                                                                                                   John’s part in the success of the project cannot be
                                                                                                   overstated. ACRS will always be grateful to him for his
                                                                                                   role in the building of its new home.

                         1                                                       2



                             1 Tosh & Toshi Okamoto pose with Junki Yoshida, keynote speaker at the Major Donor Reception co-sponsored by
                             Holland America Lines. 2 Former Board Reunion. 3 Chris Tran (left)/CTIN Events sponsored film screening of
                             Bolinao 52, a fundraiser for Mr. Quynh Nguyen’s (middle) Counseling Room. Producer/Director Duc Nguyen (right)
                             joins them. 4 Herb Tsuchiya and Uncle Bob Santos at the Grand Opening.
                                                                                                            CAPITAL CAMPAIGN FINAL REPORT

                                                           Capital Campaign Donors (cont.)

UNCLE BOB SANTOS                   Charles & Nancy Mitchell            Ngan Ng                         IN HONOR OF
COMMUNITY CENTER LOBBY             Miriam Miyake                       Sara & Kevin Oshikawa-Clay      MR. QUYNH NGUYEN
                                   Leslie Morishita & Todd Fedorenko   Fon & Mary Pang
Robert Santos &                    Diane Narasaki & James West         Lori & Doug Pang                Bolinao 52 Event Sponsors
    Sharon Tomiko Santos           Anthony B. Ogilvie                  A. J. Pasion                    CTIN Events/Chris Tran
Carolyn Kelly                      Don F. Osias                        Seto Wai & Ling Dip Quan           & Ernie Lou
Derek & Juiling Edmonds            Jack Peters                         Saburo & Lillian Sako           Greg Currier Photo/Design
Tomio Moriguchi & Jenny Li         Elizabeth S. Ragudos                Iris & Glenn Schoenmakers       Nguoi Viet Tay Bac Newspaper
Joe & Lucy Edmonds                 Sarah K. Randolph                   Wayne A. Schoenmakers           Northwest Asian Weekly
Maria L. Batayola                  Dennis & Nadine Shiroma             Darleen Suyematsu &             Saigon Printing
. . . . . . . . .                                                                                      Wild Orchid Catering
                                   SPECTRA Communications, Inc.            Mark Jablonski
Vajra Allan                                                                                               & Event Planning
                                   Richard & Diane Sugimura            Tamarind Tree
Eileen Aparis
                                   Sue Tomita                              Vietnamese Restaurant
Teresita Batayola &                                                                                    Bolinao 52 Event Supporters
                                   Laura Wong Whitebear                Emiko & Susan Taniguchi
    Dionnie Dionisio                                                                                   Edward P. Alipio
                                   Teresa A. Wong                      Jack Y. Tsuchiya
Victoriano & Shirley Benitez                                                                           Sarah Bergdahl
                                   Pauline T. Yaguchi                  Thomas & Marianne Wick
Don & Ann Berrysmith                                                                                   Al Carson
                                                                       Joyce & Brian Wong
David & Constance Bown             HERB & BERTHA TSUCHIYA              Benjamin & Joyce Yip            Alfredo Claro & Elizabeth Best
Douglas W. Brigman                 GARDEN                                                              Stephen A. & Arlene G. Cohen
                                                                       Gordon Yip
Rita Brogan & Michael Richards                                                                         Elisa V. Del Rosario
Nori Lynn Catabay                  Herb & Bertha Tsuchiya              FAB ROOM                        Thomas Demint
Emma Catague                       In Memory of Carl Junso Tsuchiya    FRIENDS OF ACRS AT BOEING       DKA
Susan Chin                         Gloria Lung & Dean Wakayama                                         Derek & Juiling Edmonds
Anne Xuan Clark                    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .     The Boeing Company              Kimberly Farnes & Carl Scanson
Elisa Del Rosario & Michael Flor   Janet Brown & Darrell Davis         Sheryl & Pelly Chinn            Mary S. Fasang
DKA                                Jennie & Carlyle Chan               Key & Lily Donn                 Kathryn Flaherty
Ernest & Patricia Dunston          Kenneth & May Chew                  Employees Community Fund        Nanette Fok & Bradley Tong
William F. Eisiminger              Kerry & Benjamin Chew                  at Boeing Puget Sound        Michael A. & Sally Fox
El Centro de la Raza               Chinese Baptist Church              Oliver Hsu                      Pase Garrett
Stephen Elaimy                     Allison & Raymond Chinn             Ken & Ling Kwong                Yoon Joo Han
April Eng                          Eileen & Kevin Chinn                Charlotte Lin & Robert Porter   Jacqueline Ho
Larry R. Flores                    Kenneth & Amy Chinn                 Nigel & Linda Lo                Guenevere Hoy
Roy & Angeles Flores               Kim & Helen Chinn                   Mickey & Patricia Matsuzawa     Barbara Johns & Richard Hesick
Becky Frestedt                     Richard & Betty Chinn               Karla & Michael McGuire         Tram K. Khanhminh
Theresa J. Fujiwara                Wallace & Deanna Chinn              Paul & Janet Nuyen              Insook Kim & Brian C. Smith
Henry & Angela Gamido              Wilton & Paula Chinn                Hank & Kareen Queen             La Pointique International, LTD
Larry Gossett                      Elisa Del Rosario & Michael Flor
                                                                                                       Louise Lansberry
Richard K. Hayatsu                 Neta Ding & Andrea Tan              IN MEMORY OF                    Donna Lou & Peter M. Bladin
International Community            Bruce & Dolores Dong                ROCKY KIM                       Kim L. & Martin E. Lundgreen
    Health Services                Clayton & Doris Eng
                                                                                                       Charity McCollum
George & Rosalie Ivanich           Kai & Mari Eng                      John & Shari Song               Duc Nguyen &
Sompasong Keohavong                Suzanne M. Hittman                  Susan Lee & Seung Shik              Mai-Phuong Nguyen
Alma & James Kern                  Charles & Della Jung                Jung H. Kim                     Pauline Nguyen
Thomas Ko                          C.J. & Michelle Jung                Sharon Kim                      Thu-Van Nguyen
J. Cristina Krisologo-Elliott      Madelyn & Stephanie Jung            . . . . . . . . . . . .
                                                                                                       Kerry Radcliffe
    & Marcus Elliott               Richard & Helen Kay                 Baek Chun Restaurant
                                                                                                       Maggie Sung
Susan Kunimatsu                    Anne Ko                             Martha Choe
                                                                                                       Gary Tang & Scott Wittet
Alan Kurimura                      Takako Kuyama                       Candy S. Kim
                                                                                                       Cathy H. Tran
Ruthann Kurose                     Kristen & William Lattner           Ernest P. Kim
                                                                                                       Doan Tran
    & Nathan Rothman               Michael & Priscilla Lock            Forest & Emme Kim
                                                                                                       Hung Tran & Chau M. Nguyen
Livia Yah Sye Lam                  Frances Locke & Martin Yen          Heidi Kim
                                                                                                       Huong T. Tran
Gary Matsudaira                    Hilton & Mei Locke                  Jeanie Kim
                                                                                                       Kim M. Tran & Angelo Locsin
Martin M. Matsudaira               Gene & Lena Louie                   Soloman & Sue Jin Kim
                                                                                                       Thao Tran & Eileen Aparis
Jo Elaine Akemi Matsumoto          Leslie & Linda Lung                 Lori Lei Matsukawa
                                                                                                       Monica T. Van & Choi H. Vong
Curtis C. McGuire                  Danny & Sheryl Ma                      & Larry Blackstock
                                                                                                       Vietnamese American
Kurt McGuire                       Daisy Mar                           Kollin & Katja Shaye Min
                                                                                                           Bar Association
Gloria Mercer                      Byron & Virginia Marr               Diane Narasaki & James West
                                                                                                       Choy Vong
Sharon G. Miller                   Hodan Mohamud                       New Heaven New Earth Press
                                                                                                       Judy Walker
Minority Executive                 John & Sandra Nakatsu               Jay S. Shin
                                                                                                       C.W. Frederick & Theresa C. Wong
    Directors Coalition            Diane Narasaki & James West         Paull H. Shin
                                                                       Franklin & Chong Yi
                         ASIAN COUNSELING and REFERRAL SERVICE
                         3639 Martin Luther King Jr. Way S
                         Seattle, WA 98144
                         P 206 695 7600
                         F 206 695 7606
                         TTY 206 695 7608


     ACRS Calendar of Events                                         ACRS FACILITY RENTAL RATES & SERVICES
     Kite Making Workshop                                            INTERESTED IN OUR FACILITY OR CATERING?
     Saturday, May 2, 2009, 10 a.m. - Noon.
     Art Room, ACRS. Make kites with artist Greg                     AMENITIES                                                         ACRS PROGRAMS
     Kono. Keep one and make one for display.
     For more information and to reserve a space,                    • All Conference Rooms and Safeco Insurance Foundation            • Aging and Adult Services
     contact Jocelyn Lui at (206)695-7579                              Activity Center (SIFAC) rentals include tables and chairs.      • Chemical Dependency Treatment
     or                                           • Some Conference Rooms have white boards and markers.
                                                                                                                                       • Children, Youth and Families
     HBO’s The Alzheimer’s Project                                   • SIFAC has a projection screen that can be
     Special Screening                                                                                                                 • Congregate Meals and Emergency Feeding
                                                                       used upon request.
     Tuesday, May 5, Noon (Part I) and Wednesday,                                                                                      • Consultation & Education
                                                                     • Commercial kitchen and catering services available.
     May 6, 2009, 6 p.m. (Part IV). Safeco Insurance
     Foundation Activity Center, ACRS. For more                      • Deposits and fees may apply. For facility rates and             • Domestic Violence Batterers Treatment
     information, contact Gary Tang at                                 availability, contact Dean Wong at (206)695-5962                • Food Bank
     (206)695-7526 or                                  or For catering service rates and
                                                                                                                                       • Information & Referral Services
     Bite of Club Bamboo                                               availability, contact Miguel Saldin at (206)695-7510
     Tuesday, May 19 - Friday, May 22, 2009,                                                                                           • Legal Clinic
     11:30 a.m. - 1 p.m. Safeco Insurance Foundation                                                                                   • Mental Health Services
     Activity Center, ACRS. For more information,                     Discounted rates are available to nonprofit organizations.
                                                                                                                                       • Naturalization and Immigration Services
     contact Miguel Saldin at (206)695-7510
     or                                                                                                              • Problem Gambling Treatment
                                                                     CLUB BAMBOO
     19th Annual Walk for Rice                                                                                                         • Vocational and Employment Services
     Saturday, June 20, 2009. Seward Park, Seattle.                  LUNCH HOURS
     For more information, visit                 T/W/F: 11:30 a.m. – 1 p.m. (all ages)
     or contact Megan Farwell at (206)695-7551                       Thursday: 11:30 a.m. – Noon. (under 60 yrs. old);
     or                                             Noon to 1 p.m. (ages 60+)
     ACRS’ 6th Annual Benefit Gala:                                  LUNCH PRICES
     A Culinary Journey                                              Adults 60+: $1 suggested donation
     Saturday, September 26, 2009. Grand Hyatt,                      All others: $5.50 ($5 with a lunch card)
     Seattle. For sponsorship information,
     contact Joyce Zhou at (206)774-2404                             Call 206.695.8899 for more information
     or                                             and for weekly menus.

If you would no longer like to receive the ACRS newsletter or if you have an address correction, please email with your request, including your name and mailing address.

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