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					How To Play PALIN BINGO©: 	 	 	 	 	 •	Whenever	Sarah	Palin	says	a	word	or	phrase	in	one	of	your	boxes,	check	it	off.	 •	If	you	check	5	boxes	in	any	straight	or	diagonal	line,	you	win	PALIN	BINGO!	 •	The	center	box,	“Air	Space”	is	free.	Go	ahead	and	check	that	off	right	away.	 •	For	extra	points,	try	and	score	a	“Media	Black-Out”,	by	filling	in	all	the	boxes	on	your	card!	 •	Try	using	a	blank	sheet	to	make	your	own	PALIN	BINGO	card.	

©	2008

Description: Palin Bingo Blank Template allows you to create your very own variations of the Palin Bingo cards! The game features Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin in the center of the bingo card, with a variety of phrases surrounding the card. Based on her responses, you score a hit on your card.