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									How To Play PALIN BINGO©: 	 	 	 	 	 •	Whenever	Sarah	Palin	says	a	word	or	phrase	in	one	of	your	boxes,	check	it	off.	 •	If	you	check	5	boxes	in	any	straight	or	diagonal	line,	you	win	PALIN	BINGO!	 •	The	center	box,	“Air	Space”	is	free.	Go	ahead	and	check	that	off	right	away.	 •	For	extra	points,	try	and	score	a	“Media	Black-Out”,	by	filling	in	all	the	boxes	on	your	card!	 •	Try	using	a	blank	sheet	to	make	your	own	PALIN	BINGO	card.	

©	2008

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