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					                               RATING FOR PRE-QUALIFICATION TECHNICAL RFP

Mn/DOT Contract No. _____
Project Description: ________________________
Selection Committee Held On: _______________

Contractor: ________________________________

                                            QUALIFICATIONS                                                            SCORE
Project Understanding                            NOTES:                                                        MAX **
Responders view of the nature of the project
Philosophy / Approach
Familiarity with Mn/DOT Standards
Mn/DOT participation needed

Work Plan                                        NOTES:                                                        MAX **
Detailed work plan
Quality Assurance / Quality Control Plan

Experience                                       NOTES:                                                        MAX **
Qualifications / Training
Quality of work samples / References
Background of Key Personnel
Experience with similar projects

                                                                                                                   MAX SCORE: 60

                                                                                                                   SCORE: _______

                                                                                                              RANKING: ________
Note to raters:
This form should be completed for each Proposal submitted for this project. Please bring this form with you to the selection committee
meeting, along with the Proposals. Complete both the rating score and the ranking score (The ranking score would be 1 for first
choice, 2 for second choice, etc.). Make notes as needed for discussion. The Contract Administrator will collect the forms from all
raters following the meeting.

RATER'S NAME:_________________________________                                                         DATE:__________________

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