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									Brian Yaggie

                                      Nature Vs Nurture

       Can you be Born Gay? Homosexuality is a major part of today’s culture. Many men and

women are attracted to the same sex. In most cultures this is looked down on and is not

something that is supported. Men and Women don’t discover they are homosexual until later in

life. Many are familiar with the nature vs nurture theory and you have to wonder what makes a

person gay, is it nature, nurture or even both? I Firmly Believe it is nature because when you are

two years old you don’t know whether you are interested in the same or opposite sex, you don’t

even realize that kind of stuff is important .

       Is it Possible to be born gay? There is no way you can tell if someone is gay when they

are born so it is impossible to consider this a fact. When kids are born to gay parents they don’t

ever have a real mother/father depending on the parents they have. When Gays decide to have

children they have to go through a process. Men have to find a woman to carry the child for

them and then one of them has there sperm cells injected into that woman and she then fathers

their child. Women have to have to get sperm from a sperm bank or have a man impregnate

them. So either way there is still going to be and sperm and egg that form the child.

       It’s not possible that a child is born gay. Parents Genes have no affect what so ever on

whether the baby is Homosexual or Heterosexual. If you could tell what a baby was when it was

born then the world today would be completely different. There is no possible way to tell though

because it’s not like inheriting traits such as blonde hair and blue eyes. No matter what happens

there is a man and a woman forming the baby. Now if two women or two men could make a
baby together then I could possible see that a baby could be born with gay traits or liking the

same sex. Same sex reproduction is physically not possible according to science.

       I firmly believe that being a homosexual has everything to do with what you are raised

around. If you are raised by two fathers or two mothers you may see that it is ok to be

homosexual and you also think that if your parents are homosexual in turn you should be. Also if

you hang around people who pick on you about being gay or having homosexual parents it kind

of makes you think you are gay. What others say and do around you is a big influence. A lot of

children who have homosexual parents are homeschooled because their parents believe that

they are going to get picked on by students who have normal parents. This a lot of the times

causes these children not to interact with other kids, and in turn if they don’t get to interact with

heterosexual kids the only thing they are seeing is that there parents are homosexual and they

see that as the only thing as being right. The culture you live in and are raised around is what

decides who you are and that is why I believe being homosexual is completely Nurture.

       The Argument of whether children are gay because of the nature vs nurture theory is

crazy. It is impossible to tell whether a baby is gay or straight when they are born. You can make

a guess based on their parents and what they look like, but it is not possible to absolutely one

hundred percent prove that they are gay. The only things you can tell at birth are there physical

Features such as male/female. I firmly believe in Nurture because God made Adam and Eve not

Adam and Steve so until proven different everyone is straight at birth.

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