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					      Natural Plant
        Derived                                                           biorenewable

 All ingredients used in MicroArmor are all naturally plant derived - some from soy,
           some from palm and some from coconut and corn. Additionally,
                   MicroArmor carries a biorenewable index of 75.

Many popular hand sanitizers and antimicrobial products use ethyl alcohol, harsh foaming
agents, synthetic gels and preservatives. These ingredients are harmful to children and
not easily broken down in the environment, harming wildlife and damaging the ecosystem.

In contrast MicroArmor uses 100% plant derived ingredients. Ingredients that are
hypoallergenic, safe, effective, affordable and highly biorenewable. Allowing everyone to
join the growing number of individuals who choose to use healthier, safer and more
environmentally responsible products.

Modern society is highly depending on petroleum for its activities. About 90% is used as
an energy source for transportation and for generation of heat and electricity and the
remaining as raw materials in the chemical industry. However, petroleum is a finite
source, produces unsafe chemical byproducts and causes several environmental
problems such as rising carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere. Petroleum therefore
needs to be replaced by alternative and sustainable sources.

Plant oils and oleochemicals derived from them represent such alternative sources, which
can deliver a substantial part of what is needed to replace petroleum based raw materials.
Plant derived raw materials, such as those used in making of MicroArmor are directly
renewable by the photosynthetic reduction of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Many
of these conversions are carried out by microorganisms that can use the plant derived
materials as a source of energy for increasing the microbial cell mass, at the same time
forming both natural and useful by-products.

Ensuring a sustainable, high-quality, available and affordable supply of plant based raw
materials requires a commitment to elements of the biomass supply chain, from plant
breeding to crop production and harvesting techniques. Commitment from the DOE,
Office of Science, the USDA, the National Laboratories, many academic institutions and
others. Offering plant derived products like MicroArmor is our commitment to the health
and well being of our customers and the advancement of safe, effective, affordable and
environmentally responsible products. Which allows our customers to combine their
commitment in the health and safety of their family with an interest in making the world a
better place, one responsible product choice at a time.

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