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					RDAs, Partners & Industry
Working Together to Boost Competitiveness
Professor Gary Marsh

Boosting Competitiveness
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What is Competitiveness Where does the UK/Y&H stand What determines Competitiveness Role of Regional Development Agencies Experience elsewhere in world What RDAs can do Need to work in partnership

What is Competitiveness?
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Efficiency of production More/better outputs per unit of input Measured by “Value added” Gross Value Added (GVA) per worker GVA per capita

Where does the UK/Y&H stand?




National league tables UK 12th in world Regional league tables Y&H 36th in EU 9th in UK Wide divisions within UK Need to do better in north

Drivers of Competitiveness
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Innovation Enterprise Skills Investment Competition

Role of RDAs
Improving economic performance of regions by policies to promote the drivers of competitiveness focusing on market imperfections : Externalities  Imperfect information & uncertainty  Public goods  Barriers to entry

Porter Diamond Model
Firm Strategy, Structure and Rivalry

Factor Conditions

High growth results from the interaction of these

Demand Conditions

Related & Supporting Industries

What is a Cluster?
Porter Definition “Geographic concentrations of inter-connected companies, specialised suppliers, service providers, firms in related industries and associated institutions (for example, universities, standards agencies and trade associations) in particular fields that compete but also co-operate.”

The Advantages of Clusters
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Drive the direction and pace of innovation Stimulate the formation of new businesses Develop the skills base Stimulate private investment & appropriate public sector investment Encourage competition and collaboration
Leading to higher levels of productivity

Key Clusters
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Food (incl Agriculture) & Drink Chemicals Advanced Engineering & Metals Digital & Creative Industries Bioscience Healthcare Technologies Environmental Technologies

Why invest in key clusters
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Empirical evidence Impact on RES targets Private sector engagement Holistic and sustainable Proactive not reactive Focuses public sector intervention The goal is global competitive advantage

Experience Elsewhere
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In UK In EU Globally

Cluster Development Process
Research Engagement

Strategy & Implementation Action Plans
Cluster Teams Steering Group

Cluster Teams


Partners Partners NWDA YF 6-12 months

5 year plan

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