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									                                      KIM Keuk-mi

Contact details
        U.S.A : 1048 E 218th Street, Bronx, N.Y 10469
        Tel: 1-718-798-2867
        Japan : 2-12 Tanaka Nishi Hinoguchi-cyo Sakyo-ku, Kyoto 606-8221
        Tel: 81-75-706-8186


Born: 6 December 1959, Kyoto, Japan

         South Korean

       Kyoto Seika University, Master of Arts (Humanities, graduated 1998)
               M.A. thesis Ethnic consciousness in zainichi [resident in Japan] Korean

         Kyoto Korean Middle and High School, (graduated 1978)
                [ As a graduate of this North Korean government aligned private
                community school, under Japanese law at the time, I was ineligible to
                attend a Japanese university. As a result I entered the commercial
                  workforce and started a family. It was only because of the unusually
                  liberal attitude and regulations of Kyoto Seika University that, even
                  without an undergraduate degree, I was able to start an MA course 18
                  years later.]

      Japanese, Korean and English

Work experience
    Kyoto Seika University, Kyoto, Japan
July 1999- Mar 2009
         Computing system analyst and university web-page coordinator, directly
         responsible to the university president. Duties include

            Director of the Project OpenCourseWere
            Planning and execution of the University’s website construction and design
             needs. Development together with School of Environment and Society
             teaching staff of innovative teaching-oriented websites and class-bulltein
             boards facilitating continual and intensive teacher-student interaction beyond
             class times. (article about this experience listed below).
            Reporting directly to the University President and University Council on
             university information technology and internet construction system
            Editor of Environmental E-magazine published weekly online by the School
             of Environment and Society since 1999 and since 2003 also with the School of
             Media and Society and the School of Cultural Expression. (See

Jun. 2004
         Join in the Project of Security in the Thailand-Burma borderlands, Australian
         National University

Dec. 2003
         Participates in Southeast Asia Regional School in Forced Migration, Refugee Studies
         Centre, Queen Elizabeth House, University of Oxford / Asian Research Centre for
         Migration, Institute of Asian Studies, Chulalongkorn University

Apr. 1997 to Mar. 2003
        Teaching Assistant (part-time) in a range of undergraduate International
        Relations courses, in the Faculty of Humanities .

Apr. 2000 to Mar. 2003
        Teaching Assistant (part-time) in School of Environment and Society in advanced
        undergraduate courses in Environment and International Relations, Department
        of Environmental and Social Studies from
Sep, 2000
        Two week tour of environmental NGOs and environmental teaching instiutions
        in the San Francisco region, resulting in a report to the university president on
        desirable curriculum and teaching methods innovations for the then about to be
           established School of Environment and Society, and possibilities of international
           cooperation in the School’s work.

(Nakagyo-ku Kyoto city, Kyoto, Japan)
Apr. 1995 - Mar. 1999

    Planning and execution of website construction and maintenance for the company
     itself and for a large number of corporate clients (e.g. Suzuki Motorcycles)
    Performed log analysis for the company and major corporate clients.
    Performed on-site corporate customer installation and training.
    Collaborated in start up of an internet business site on behalf of a consortium of more
     than 100 companies.
    Lectured to external corporate executives about efficient and profitable uses of using
See and

2009                Iraq Veterans Against the War, Aaron Glantz ed, 2008 “Winter Soldier,
                    Iraq and Afghanistan: Eyewitness Accounts of the Occupation”, (Tokyo,
                    Iwanami-Shoten), Joint translation with TUP

2006                Riverbend, “Baghdad Burning 2”, (Tokyo, Arton Ltd), (joint translation)

    2003            “Open Class and E-magazine of University on Internet”, Academic
                    Resource Guide (No. 158)

                    “Help for understanding of social issue”, Kyoto Shinbun (local news
                    paper), 13. May
2002   “Activity of Jose Bove as the France Confederation Paysanne spokesman”,
       Kankyo Zatsugaku Magazine [Japanese langage]
2000      “Sun Francisco NPO report ”, Kankyo Zatsugaku Magazine [Japanese

        “Ethnic consciousness of Korean residence in Japan in the works of Lee Yang ji”
        Separate volume of Bulletin, Research Institute of Bukkyo University

1999   Dobson, Andrew ed., 1991, The Green Reader: Essays Toward a Sustainable
       Society, (Kyoto: Minerva Shobo) (joint translator with Matsuo Makoto
       and Nakao Hajime]

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