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How to Automate Your Social Media Accounts

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Easily manage multiple Twitter accounts on one single page with your own TweetCockpit. Never again switch windows and log in and log out of multiple Twitter accounts. Plan it, set it, and forget it. ... There are a lot of people who are social media junkies. They spend hours on Twitter and forget to take care of things in their real life. A lot of experts argue that people who are into the social media might end up spending more time staying at home and tweeting than engaging in social interactions. One reason for that to happen is when you are struggling to keep up with your daily tasks and managing your social media accounts. The key is to get more done in less time. That’s where Social Oomph comes in. It’s an innovative service that is designed to help you manage and schedule your tweets, track tweets by keywords, and manage your direct messages. These are all tasks that can take a lot of your time but with Social Oomph you can get them done without too much trouble. Light up your Social Accounts Keep your Facebook, MySpace, and other social media accounts ticking over with scheduled updates via our integration module.

The main reason that we use Social Oomph is for its excellent task automation services. I am not talking about scheduling automated tweets. But I do use Social Oomph to manage my follow/unfollow and direct messages. If you have more than just a handful of followers, it’s going to be extremely difficult to manage direct messages. With Social Oomph you can do it easy. You can also use the service to track keywords and set up Google-like alerts. That way the data comes to you instead of you going and searching for it. Social Oomph, which comes in both FREE and professional versions, allows you to vet your followers, schedule your tweets in advance, and even import your blog to twitter. So when you post a new blog post, it gets posted to Twitter automatically without you having to do anything special. You can also find new followers and keep your follower/following ratio decent enough to avoid getting flagged by Twitter.

Social Oomph does make it easier to get things done on Twitter, but you don’t want to over automate. Your goal should be to automate tasks that you don’t have to do by yourself. For instance, we like to keep our DMs more personal, and automating the process just doesn’t work right. But I like to follow everyone who follows me. A lot of experts don’t like that, but I see no harm in following people who take time to follow me and read what I have to say. There is a lot of potential for spam here. I rather spend my time dealing with that issue than doing the most straight forward chords by my own. For a FREE service, Social Oomph packs a lot of features. "Yes You Can Quickly and Easily Raise Your Visibility, Increase Your Traffic, Grow Your Subscriber List, Find Joint Venture Partners, and Make More Money When You Know the Secrets to Optimizing Your Facebook & Twitter Activity!"

Description: Easily manage multiple Twitter, Myspace, Facebook, and others social media accounts. Get your message out while you sleep. Vastly improve your Productivity Automate your social marketing Plan it, Set it and forget it. Register for a FREE Account today! These spectacular tools have now earned a place in our productivity toolbox. ...