General complaint letter - DOC by a282102


									Detail of common defects

SPA Issues

1) 5’ tall Fencing
   Promised: 5’ brick wall c/w mild steel grille fencing
   Given:      Varies from 4’2” to 4’8” tall brick wall c/w mild steel grille and the
               workmanship is very poor.

2) Side Fencing
   Promised: As promised in the catalogue, all the side fencing shall be 5’ tall brick wall c/w
              mild steel grille fencing.
   Given:     Chain link fencing.

3) Timber Strip
   Promised: Staircase and first floor are laid with bungalow-standard hardwood timber
               flooring finishes.
   Given:      Timber parquet strip.
   (Please visit for detailed photos).

Construction Not According to Approved Plan and Uniform Building By-Law 1984

1) Refuse chamber, water meter and electrical meter
   Actual construction totally different from Approved Plan (Please visit
   for detailed photos):
       i. Mild steel door shall be 4mm thick and c/w 25mm x 25mm mild steel frame
      ii. The mild steel door should have recess not flush with the wall.
    iii. Letter box inlet and house number plate should have recess.
     iv. 12mm diameter throating missing.
      v. Letter box inlet should be 40mm x 300mm
     vi. Letter box outlet should be 300mm x 400mm
    vii. Letter box should be constructed with 20 gauge G.I sheet.
   viii. Should have 50mm concrete slab.

2) Drive way
   Should be cement rendered

3) Backyard drainage
      i. Short of one drainage outlet
     ii. Walkway is too narrow
    iii. Drain position is wrong
    iv. C.T point location is wrong
4) Manhole
   Actual dimension of manhole should be 460mm x 610mm x 800mm

5) “Exmet”
   Not every 4 course of bricks lay with “exmet”

6) Under The Roof
   (Please visit for detailed photos).
       i. According to Approved Plan, rafter should be 125mm x 50mm hardwood and tie
          beam measuring 100mm x 50mm hardwood struts at 600mm c/c. The actual wood
          provided is under sized and the rafter provided is not at 600mm c/c.
      ii. Thermal paper not properly lay.
    iii. Untidy wire conduit and no proper support.
     iv. Not all wires are in the conduit; exposed end.
      v. Junction box for wiring not covered.
     vi. Improper fan hook
    vii. Water pipe running on top of electrical wire conduit.
   viii. The load of water storage tank transfers to ceiling.
     ix. Ceiling support is only 1.5”x1.5” wood
      x. Ceiling load transfers to wall.
     xi. Wall without plaster
    xii. Ceiling load transfers to rafter

7) Ceiling Manhole
     i. The opening is only about 450mm x 450mm; according to By-Law it should be
        750mm x 750mm.
    ii. No proper support around the manhole opening to support weight of a person and
        protect the ceiling from cracking while accessing.

8) Party Wall
     i. According to Uniform Building By-Law 1984 (G.N.5178/85, pg.47 By-law 86), all
        party wall should be of not less than 200mm in thickness.

9) Rain Gutter
     i. According to the Uniform Building By-Law 1984 (G.N.5178/85, pg.54 By-law 115),
        All roofs of buildings shall be so constructed as to drain effectually to suitable and
        sufficient channels, gutter, chutes or troughs which shall be provided in accordance
        with the requirements of these By-laws for receiving and conveying all water which
        may fall on and from the roof.

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