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					IAMK Open Exhibition 2012 – Terms and Conditions
Please read terms & conditions carefully before sending in your application. By entering the Open
Exhibition 2012 call you will be agreeing to the terms laid out below.

    The entry fee is £15 to submit between 1-3 pieces with a discounted rate for up to three.
     (Please see details within submission info.)
    Payment must be received before the exhibition call deadline for inclusion in the selection
    The entry fee is a non-refundable administration fee and payment does not in any way
     guarantee selection in the exhibition.

    Between 1-3 images can be submitted per application/per artist.
    All work must be clearly labelled using labels provided by I.A.M.K.
    The exhibitor / artist will cover the cost of both the printing and framing of their work if
       selected for the exhibition. Work must be printed and presented to a high quality and must
       be delivered ready to hang/install. Framed work must come already fitted with mirror
       plates ready to hang.
    Work, which is not yet printed or framed, can be discussed further with IAMK on selection.
    IAMK reserve the right not to include work which is poorly presented, or deemed
       inappropriate by the selectors.

Images and text
    Image files submitted for the exhibition should be maximum 2MB, and clearly labelled with
       artists name and title of piece.
    Selected artists’ images, artist statements or other materials may be used by IAMK for their
       archive, advertising and publicity for the exhibition.
    While IAMK will endeavour to prevent breaches of copyright, IAMK will be in no way held
       responsible for any such breaches that may occur.

Delivery and return of artwork
     Selected artists are responsible for both the delivery and collection of the artwork to and
        from IAMK, this should be in line with the dates and times IAMK will supply.
     This includes payment of postage, courier services, transit/postage insurance, packaging,
        shipping and any VAT costs.
     Artists are also responsible for ensuring that their artwork is packaged correctly.
     IAMK will not be held responsible for any damages that may occur to any equipment and
        artwork whilst in transit.
     All work must arrive ready to hang or install, 2D framed work must be fitted with mirror
     I.A.M.K. reserves the right to exclude work that does not arrive in a state ready to hang or
        install or which we deem inappropriate for our venue and audiences.

Insurance of artwork
     Artists must be responsible for insuring artworks, equipment and any other property that
       may be part of the exhibition. This includes insuring against any loss or damage that may
       occur to artworks, equipments and property while it is in transit, during installation and
       during its time at IAMK.
       IAMK does not take any responsibility for loss or damage that may occur.

Care of artwork
     Selected artists should provide clear instructions for how any selected artwork provided
        should be handled whilst in IAMK’s care. Artists will be asked to provide clear instructions
        for installation or hanging if they are not intending to do this themselves.

    Artists are responsible for ensuring that any electrical equipment provided for the exhibition
      has been PAT tested.

What IAMK will do
   IAMK will select all artwork, and be responsible for the curation, installation and de-
       installation of artworks for the exhibition
   IAMK will market the exhibition, including press releases, flyers and posters, online and
       social media marketing locally and nationally
   IAMK will be responsible for handling any sales of artwork during the exhibition
   IAMK will arrange and host an evening reception / private view for the exhibition
   IAMK will provide a 24h onsite caretaker as security, and at least one exhibition steward at
       all times during exhibition opening hours

Details of the Open Exhibition winner
    One overall winner will be selected from all the artists exhibiting in the exhibition, the 1st.
        prize will be £500.
    One runner up will be selected and the prize will be £100
    The winner and runner up will be selected by a panel of established artists and curators,
        alongside IAMK staff
    Decisions of judges are final.

       All work will be for sale unless otherwise stated by the artist. IAMK will take a 20%
        commission on all sales.
       All work must be left with IAMK until after the exhibition.

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